Accounting & Financial Reporting

Reports, Banner Account Codes, UFAS to Banner Crosswalks, Year-End Procedures, FCIAA, Reference Materials

Audit/Internal Controls 

Employee & Supervisor Responsibility, Internal & External Audits


Budget Development Tips, Adjustment Requests, Budget Memo Log, Chicago Campus, Springfield Campus, Urbana-Champaign Campus

Business Travel

Advances, Contracted Travel Agency, Reimbursement Rates, Foreign Travel, Travel Resources, TEM Resource Page

Capital Programs & Real Estate Services

Applications Link opens new window , Faculty and Staff Link opens new window , Landlord Submittals Link opens new window , University Leasing Process Link opens new window , Training Link opens new window

Card Services

Department Card Managers (DCM)Purchasing Card (P-Card)Travel Card (T-Card)

Cash Handling

Chicago Campus, Springfield Campus, Urbana Campus


Business Development Services - UIC: Contract Types, OBDS Contract Process, HOT Topics, Contract Status, Newsletters, Illinois Contract System (iCS) Resource Page

Contracts Services Office - UIUC: Contract Types, Contract Review Process, Contract Elements, Contract Training, Illinois Contract System (iCS) Resource Page

Contracts Services Office - UIS

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Culture, Risk Centers, Resources and Tools, Reports, Presentations and Other Information, ERM Information System (JCAD)

Equipment Management

FABweb, Equipment Acquisition, Equipment Records, Disposal and Redistribution Processes, Equipment Disposal Methods, Biennial Inventory


Received by the University, Gift Funds Expenditure, Coding of Fundraising Costs, Gift Transfers, Gifts to Employees, Gifts from Employees, Gift Funds Returned to Foundation

Government Costing

OMB Uniform Guidance, Rate Schedules (F&A, Fringe Benefits, Tuition), Facilities & Administrative, Tuition Remission, Fringe Benefit RatesService Activities, CASB Disclosure Statements, Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Survey, Costing at a National Level, Historical Summary Reports

Grants & Sponsored Projects

OMB Uniform Guidance, Effort Reporting, Rate Schedules (F&A, Fringe Benefits, Tuition)Banner Index Codes, Month-End Reporting, Audit Reports, Expenditure Reports, Essentials of Post-Award Administration, Links & Resources

iBuy (online purchasing)

What's New, Overview, Get Started, Reporting, Training Resources, About the Project


Payments to Vendors, Payments to Students, Payments to Non-Employees (Honorarium), Employee Reimbursements, TEM Resource Page, Payables Processing Status

Payments to Foreign Nationals

University Payroll Services, Payment Eligibility Grid, Payments to Employees, Payments to Non-Employees, Travel and Expense Reimbursements, Other Payments, Tax Status Review Appointments Link opens new window

Payroll & Benefits

Customer Service, Adjustment Notification Application (ANA), Payroll Transaction Processing, Earnings Statements, Payroll Schedules, Payroll Distribution, Payroll Deductions, Tax Information, Tuition & Fee Waivers, Payroll Calculators, Address Change, Reports, Benefits Information, Newsletters, Links & Resources

Policies & Procedures Manual OBFS Policies

Non-OBFS Policies


Types of Purchases, Suppliers, Procedures & Rules, Ordering & Payment Methods, Reports, Quick Reference Guides, Newsletters, Supplier Diversity Program (MAFBE), Renewals, Illinois Contract System (iCS) Resource Page

Training Center

OBFS Training Events Calendar, Curriculum Guide, Course Registration, Job Aids & Training Materials, On-Line Training, Other Training Resources

University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations

Accounts Receivable Operations (ARO), College Illinois!, Customer Service, Departmental Payments to Students, Detail Code Requests, Financial Reconciliation and Reporting Aids, IRS Form 1098-T Reporting

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