International Education Week (IEW) 2014

International Education Week 2014 banner

International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity to promote the importance of building an international dimension into the education of young people in the UK at primary and secondary levels. We know that familiarity with other cultures and modern foreign languages skills are an essential part of preparing young people to work in the increasingly globalised economy.

International Education Week 2014 (17 - 21 November) promoted the importance of international experience for young people in the UK. The British Council provides a number of opportunities which can start young people off on their international journey.

Get involved 

There are plenty of ways you can get involved in International Education Week. Get started with our top five activities for the week:

  1. Register for one of our webinars on how to make the most of your partner school. There are specific webinars aimed at primary or secondary schools. Register here.
  2. Hold an international day in your school. Download our international day pack for fun and engaging activity ideas. 
  3. Take a selfie of you and your class carrying out an international activity during International Education Week. Tweet @SchoolsOnline with the hash tag #IEWselfie. Please gain consent from parents/carers whose children are in the photos. By tweeting photos you are confirming you have permission. We will remove images from our account if requested to by a parent or child.
  4. Use one of our free classroom resources to bring the world into your classroom.
  5. Invite an ex-pupil into your school to use our free lesson and assembly resources to talk to students about the importance of starting on their international journey. 

Our new school exchange starter kit

Our school exchange starter kit will get you thinking about the necessary steps to plan and run a school exchange at your school. 

Reward your students for their hard work

We have created certificates which you can award to your class if they have carried out an international activity during the week. Please tweet us and let us know how you have got along. 

Tell your local media 

  • The easiest way to get the attention of your local media is to fill in the blanks in our template press release. The bits you need to fill in are in red, but don’t forget to change them to black when you’ve finished
  • Send the completed press release to your local media. As well as your local newspaper, think about sending it to your local radio and TV stations – but only if you’d be willing to speak on the radio or be filmed
  • If you need any help getting hold of media contacts in your area – or any other media advice – you can contact Mark Moulding in the British Council press office on 020 7389 4889 or  

You can also check out some case studies from different schools that have taken part in international exchanges.