The British Council

Our history

The school partnerships and international education programme at the British Council goes back more than 60 years. In 1999 the Council started the International School Award accreditation scheme, and this is now a framework that supports international work in schools around the world. More than 3000 schools across the UK have gained the Full Award. 

Our schools strategy

Our schools strategy for 2012 re-affirmed these commitments, with a particular objective to support sustained collaboration between schools. We firmly believe this improves educational outcomes for young people globally as well as offering opportunities for teachers and school leaders to develop professionally and contribute to system reform in the education sector.
The British Council advocates global citizenship in young people worldwide. We are committed to recognising schools that equip pupils with the skills, understanding and outlook required to work in a global economy and contribute responsibly to society, locally and globally.

British Council Schools Online

British Council Schools Online is a web community with a variety of online tools designed to help enable teachers to network with one another, seek and share advice, access professional development resources and updates and join or form partnerships with schools to work together on international projects.
You can use the community to discuss curriculum development and potential links with other teachers globally, and to access guidance from our support staff about Connecting Classrooms and how it could work best for your school. Start by accessing the forums where you will find further help and support.  

The future

We hope to see ever more schools working with partner schools around the world and getting involved in exciting international projects that fit with and enhance curriculum-based learning and skills development. We will continue to support you with your ideas throughout next year and recognise your work through our International School Award accreditation framework.