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ESPN features the living arrangements of UVA basketball standout Malcolm Brogdon, who embraces his home on the Range -- even if it does not have air conditioning or full indoor plumbling. more >
With each new advance in technology, older digital scholarship is in danger of becoming obsolete and inaccessible to future generations. A UVA-led coalition, APTrust, is creating a vast new digital repository system to prevent that from happening. more >
Understanding the complex, genetic basis of resistance to viruses could one day lead to new therapies that manipulate the immune system to fight illness. more >
Three Curry School of Education researchers describe the origins of the gifted gap, and suggest some ways it can be closed. more >
Pulitzer-prize winning author Marilynne Robinson, who has written extensively on faith and religion in public life, will give a series of public lectures at UVA. more >
The salmonella pathogen uses its food to know when and how to attack the human body, according to new UVA research that may one day lead to a new treatment. more >
New Barbie dolls feature a variety of body shapes, skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles. Several UVA observers weigh in on whether the changes will matter to customers – legions of mothers and daughters. more >
Pamela Sutton-Wallace, CEO of the UVA Medical Center, said the Health System is honored to receive the award because it is the community saying they have been good partners, a partnership that they have worked to build over the past few years. more >