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Week 7: Hey, Jude

You would think that Halloween would be the interesting part here, but it really wasn’t.  No, the interesting thing that happened this week was winter storm St Jude.

St Jude is a bit of a mystery to us.  In fact, I am convinced that in the case of a zombie apocalypse or other catastrophe, Roehampton is going to be the place you’ll want to be.  Why?

Because St Jude never happened.

Roehampton’s worst casualty from winter storm St Jude

My flatmates and I spent a good portion of our evening browsing our Twitter feeds for information on the storm, and we were constantly checking to see when the storm was going to be at its peak, but…  Nothing ever happened.  Around the time it was supposed to get bad, a few of us threw on the lightest, least rain-worthy clothes we had and went out to play in the rain.

That’s what we’d been waiting for: the perfect time to go play in the rain.

And play we did.

Nothing to see here–just shenanigans.

Car park turned water park.

The residents of Southlands probably thought we were insane.

Tom and Charlie being Tom and Charlie.

The aftermath.

Hellie has the right idea…

…but Charlie wins.

Now, the thing about St Jude never happening…  I am a nocturnal person—there is simply no other way to say that.  I was awake all night.  My curtains were open all night.  I did not see any rain—at least no more than there had been when we’d gone outside.  And yet…

And yet, things like this happened…

That’s really it.  I mean, according to the news, around 5:00am was the when most of the damage occurred.  All across London, trees were uprooted, bridges collapsed, and construction projects fell apart.  But I was awake at 5:00am—I’m telling ya, Roehampton is magical.

There was one thing that happened on Halloween that was pretty fantastic though:

This is why my flatmates are brilliant.

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