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Hello from Prague

Hello again all, just checking in to prove that the amazing Sunny Wen and Jennifer Hight are still alive and well! Last time I was on was back in Paris, and quite a bit has happened since then. We spent nine hours on a train to reach Berlin and it was brutal let me tell you. The first five hours were alright even though we were delayed due to cows on the road. Stupid French cows.

But Berlin was stunning. The city was beautiful, and very clean. Sunny was wondering about how new everything was and apparently was surprised when I informed her it was all less that seventy years old because of WWII. Even the trees there are very young because the Americans blew the old ones up.

We took a walking tour of Berlin because we were only there a day and it was increadible. It was basically a tour of WWII throughout Berlin which I enjoyed because it is my focus as a history major (a little part of me is still sad Germany doesn’t offer history study abroad…) ad I pestered the guy with questions. He was also very sweet, he kept making sure my bum leg wasn’t hurting and said if I ever needed a rest to let him know. There was a lot of strange history in Berlin. From the shopping mall and kindergarden over Hitler’s old office, to the patched up WWI and II memorials (from the bullets), everything was scattered on top of each other.

After that we headed to Prague which is a beautiful city. It remained mostly in one piece after WWII so many of the sold buildings have survived to today. That means walking around we got to see several magificent cathedrals and many old medieval buildings such as the clock tower.

Today Sunny and I went with a tour group up to the Prague Castle. It is the largest castle in Europe with three different churchs standing inside of it. The main cathedral is so massive it was only recently completed in the 20th century. The castle itself is made up of over twenty different buildings all combined into the massive structure that looks out over the rest of the city. It is simply a breathtaking view standing up there looking out over the hills surounding Prague and I was quite content to stay there.

Until it got cold, then we booked it back to the hostel until the weather changes for the better,

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Today is my second day in Paris, and it seems fine. The people are nice enough but it is difficult communicating when I don’t speak the language. Today we went on a walking tour which was rather fun. It was nice to see the big sights like the Eifle Tower and Notre Dame.

We spent some time in the French military museum today after the tour and it was interesting. Not sure what we read since I don’t speak the language. Our poor waiters have to deal with Americans who have no idea what is happening.

I do feel bad for my friend Sunny. She’s always ready to go to the next thing, but due to my ingury I just can’t. I’m usually done for the day at 4 due to pain while she’s ready to still be going. Even worse for her, I am now exhausted. I’ve done three weeks of constant travel and just want to rest right now. Like, a day spent sleeping sounds amazing. I do recognize this makes it harder for her to do stuff. But it doesn’t change the fact that I am very worn down and need to take it easy for a while. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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Semana Santa

Argentina is a country that has been influenced a lot by its Spanish ancestors, including its religious background of Roman Catholic. This is why Easter in Argentina is very important to most of its people. Being Catholic myself I was happy to experience Easter or in other words Holy week, which is a celebration that takes three days, Thursday through Saturday. Easter is a time to remember the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the last supper, the crucifixion, and the resurrection of Christ. Due to its importance these three days are a central celebrations in Argentina where the people get to rest, people here have the days off and everything closes down for the Easter and Holy Week holiday. It was very unique getting to see the city in a different light, where the people of Argentina are at peace.

This is a picture of my rosary and a ramo bendisido (holy bouquet/plant), which I received prior to the Semana Santa (Easter/Holy week).

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Third Round

This last weekend was so much fun. I got invited by the childcare educator who I have been job shadowing and working with to see a different side of Buenos Aires. She took me to the bosques de Palermo, which is a large portion of the city filled with beautiful parks where people love to meet up to listen to music, exercise, take pictures, have picnics, and so much more. She took me for a walk to see Palermo in the daytime, where all the bars during the day become a shopping fair for jewelry, leather, clothes, shoes, and other items. It is amazing how Buenos Aires transitions from day to nighttime, laid back to full of life. She also had me try the typical and traditional carne asada (BBQ) and milanesa (crispy chicken) of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Additionally, I got to try the famous classical Havanna alfajores (pastries) and café (coffee) from this country. Must admit the food here is mouth watering.

This is a picture of the common graffiti found in the streets of Buenos Aires.

This is a picture of a theater performance my co-worker and I saw as we walked along the bosques de Palermo.

This is a picture of the carne asada (BBQ) and milanesa (crispy chicken) that I had for lunch with my co-worker.

This is a picture  my co-worker  and I in the bosques de Palermo.

This is a picture I took during a musical performance done along the shopping fairs in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

This is a picture of one of Palermo’s plazas that I took while I walked around with my co-worker.

The streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is a picture of some of the best coffee I have ever had along with some alfajores (pastries).

Now, during this week I continued to work and job shadow the childcare educator, but a different one to observe the different approaches that are being taught. I have also been able to learn the difference between the healthcare systems here and the United States’, as well as how the private and public healthcare services work here. I have been very interested in everything that I have been learning here about the overall healthcare here in Argentina.

I never thought that being in Argentina would allow me to get a grasp of other cultures, but it has. I have been able to be surrounded by other cultures where I have been able to learn about new foods and customs.

Some authentic Brazilian food I got to try.

Some authentic Colombian coffee that my new Colombian friends made me as we exchanged a cultural conversation. Not only that, but a great Colombian meal with my roommate from Colombia.

Some authentic Colombian coffee that my new Colombian friends made me as we exchanged a cultural conversation. Not only that, but a great Colombian meal with my roommate from Colombia.

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Week 3- First trip: Barcelona

Another week of classes started and they went well. I’ve gotten used to living in Spain and made Segovia my home. Living with my host family has been going well as well. I’ve gotten used to the food and have found some of my favorite dishes. I had paella a typical Spain dish for the second time. I really like it. I’ve also gotten used to the Spanish tortilla which is not what I expected. It is made of potatoes and eggs. Potatoes are a really common vegetable around here, any vegetable really.

Seafood Paella

I’ve really adjusted to the language here as well because even now that I talk to my mom on the phone I start to say words from Spain. Although some words they use here are really strange to me, I enjoy learning the new words.

As week 3 of classes finished up my first trip with some of the girls from the group approached. Thursday night we took the night train to Barcelona. We spent the weekend in Barcelona and that was great. It was nice to visit a city that is filled with so many tourist attractions and to see the wonderful architecture and art by Gaudi. Barcelona has beautiful beaches as well and that was nice to take in the sun. Barcelona is filled with tourists. There are many bus tours available in Barcelona for a good price. A friend and I went on a tour bus and that was the best thing we could have done. We got to see so much of Barcelona which we would not have seen on foot. On Sunday we headed back to Madrid on a plane and that was so much better than a train. Our flight was only an hour and a half compared to the 8 hour train ride. I’m glad I got to see Barcelona, it’s a beautiful city.

Barcelona Bus Tour

La Barcelonata Beach. The Mediterranean Sea!

La Sagrada Familia

Building by Gaudi- La Pedrera (Casa Mila)

Where the 1992 Olympics were held in Barcelona

Rambla del Mar bridge

Barcelona cathedral

The girls at the fountain show in Barcelona

I’m excited for week 4 because this week the whole group is going to a Real Madrid soccer game.

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Week 3

Well this week went by so fast. I think it had to do with the fact that we were all looking forward to the weekend. We were going to Mexico City and had a lot of things planned. The only problem was that we had to meet at the bus stop at 8am and people went out the night before so I knew people would have issues with that schedule. On the plus side was the the streets are pretty empty at that time and taxis are cheaper. I didn’t know that but I guess the taxi prices go and down depending on the time off day and if its raining or not. Well I got to the bus at 8 exactly and there were probably a good 7 our of 17 missing. So we waited and left at around 8:35am which wasn’t too bad. The best thing was that we had a tour bus for 20 or so people.
Well, it took us about 3 hours to get to our first stop which was the pyramids of Teotihuacan which was a Mesoamerican civilization that had vanished before the conquista which explains why it still stands today. Simply because the Spanish had the tendency of tearing apart pyramids and using the rocks to build their own temples or cathedrals. Which is what you will see in a few more paragraphs. Teotihuacan was amazing! I had no clue the size of these pyramids and also the work done on the stones. It was an impressive sight to see. Teotihuacan had 3 main pyramids being Quezalcoalt, the moon and the sun. Quezalcoalt had figures on it that protected the village and it was the first one we saw.
Then we climbed the sun pyramid which is massive. Also the steps i don’t think were meant to be climbed because they are steep and also very high. It made for a very hard climb. But we all made it and it had an awesome view.
Then we went to eat and there they gave us free samples of some pulque which is an alcoholic drink that was the drink of choice by the mesoamericans. Pulque is made from the maguey plant the same as tequila. Its a milky white drink that taste almost like vinegar most of the people didn’t like it but I thought it was ok. I don’t think I’ll drink it again but I at least tried it.
After eating we all went to El palacio de Bellas Artes were we saw some awesome painting from Diego Rivera, Siqueros, and others.
After that we went to our hotel and we called it a night after sitting and chatting in our rooms. Awesome first day or so I thought. At around 4:30 am I hear a man screaming I look out my window and there is an Ambulance, and 3 police cars. The man had blood down his chest and back and pants and bandages with blood coming from his chest. He had been stabbed by I don’t know who, but was giving them a piece of his mind. I said to myself. “That’s why I don’t go out in Mexico City.” I went back to bed and the next day was just as awesome. We walked to the Templo Mayor which is the main pyramid of Tenotiichlan which is where the Aztecs were and were the Spanish took over, and this was a prime example of what the Spanish would do with the pyramids. I guess the pyramid was a good size but what was left was basically nothing.
That church you see in the background was smaller than what the pyramid once was as well as that was what they made after taking apart the pyramid. There was an awesome pyramid there as well that was awesome.
Then we went off to the best place in the world in my opinion. The National Museum of Anthropology. We saw some of the things I’ve only dreamed about. A few were the great heads of the olmecas
The actual Aztec calendar
there we must have spent 3 hours and I don’t think it was enough. It was just awesome. I stayed with the out teacher/tour guide so I could learn as much as I could. There was so much to see and I had so much fun. After that we went to eat and then we went to El Castillo de Champultepec which is where passed presidents of Mexico lived and also the last battle of the Mexican-American war and also the last battle of where the Aztec lost against the Spanish. Very nice big mansion.
After that we went back to our hotel and another great day in the books. We literally went to go eat and I came back and went to bed. I must have walked about 10 miles that day. We woke up packed up and went to La Plaza de las 3 culturas. This is in Tlatelolco where people were killed on October 2nd 1968 10 days before Mexico Hosted the olympics.
After that we went to Frida Kahlo’s blue house which was very awesome to see. we were not allowed to take pictures inside her house so I don’t have any for you but after that we went to El Museo Soumaya which is Carlos Slims the richest man in the world’s museum named after his wife who passed away in 1999. Its a gorgeous building designed by his son in law who is a very successful architect. that was our last stop and we were all ready to go home. It was the best 3 day weekend of my life so far and I’m glad I had to opportunity to see those things in real life. Great time. Until next week you all. Adios

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Week 3

I cannot believe that I only have one week left! Time has flown by and I am amazed at how much I have seen and done. Taking two classes keeps me very busy with field trips and homework, but I don’t mind. Since I am taking two classes, I have been able to see double the field trips, and for my Downton Abbey class we usually do two field trips a week which is great. My all time favorite field trip has been to Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed. There was some anxiety surrounding this field trip because we didn’t actually have tickets. Group tickets have been sold out since last summer, and individual tickets have been sold out since February. That being said we were all very nervous as to whether or not they would have any tickets for sale at the gate. Our worries were for nothing though because they had plenty! We were able to walk through the gardens, go through the house and of course hit up the gift shop! Something fun that I’ve been doing with friends from my Downton class, is that we try and have tea and scones at every country house we visit. Now I can add Highclere to my list of places I’ve had tea at! My other favorite field trip so far was for my Harry Potter class. We went into Scotland to Alnwick Castle which is where they filmed parts of Hogwarts for the first and second films, and then they used it as their model for the set. We saw where they learn to fly in the first movie and then some general exterior shots. The castle itself was beautiful, but inside the state rooms and the countryside were just amazing.

This past weekend I went to Paris. I have been once before in High School on one of those spring break trips, so I was only in Paris for two or three nights. So I was very excited to go back and see it again, and see if what I remembered was the same. I remembered it being very dirty and it was. Compared to London, Paris is filthy. I don’t know if it is because the people just don’t care, or they just don’t have as good sanitation services that London has. The other thing that I really noticed was how different their metro and bus system is. London’s transportation system is very efficient, very well kept up, and very clean. Paris on the hand is very confusing. Some lines on the metro maps are really only train lines, but they are not marked so. Needless to say we got very lost and turned around the first night, but after that we had a somewhat better handle on it. But we tried to stay above ground as much as possible! One thing about Paris that I found wonderful was their youth discount. They have great discounts for anyone under the age of 24. Some places require you to show a student id, others just ask your age. Because of this discount we were able to go into the Louvre for free! We also go a discount on the Eiffel Tower and a boat tour.

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