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Saying Goodbye

“Really, is this my last week in Argentina,” I asked myself, at the beginning of my last week.

I felt like my time in Argentina went by too fast. I was just getting to feel like I really belonged. I am one lucky individual to be able to take so much back home, new knowledge, skills, memories, experiences, and of course new friendships. I have been so blessed to be given the opportunity to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I never thought I could say, “I discovered myself.” It really is amazing how much you can change in 72 days, I know I have came home as a new person ready to face the world.

Knowing that this was my last week all I wanted was time to slow down, but of course it did just the opposite. I had so much to do in so little time, finish up my internship, finish up last minute projects, spend time with my friends, say my goodbyes, and pack. I felt so rushed.

My first few days I got to help out my BAC coordinator with some work, and volunteered to create a video for her. The rest of my week I got to spend some quality time with my friends and say my goodbyes. My last day, Friday I thanked my internship supervisor, said goodbye to some of the lovely workers I got to be around, and receive my certificate. Then in the afternoon my BAC coordinator organized a goodbye party where I got to enjoy the company of some friends with some delicious food. I got to admit it was very difficult. I really shed some tears just knowing that the next day I was leaving.

Some of the lovely people I got to work with in my internship.

Some of the amazing people that had joined me in my farewell dinner on Friday.


Some of the delicious food that my friends and I got to eat during my farewell dinner.

Saturday, I could not believe my time in Argentina was up . I woke up full of all kinds of emotions, all I wanted was time to stop, but of course it continued. So, I ate breakfast with the company of my friend from Switzerland, bought some last minute things, got ready, made sure I had everything, thanked everyone from the BAC residence, then spent my last hours with my BAC coordinator, her mother who has become like family, my friend from Switzerland, and another friend from the BAC residence.

As time got closer to my departure. I got more anxious and nervous, then once it was time, I could not believe my time was over. I said my goodbyes, which I dreaded. Then, off I went in the taxi to the airport with the lovely company of two of my friends who had been with me in my last hours in Argentina.

As we arrived to the airport and got all checked in, my friends joined me on my last meal in Argentina by eating some typical American food McDonalds, while sharing some laughs. Then next thing I knew, it was time, they walked me to security and said goodbye. I got to say my last hours are unforgettable!!

My two wonderful friends, who kept me company on my last hours in Argentina and who were willing to take me to the airport.

Now, even though I did not get the chance to spend time with everyone or even say goodbye I will always take them with me.

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Week 10- La Granja

Onto our final excursion we went. I must say it’s been pretty cold in Segovia these last few days. It only got worse visiting La Granja which is even at higher elevation and closer to the mountains.

La Granja was really interesting and full of history as well. It’s so neat to learn that an actual king lived there. The king built the palace here as an imitation of the palace in versailles because he was from france and missed home so much.

The palace in La Granja

Another picture of the palace and it’s gardens and fountains.

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