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I’ve been home for a month now and I’m missing Barcelona more with every passing day. I didn’t think I could miss it more than I did when I first left; but sometimes, absence does make the heart grow fonder. It’s weird being home. It wasnt long before I started feeling like it was all just a dream. On the drive home from the airport I felt like I had never left at all. Nothing has changed, at least nothing of any consequence (besides maybe gas prices). People grow a little, cut their hair, have babies, and get married but the town still looks the same. I still take the same road to get home, all the same stores occupy the same corners; yet, in some ways, I feel like my life has been turned upside down.

I have missed Oregon, I’ve missed my family and friends. I’ve missed all the trees and grass, pizza, sushi, and hamburgers. But now, while I’m not missing pizza, I miss pan con tomate and Spanish tortilla. I miss the city sounds and lights, I miss El Prat (even though it took me quite some time to get on its good side), Sant Pau, the Medeteranian sea, and the metro. I miss Catalunya. I miss Barcelona, and I can’t wait to go back!

Life is good… life is great! I am blessed beyond belief to have had this experience and to come home to many more adventures. As much as I miss Barcelona, it doesn’t do well to dwell on the past and forget to enjoy today, and make the most of tomorrow! To all the adventures yet to come, may each be as wonderful as the last… in their own special way.

Cambio y fuera,



Goodbye beautiful Barcelona.

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Second week in London

image I’m now in my second week at Roehampton and other than scheduling issues and equivalency questions, I am doing much better. I have settled in quite a bit and am learning to enjoy life here on campus. I was able to visit central London and experience being a tourist in this beautiful city. I have to walk 25 minutes to class which is hugely different from at western Oregon where I’d walk 5 minutes to class. The classes here are much bigger and much more intimidating but I thinknill be alright. Now that I’ve settled, staying here seems much more doable. I’m looking forward to all of the experiences I will have here in the next few months.

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First week in London

I’ve been in London for two days now but it feels like I’ve been here for weeks already. The first day was great! I toured around campus and the roehampton area. I was very excited and happy to be here but I didn’t get much sleep. Then today, I had a really hard time dealing with what I’m assuming was culture shock. It’s probably also because I’m very tired, but I was so overwhelmed when trying to pick out groceries it was unreal. Everything is just so dif

Touring Roehampton

Touring Roehampton

ferent and I don’t recognize brands or what is a good deal or not. So I gave up and went to a cafe to grab a bite to eat. I looked on the menu for anything that sounded familiar. I realized that this was me shutting out the other culture. I used to think that I wouldn’t have culture shock in London because it’s not that different from America, but I was so wrong. It’s completely different in so many ways. And when I realized that, I freaked out a bit. So I called my mom, took a nap, and feel much better. I also feel that I’m paranoid about American stereotypes and being treated poorly but so far it hasn’t been a problem. I think by next week I’ll be settled in much better and be coping with the culture shock well.

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Hello, my name is Madelyn Hay and tomorrow I’ll be boarding my flight to London, England. The weeks leading up to my departure have been pretty crazy. One moment, I’m excited and the next I’m crying and wondering why I am doing this. I know that once I get there, that question will be answered and I’ll immediately be glad that I chose to travel abroad but until then, I’ll be somewhere between ecstatic and tearful. I’m mainly nervous about the flight because I’ve never traveled internationally or independently. But both are wonderful experiences that I will be glad to accomplish.  Leaving my hometown of camas, Washington and going in to such a huge city will surely be a bit of a struggle at first but I look forward to this experience as I hope to grow from it and embrace independence.

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It’s been 4 months and I’m still looking the wrong way crossing the street…

The title says it all. I arrived home from London over four months ago, and yet I’m still set in the ways of the UK. About 90% of the time, I look right-left-right when crossing the road, and can only do it the American way if I remind myself to do it. This is just one of the many things that has stuck with me since I’ve left London. The other things that have stuck with me are the memories of the food, experiences, and friendships of my time abroad. I’ll never forget what it was like to travel to a foreign country and experience life as a Londoner. Living in London gave me more confidence and allowed me to explore the person that I am, and since coming back, I have become a much more independent person, and I’m grateful for my opportunities of travel and study.

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Return Home

Now that I am back home, I have noticed about how convenient everything is here. Of course there is cell and network service in Costa Rica, but I didn’t have a phone there so it is amazing how convenient everything is here. Not only that, but I wasn’t scared for my life when I was driving. The road laws here are very much enforced here and not so much there. Apart from seeing my friends and family, I am not too excited to be back. I still had so much more to see and experience before I came back. However, I can hopefully come back and see all that I missed and see people that I have met in Costa Rica.

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Week Seven

Since my time here in Costa Rica is winding down and coming to an end I am trying to spend as much time as I can seeing more of San Jose. This week I visited the precolonial gold museum and the national stadium. Luckily, there just happened to be an international track competition that was free. I also visited the national art museum that is in the old national airport for Costa Rica, which was really cool and worth seeing itself.

IMAG2509   IMAG2479

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Week Six

This week I went with a few friends to Panama. The process of crossing the boarder into Panama was very tedious. I did not have a flight itinerary that they would except so I had to run around the boarder shops to try and get internet to enter Panama. However, I got it resolved and we stayed in a Hostel along a river in Bocas del Torro. We went on a dolphin and sloth tour and we also went snorkeling.That was a great experience and I got to see a glimpse of what Panama has to offer.

10346378_730515907006624_3073940370460811994_n   IMAG2339

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Week Five

This week I said goodbye to a lot of my friends who did the 5-week program. We all went to a near by Salsa club, where there was a live band and amazing dancers. All of the dancers there must go every week because they all seem professional. Also, I went rafting with two other friends. That was also an amazing experience. I was able to see a lot of wildlife like sloths and exotic birds. It was a beautiful experience.                                                                           pacuare 09-08-2014 508   IMAG2200

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Week Four

This week my program traveled to some hot springs. I pictured the hot springs being natural but they were in a resort. Though the hot springs were man made, the water was heated naturally by a nearby volcano, Irazu. After that we traveled to a different city where I zip lined on the longest zip line in Latin America. I also went on a Tarzan Swing, which is basically bungee jumping, but instead of bouncing back up you swing out. This has definitely been my favorite part of studying abroad so far. 1909635_734336283291253_4153859993275878029_n   1622344_835870566425432_4956753192089253974_o

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