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Back Home Again

My Boyfriend was not sad to have me Home

The last few weeks have been so jam packed and insane since coming home that I haven’t had a second to myself. When I got home for the first couple weeks it felt really seamless. I felt like I came back into life in my family like I had never left. I had kept up with them weekly so I was constantly filled in on what was new on the homestead. I was really surprised it was so easy because of the big hype about reverse culture shock. I didn’t really experience that until I came back to school. Now it is hitting me really hard.

My Host brother and His Dad

I really miss my family. They sent me both a Christmas card and a New Years card and both I cried when I read them. They sent me big kisses and it just made me really miss dinners with them and nights at home. I miss my little host brother a lot and think about him all the time because it seems like everything I see reminds me of him. It feels so strange to me that my family there isn’t here anymore and that I am not seeing them every day. I still wake up in the mornings sometimes and not know where I am.

My Host Mom and I

I really like how cheap everything is in the States. I have not been sad about paying in US dollars again just because everything in Europe was so expensive. I also am glad to be able to make my own food choices because while I was in France my host mom would make all my dinners. While this was awesome and easy for me I wouldn’t get to have control over portion size and felt bad not finishing my food because she was always giving my host brother the starving children in Africa story. So I usually would eat more than I really wanted to. I’ glad to be back home where I don’t feel pressured to eat.

My abroad Friends out to Dinner for the last time

I also miss my abroad friends. We have a facebook group message going where we still talk but it is a lot harder being home and away from them than I thought it would be. A lot at school has changed since I have been gone and I feel like the friends I had while abroad really understood me better than my friends here at school. I really miss them and how easy it was to talk to them.

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One thought on “Back Home Again”

  1. nbontrager13 on January 19, 2014 at 6:39 pm said:

    I have only been gone for a couple of weeks, but I know my boyfriend will be thrilled to have me back home in the states too, once my time comes. It is strange to think how you make new friends with a whole different dynamic while abroad! I wonder how I will be able to relate to my friends back home who have never left the US… Enjoy being home!