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Good news!, an online education resource with thousands of video courses on everything from Adobe Photoshop to customer service, is again available for WOU faculty and staff.

However,’s significant price increase required us to scale back the number of people who can use this resource at one time. Three employees can now use concurrently for an entire term.

Due to the limited availability of this training, access is granted based on specific needs, usually related to work-related projects requiring in-depth learning. For example, someone wanting to learn how to use Adobe InDesign to create a textbook for independent publishing, or someone wanting to learn GarageBand to a create a podcast related to their academic work, would be the kinds of requests that would receive favorable consideration.

Spots are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Each session begins the first day of the term and ends the first day of the next term. For summer, since we are starting over, access can be granted immediately.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this incredible resource, please email me at carters@wou with a brief description of your training need.

P.S. In addition, faculty and staff can also make arrangements with the DMC for short-term use of that must be used within the DMC, usually by booking one of the two digital production rooms (HL 221 or HL 222). DMC staff can log you into, giving you access to the entire training library for your session.

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Have you heard about, the FREE training tool for faculty and staff?

Well, it’s not free exactly. We do pay for it. But, the online training program that offers thousands of high-quality instructional videos on just about every topic you can imagine, will not cost you or your department anything over what the university already pays. Best of all, you can do all the training from your own computer.

The response has been strong enough that we’ve re-upped for another year, and I highly recommend you take advantage of this great resource. Here are just a few of the courses that your colleagues have been taking. You can preview the first few videos without an account, giving you a sense of how it works. Essential Training

Moodle Essential Training

Moodle Advanced Techniques

Microsoft Word: Mail Merge in Depth

Working in the On Demand Economy

Photoshop CS4 Essential Training

Organizational Communication Fundamentals

PowerPoint, Camtasia, Excel, Access, InDesign . . . There are thousands of other topics. If you’re interested in taking any of these courses, or others, drop me a line and I’ll get you started. Only five people can use it at once, but you are welcome to reserve a one-week slot for a later time. You will have unlimited access to their entire training library during your week. The modular design makes it easy to focus on just the sections you want to learn.

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Website Update in Progress

I’ve recently switched to using WordPress as my website management tool, so things may be a bit spotty around here at the moment.  I’ve used WordPress a lot with other wordpress-logo-680x400 projects, so it shouldn’t take too long for me to get comfortable with it, but please be patient as I spruce things up a bit.  I plan to make this site a lot more robust as a resource for the WOU community.

I’m also working with University Computing to work out some of the bugs before we begin doing training on this powerful and easy CMS (content management system).  It’s by far the best website and blogging tool out there.

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How to Create Your Moodle Course

The Moodle Level I course for instructors using Moodle at Western Oregon University is now an open course, meaning anyone with network access at WOU can enter it without needing a password.  Rather than updating the written instructions here, I’ll simply direct you to that course here.

However, I have also updated the brief video tutorial, and since some faculty members have said it’s difficult to watch the video within Moodle while also using Moodle, I’ve placed it here as well:

Link to Getting Started with Moodle Video

Note:  There’s a bit of a bug embedding video right now, but the above link should play just fine.

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