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Basic registration information

Registration dates:

Winter Term 2010 November 16-20, 2009
Spring Term 2010 February 22-26, 2010
Fall Term 2010 May 17-21, 2010

To be eligible to register:

Note: All full-time incoming students born after January 1, 1957 are required to show proof of 2 measles (Rubeola) immunizations. This proof must be presented at the Student Health Center prior to the second term of enrollment.

The registration process:

Registration times for all academic terms except Summer Session, are determined by total credit hours earned with graduate students receiving first priority, followed by seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. Non-admitted students are assigned times beginning the week following registration week. Students are notified of their registration time through their WOU email address two weeks prior to registration. Students who qualify for services through the Office of Disability Services should contact that office for consideration of earlier registration.

A. Currently enrolled students

  1. Undergraduate students are required to meet with their major advisor prior to reg is tra tion each term to remove their advising hold.
  2. Review the schedule of classes and registration in struc tion sheet. These materials are available at the Registrar’s Office, various locations around campus, and are posted on the internet at www.wou.edu/scheduleofclasses..
  3. Plan a schedule for the upcoming term. Include al ter nate sections and courses.
  4. Refer to the registration instructions to de ter mine your registration start time. You may log on to the web reg is tra tion system via the Reg is trar’s Office home page at any time after your as signed start time.

B. New and returning students

  1. New students should apply for admission at least two terms in advance of the term for which they wish to enroll. Upon admission the Admissions Office will send students information regarding reg is tra tion. It is im per a tive that newly admitted students follow these in struc tions carefully.
  2. Previously admitted students who are not cur rent ly enrolled should submit an application for re-en roll ment form as early as possible and no later than two terms priortothetermforwhichre-enrollmentisdesired.Upon approval of the application the Registrar’s Office will providestudentswithinformationregardingregistration. The student should plan to follow the steps listed above for currently enrolled students.

Registration Information

When student’s requested class schedule has been confirmed, the registration process is complete and a valid accounts receivable will be accrued by this in sti tu tion. A student must pay the full amount of tuition and fees accrued as a result of his/her confirmed schedule unless a written withdrawal or cancellation is received in the Registrar’s Office by the first day of classes for that term. After that time, the student’s financial obligation will be determined by the Business Office in accordance with the State Board of Higher Education’s Refund Schedule listed on page 7.

Steps in Registration

A. All students who registered before first day of the term:

  1. If you are making no changes in your schedule, proceed to the Fee Payment location listed in the fee payment schedules. Please retain your receipt.
  2. If you desire to make changes to your schedule, obtain an Add/Drop form, make the necessary changes, obtain instructor’s signatures and sign the form before completing registration and paying fees;
  3. Bring completed forms to the Registrar’s Office for processing; and
  4. Pay fees at ITC 013 or cashier’s office per fee pay ment schedules on page 5.

B. All students who did not register before the first day of the term but were authorized to enroll:

  1. Obtain an Add/Drop form before your first class meeting, complete the form, and have the in struc tor sign the Add/ Drop.
  2. Bring your signed and completed forms to the Registrar's Office, and complete any other registration forms needed.
  3. Pay fees at location listed in fee payment schedules.

Additional registration information

Alternate Courses

A student may improve the possibility of getting a full schedule through the judicious use of alternate courses. Discussing alternate course selections with an advisor before registration is strongly encouraged.

Full-time and Maximum Registration

Full-time undergraduate students are those enrolled in 12 credit hours (9 for graduates), with 15-16 (12-15 for graduates) hours being the average. The maximum number of hours for which a student may register without special permission from the Registrar's Office is 18 for undergraduates (12 for summer session) and 16 for graduates (9 for summer session), including courses offered through the Division of Extended Programs and courses offered through other Oregon University System colleges. Exceptions to the maximum load for graduate students are allowed by petition with the recommendation of your advisor and approval of the Graduate Office. Undergraduate students need to obtain their advisor recommendation and the approval of the registrar.

Adding and Dropping Courses

  1. Add/Drop forms are available at the Registrar’s Office, Administration Building.
  2. Student and instructor signatures are required for each add/drop.
  3. The add or drop is not official until submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Fee refunds, if appropriate, are computed based on the day the add/drop is received by the Registrar’s Office.
  4. Be attentive to deadlines for adds/drops

Late Registration

Students who fail to meet registration or payment deadlines of any type may forfeit the opportunity to carry out the desired registration action, (i.e. late, add, fee payment). Students who determine that a problem exists and seek the assistance of the appropriate office before the applicable deadline may be granted an extension.

The offices to contact are:

  • Class Scheduling - Office of the Registrar
  • Fee Payment - Business Office

Division of Extended programs

The Division of Extended Programs, in collaboration with the academic colleges and support service units, provides lifelong learning opportunities that are responsive, flexible and creative for meeting the educational needs of all learners. This mission is accomplished through innovative and creative programming that is consistent with the mission of Western Oregon University and the Office of Academic Affairs and provides unique teaching and service opportunities for WOU faculty. The division administers Summer Session workshops and year around offers courses and programs both on and off campus and via distance learning options. The division houses conference facilities and a testing center that offers academic entrance exams.

For more information contact:

Division of Extended Programs,

Terry House

Western Oregon University

Monmouth, OR 97361

extend@wou.edu, www.wou.edu/extendedprograms

503-838-8483 or 800-451-5767

Fax: 503-838-8473


Office of Academic Affairs 503-838-8271 | or e-mail: provost@wou.edu
Location: Lieuallen Administration Building, Room 202

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