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Peer Advisors of the Academic Advising and Learning Center

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are the first line of contact between you and the Academic Advising and Learning Center. These students, all from different areas of study, hold the experience and university knowledge to help guide you through your degree. They will be able to answer many of the basic questions you have regarding the university or direct you to the appropriate locations to get your questions answered. They are able to provide insight about the university which can serve as priceless help to a student who may go through similar situations.

Megan Dowaliby

Major: Double Degree in International Studies and Communications

Class Standing: Sophomore

Hometown: Warrenton, OR

I chose to pursue a double degree in International Studies and Communications because I felt both those degrees really fit me as an individual and fit with my love of traveling and working with people.  I am still exploring careers, but a career in journalism is one possibility that sticks out in my mind because I love the idea of being a part of history as it happens.  No matter what career path I may choose, with my double degree, I hope to achieve a career in which I am able to see the world, meet people from all walks of life, and eventually leave the world a little better than when I found it. 

I have found that one of the simplest things you can do to be successful here at Western Oregon University is sit in the front row of every one of your classes.  Sitting in the front row helps to maintain your focus solely on the material that is being presented and ensures that you are less likely to miss small details and important information.  Statistics show that students who sit in the front row have a greater chance of receiving a higher grade in the course.  Another important tip to be successful at Western Oregon University is to get to know your professors.  What is so unique about Western is that getting to know your professors and making those connections is relatively easy to do, and it will make all the difference when you are well into your college career and even after you graduate.

I became a peer advisor because I love to help people, and I found it to be a great opportunity to connect with my fellow peers and Western Oregon University as a whole.  Navigating a university can be tough sometimes, but peer advisors are here to help.  You really learn a lot working on campus, and as a peer advisor it is my job to use that knowledge to help other students.  The best part about being a peer advisor is the feeling that you have made a positive impact – one student at a time – on your campus every day.      

McKenzie Johnston

Major: Psychology

Class Standing: Junior

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, OR

I decided to major in Psychology because I have always been interested in understanding human behavior and how it relates to our environment. I recently became interested in the field of Computer Science as well. While at first I didn’t see any similarities between the two, I have found many connections between Psychology and Computer Science that have made me see how complementary they really are.

If I could give one tip to be successful at WOU, it would be to use your resources. Don’t be afraid to go to your professor’s office hours, or request a tutor if you feel like you’re struggling. Create a network of peers and faculty that can work together to complete a task. I spent too much time in my first two years at Western trying to do everything on my own. I’ve found that I am a much more successful student when I utilize my resources.

I became a Peer Advisor because I wanted to become an informative resource for students at WOU. Being a Peer Advisor has given me the opportunity to become more involved in the community and gain experience by helping others.

Reina Morgan

Major: Double Degree in Psychology and Communications

Class standing: Junior

Hometown: Tidewater, OR

I chose to major in Psychology because I have always been intrigued by what motivates people to do the things they do. I intend to pursue a career in Industrial Organizational Psychology in order to work on increasing job satisfaction and well being in the workplace. Since most people spend so much of their time at work, I think it is incredibly important that this time positively contributes to our life.

While in college I have learned the value of time management. In order to succeed in college it is
important to be able to keep track of and prioritize your daily events. I have realized that my planner is my best friend. As long as I write down everything that I need to accomplish, then I never fail to remember the tasks I need to accomplish. It is also very rewarding to check things off!

I became a Peer Advisor so that I could gain experience working while helping the students on campus. I am always very thankful for having people there to assist me, so I in turn would like to be able to help other students with their education in any way I can.

Anna Smith

Major: Criminal Justice

Class Standing:  Sophomore

Hometown: Orange County, CA

I want to major in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Legal Studies, because I aspire to go to Law School. I hold myself to high dreams and aspirations and hope to attend Yale Law School starting fall of 2016. I have decided on this route because I have an interest of criminal justice, law, and how the government works. My strongest motivation to attend Law School is that I would like to help people. I like to be the voice for someone when he or she cannot be their own.  I stand up for those I care about and plan to carry this passion for others into the court room.

My best advice I believe I could offer a fellow student would be to utilize the professors. Ask your professors questions and visit during their office hours. They can be very helpful and can see the difference between a hardworking student and a lazy one. Also, make school your number one priority. We all have lives and things we need to do and for some, working full time is a must. However, don’t forget you are going to school to better yourself and your future. The way out of the mediocre job you may be in now is school. Try not to let things get in the way of school because school is the difference in your future.

I decided to become a peer adviser because I feel I have knowledge and experience that could be useful to others. I enjoy being helpful and I am always eager to offer what I know to help a fellow student. I know it can be difficult to figure where you need to go, or who you need to see to have your question answered. Having someone point you in the right direction makes all the difference in your search.

Meet the Advisors of the Academic Advisng and Learning Center


Academic Advising and Learning Center 503-838-8428 | or e-mail: advising@wou.edu
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The Academic Advising and Learning Center engages students in identifying and pursuing their educational, career, and life goals through personalized learning experiences. The AALC serves and supports students in developing collaborative relationships that foster student success.

—Mission Statement for the Academic Advising and Learning Center

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