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Communication Studies

What Speech Communication Students Have to Say

"I am a speech communication major because it has helped me to learn and develop the key skills I'll need to function in life. Communication is a fundamental needed to maintain work relationships, intimate relationships, family relationships and friendships. Not only have I learned one of life's major fundamentals, but I've also made some great friends within the speech communication department which will last a lifetime."~Keri Holloway, Albany, Oregon

"In high school I was very scared in giving oral speeches. This continued beyond high school (as with many other students). I thought to prevent this I would take Speech Communication - a degree that students give several speeches each year. However, I discovered that we do not give a bunch of speeches each year. Yes, we do give speeches here and there. I discovered for one to become free of anxiety of speeches they must work on all aspects of speech, not just oral speeches. Oral speeches, group work, working with new people, participating in class, the history of speaking, amongst many other learning styles creates a feeling that your entire body must learn how to speak, not just your mouth."~Eric Engesser, Monroe, Wisconsin.

"One of the best parts about the speech communication program here at WOU is the students I take classes with. Because the classes in this field encourage questions and discussion, I've gotten to know my classmates and they have gotten to know me. I actually look forward to going to class!"~Molly Hitchen, Oregon City

"The best decision I ever made while attending Western was to become a Speech Communication major. The major is wonderful because the classes you take are so diverse. The professors in this major really care about their students and want us to succeed. The classes are the perfect size to make new friends and get to know your professors well. I would highly recommend this major." ~Kari Venti

"Majoring in communications has been fun! The students and faculty are helpful and will guide you in the directions you want to go. I have learned a lot about how people communicate in different environments (school, home, and workplace) and have found that when I am applying for jobs, communications is one of the top degrees that a company is looking for. It is very versatile and gives you a broad range of careers to choose from. There are always many options in the Communications field......It is not all about speeches!~Summer Sargent, Clackamas, Oregon

"I am a speech major and really like the program here at Western for a couple reasons. The teachers who teach the courses are very effective teachers. They really get involved and help you learn what effective speaking really is. Also, I have learned more from my speech classes than any other class. We have a very good speech program because of our awesome teachers."~Andy McDonald, Silverton, Oregon

"I chose speech communications because I knew that it wasn't going to limit the possibilities of what kind of job that I could potentially get. I also enjoy the real world application of the curriculum."~Dan Desmarteau, Salem, Oregon

"Communication applies to everyone in different forms and languages. The skills I have learned have helped me in the business aspect as well as my personal life. Everyday we use communication and it is a vital tool to building relationships and understanding yourself."~Sybil Pfaff, Independence, Oregon

"Graduating with a degree that limits me into a few select fields didn't appeal to me. The Speech Communication program allows me to gain skills that are adaptable in many different facets, both professional and interpersonal." ~Michelle Gribble

"I enjoy being a Speech Communication major because it is so real-life oriented. All of the concepts and ideas that I have been studying are actively incorporated in my daily life. If you like the subtle nuances of everyday communication you will get a lot of this major."~Lee G.

"Being a Speech Communication major has opened my eyes to many new concepts. It has helped me become more open-minded and become more aware of the world around me." ~Shelly Simpson

"In being in the Speech Communication program at WOU, I have been able to learn how to communicate better with my family. I have been able to pick up great concepts in communication that I will be able to use when I enter the workforce." ~Dameieon Scheideman

"I have been taking classes at WOU since Spring of 2000. In Japan, we have a basic style where teachers just teach a class, and students just listen to a lecture. If we have a question, we seldom ask the teacher in class. However, America is different because students ask questions, share their opinions, and have presentations in class. I am learning about human communication, media, and rhetoric, and I was unable to study these classes in Japan. In addition, the Speech Communication program at WOU is a wonderful major because I am enjoying classes with great professors and students." ~Ikue Iguchi

"The diverse courses in the Speech Communication major have allowed me to explore different avenues of study, and have helped me discover what aspects of communication I enjoy studying. This diversity also allows me to piece together information from one course to another and apply it another course from a different area. I feel prepared for the job market because I have a diverse background in communication, whereas if I had finished a different program I might be limited in what I could do after graduation." ~Averie Cook

"I wouldn't change my experience in the speech program for anything. The vibrant people and professors are what make this program enjoyable as well as informative. The communication skills I have built are exactly what businesses are looking for in a resume." Nathan P. Fox

"I chose to become a Speech Communication minor to improve my communication skills. The major has greatly improved those skills and has given me endless career opportunities." ~Beniam Nusser

"The unique thing about speech communication is that it is useful at the end of the day. When biologists and English teachers go home at night, they stop experimenting and teaching. But we never stop communicating. I like my degree because I know I will always find a use for it." ~Shelley Gibb

"Everything you will learn in the Speech Communication major can be applied to your daily life. For instance, in the mass media courses, you'll learn how to better analyze media and their messages. In the rhetoric course, especially rhetoric of the women's movement, you will appreciate history and the privileges you have today. With a Speech Communication major, you will graduate with the ability to do many things and do them well." ~Polly Madding

"The Speech Communication major has such a wide variety of fields, from how to articulate well to Supreme Court Justices' opinions. The major has opened so many doors for me that I can't imagine focusing on any specific area without first having quality communication skills." ~Jed Kercher

"I chose Speech Communication as a major because all the knowledge in the world won't help you unless you can communicate effectively. Group and interpersonal communication tactics are crucial in this day where we must sell an image. The professors make it easy to get excited about rhetoric and public discourse. I was looking to get involved in my classes, and I made the right choice." ~Byron Shinkle

"I chose speech as my minor because it helps perfect a common practice. Following graduation, I expect to engage in numerous meetings and presentations. The speech classes taught here have done wonders for my ability to communicate. I have learned everything from resume writing to proper posture and articulation. The speech environment is always a pleasure because no one is afraid to speak." ~John Hector

"As a Speech Communication Major I am learning how to create and analyze professional media of communication. After graduation, the degree in speech communication can be applied to any professional field. My education will be used to support a career in the military and criminal justice fields." ~Thomas Massey, Double Major - Speech Communication and Law Enforcement


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