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WOU Faculty Handbook

WOU Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Office of the Dean
Name & homepage Phone 503-83... Position Office E-mail
Girod, Mark 8-8471 Dean and Professor ED 201E girodm@wou.edu
Beaird, Sarah 8-8623 Assessment Data Manager ED 202I beairds@wou.edu
Bradstreet, Greg 8-8665 MAT Field Placement Coordinator ED 114A bradstrg@wou.edu
Campbell, Darla 8-8788 Academic Office Support ED 202H campbeld@wou.edu
Eason, Karen 8-8471 Undergraduate Field Placement Assistant   woustudentteacherplacement@gmail.com
Johnson, Karen 8-8235 Academic Office Support ED 201F johnsonk@wou.edu
Smith, Tiffany 8-8825 Administrative Assistant to the Dean ED 201C smitht@wou.edu
Thompson, Sue 8-8828 Director of Clinical Practice and Licensure ED 201D thompss@wou.edu
Townsend, Kimber 8-8082

Research Analyst II & Dean's Assistant

ED 202H townsenk@wou.edu

Division of Health and Physical Education
Name & homepage Phone 503-83... Position Office E-mail
Armstrong, Jeffrey 8-8999 Associate Professor NP 203 armstroj@wou.edu
Cancel-Tirado, Doris 8-8470 Assistant Profesesor NP 204 canceltd@wou.edu
Cardinal, Marita 8-8023 Professor NP 218 cardinm@wou.edu
Caster, Brian 8-8364 Professor ED 164 casterb@wou.edu
DeWitt, Natalie 8-8216 Assistant Professor NP 207B dewittn@wou.edu
Hautala, Robert 8-8262 Associate Professor NP 214 hautalar@wou.edu
Pedersen, Peggy 8-8269 Chair/Professor NP 115 pedersep@wou.edu
Maty, Siobhan 8-8175 Assistant Professor NP 207A matys@wou.edu
Timken, Gay 8-8217 Professor NP 216 timkeng@wou.edu
Vala-Haynes, Emily   Assistant Professor NP 219 valahaynese@wou.edu

Non-Tenure Track faculty:

Allen, Warren 8-8266 NTT Instructor ED 143 allenw@wou.edu
Asleson, Elke 8-8173 NTT Lecturer OP 206 aslesoe@wou.edu
Bruce, Eric 8-8075 NTT Instructor ED 141 brucee@wou.edu
Farrell, Kathy 8-8330 NTT Instructor ED 165 farrellk@wou.edu
Hammermeister, Amy 8-8509 NTT Instructor ED 162 ahammer@wou.edu
Horner, Neil Ann 8-8216 NTT Assistant Professor NP 207B hornern@wou.edu
Kelly, Tom 8-8256 NTT Assistant Professor NP 212 kellyt@wou.edu
Kirby, Stephanie 8-9217 NTT Instructor ED 140 kirbys@wou.edu
Marquez, Terheanna 8-8173 NTT Instructor OP 206 marquezt@wou.edu
Roberts, Janet 8-8446 NTT Instructor ED 163 robertsjl@wou.edu
Sellers, Shawn 8-8985 NTT Instructor ED 161 sellerss@wou.edu
Taylor, Jennifer 8-8923 Assistant Professor NP 206 taylorj@wou.edu
Thomas, Daryl 8-8915 NTT Instructor ED 143A thomasda@wou.edu
Vandehey, Jan 8-8054 NTT Instructor OP 209 vandehej@wou.edu
Weber, Sarah 8-9486 NTT Lecturer OP 204 underris@wou.edu
Ward, Pam 8-8054 NTT Instructor OP 204 wardp@wou.edu
Wisniewski, Loren 8-9490 NTT Instructor OP 204 wisniewl@wou.edu

McAlpine, Diana 8-8908 Academic Office Support NP 115 mcalpined@wou.edu

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Division of Special Education
Name & homepage Phone 503-83... Position Office E-mail
Cancel, Pamela 8-8803 Assistant Professor ED 224 cancelp@wou.edu
Davis, Cheryl 8-8053
503-710-9683 VP Division Chair/Director of RRCD/Professor ED 221 davisc@wou.edu
Feist, Amber 8-8746 Assistant Professor ED 229 feista@wou.edu
Graham, Patrick   Assistant Professor ED 232 grahamp@wou.edu
Maroney, Elisa 8-8735
IP: Professor ED 233 maronee@wou.edu
Ni, Chung-Fan 8-8038 Associatet Professor ED 231 nic@wou.edu
Smith, Amanda 8-8650 Assistant Professor ED 223 smithar@wou.edu
Smith, Julia 8-8744
Professor ED 227 smithj@wou.edu

Non-Tenure Track faculty:

Hewlett, Sarah 8-9124 NTT Instructor ED 230 hewletts@wou.edu
Olivier, Mike 8-8324 NTT Instructor ED 230 olivierm@wou.edu
Poage, Kim 8-8758

NTT Instructor,
RCE Clinical Placement Coordinator

ED 228 poagek@wou.edu
Redpath, Brent VP 503-831-8277 NTT Instructor ED 241 redpathb@wou.edu

Name & Homepage phone# 503-83. Position Office E-mail
Sayers, Konnie 8-8445 Grants and Contracts Technician ED 220 sayersk@wou.edu
Carey, Winnie 8-8463 Grant Program Assistant ED 242 careyl@wou.edu
Hall, CM 8-8731 Coordinator of Western Region Interpreter Education Center (WRIEC) ED 234 hallcm@wou.edu
Heide, Kathy 8-8324 Academic Office Support ED 220 heidek@wou.edu
Holmes, Heather 8-8642 voice
971-239-0405 VP Outreach Site Coordinator, PEPNet-West at WOU ED 230 holmesh@wou.edu

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Division of Teacher Education
Name & homepage Phone 503-83... Position Office E-mail
Brownbridge, Robert 8-8961 Associate Professor ED 160 brownbr@wou.edu
Bucy, Mary 8-8794 Associate Professor ED 202 bucym@wou.edu
Caceda, Carmen 8-8409 Associate Professor ED 109 cacedac@wou.edu
Carano, Ken 8-8604 Assistant Professor ED 235 caranok@wou.edu
Dantas-Whitney, Maria 8-8636 Interim Chair/Professor ED 203 dantasm@wou.edu
Gatimu, Wangeci 8-8025 Associate Professor ED 202J gatimum@wou.edu
Girod, Mark 8-8518 Dean, College of Education ED 201E girodm@wou.edu
Gong, Sunny   Assistant Professor ED 156 gongx@wou.edu
Harrington, Rachel 8-8831 Associate Professor ED 202 harringr@wou.edu
Hughes, Chloe 8-8781 Associate Professor ED 157 hughesc@wou.edu
Landon-Hays, Melanie 8-9223 Assistant Professor ED 108 haysm@wou.edu
LeJeune, Marie 8-8450 Associate Professor ED 202 lejeunem@wou.edu
Mize, Karie 8-8724 Associate Professor ED 103 mizek@wou.edu
Pardew, Mickey 8-8765 Professor ED 102 pardewm@wou.edu
Ryan, Cindy 8-8605 Assistant Professor ED 202N ryanc@wou.edu
Scarlato, Mary 8-8146 Associate Professor ED 158 scarlatom@wou.edu
Schepige, Adele 8-8485 Professor ED 234 schepia@wou.edu
Smiles, Tracy 8-8526 Associate Professor ED 202P smilest@wou.edu
Ulveland, Dana 8-8039 Professor ED 237 ulvelad@wou.edu
Wenzel, Alicia 8-8668 Assistant Professor ED 236 wenzela@wou.edu
Zobel,Greg 8-8728 Assistant Professor ED 238 zobelg@wou.edu@wou.edu

Non-Tenure Track faculty:

Beauchamp, Patty 8-8539 NTT Instructor ED 145 gene2163@comcast.net
Dulaney, John 8-8471 msg. NTT Instructor   dulaney7454@comcast.net
Eckles, Holly 8-8824 NTT Assistant Professor ED 155 ecklesh@wou.edu
Hansen, Ken 8-8471 msg. NTT Instructor   kenhansenncape@comcast.net
Horn,(James) Beau 8-8471 msg. NTT Instructor   hornj@wou.edu
Larson, Roseanna 8-8471 msg. NTT Instructor   rlarson@central.k12.or.us
Mahaffy, Vikki 8-8471 msg. NTT Instructor   mvikki1@comcast.net
Mar-Zaleski, Judi 8-8539 NTT Instructor ED 114 judiz@teleport.com
McLain, Cheryl 8-8471 msg. NTT Instructor   mclain@peak.org
Reuter, Heitho 8-8253 NTT Assistant Professor ED 148 reuterh@wou.edu
Reynolds, Mary 8-8471 msg. NTT Associate Professor Emeritus   reynolm@wou.edu
Royston-Dougherty, Jessica 8-8929 NTT Instructor ED 159 doughertyj@wou.edu
Saxowsky, Denvy 8-8760 NTT Instructor ED 114D saxowsd@wou.edu
Schulze, Jennifer 8-9221 NTT Instructor ED 144 schulzej@wou.edu
Wenzel, Marcus 8-9125 NTT Instructor ED 114D wenzelm@wou.edu
Wood, Diane 8-9499 NTT Instructor ED 122 woodd@wou.edu

Name & homepage Phone 503-83.. Position Office E-mail
Carano, Andrea 8-8675 DTE Undergrad Program Adviser ED 114C caranoa@wou.edu
Dalton, Kris 8-8482 Administrative Program Specialist ED 202 daltonk@wou.edu
Hamlin, Bill 8-8704 DTE Graduate Program Adviser ED 114B hamlinw@wou.edu
Lindsay, Lynne 8-8272 Administrative Program Specialist ED 202 lindsayl@wou.edu

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