Library Staff List

NameDepartmentPhoneEmailOffice Location
Akins, Lea
Serials Assistant
Access and Discovery817-272-7432 lakins@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Anteola, Marquel
First Year Experience Librarian
User Engagement and Services817-272-7426 manteola@uta.eduCentral Library, 122B
Baagala, Maria
Customer Experience Supervisor
User Engagement and Services817-272-7589 baagala@uta.eduCentral Library, 105
Bailey, Jody
Arts and Humanities Outreach and Scholarship, Department Head
Arts and Humanities Outreach and Scholarship817-272-7516 jbailey@uta.eduArchitecture and Fine Arts Library, 104D
Barker, Evelyn
Director of Marketing and Communications
Administration817-272-6064 ebarker@uta.eduCentral Library, 516A
Beckett, Suzanne
Social Sciences Outreach and Scholarship, Department Head
Social Sciences Outreach and Scholarship817-272-0923 sbeckett@uta.eduCentral Library, 420
Been, Joshua
Government Data Librarian
STEM Outreach and Scholarship817-272-5826 been@uta.eduCentral Library, 215
Bichel, Rebecca
Dean of Libraries
Administration817-272-6316 rbichel@uta.eduCentral Library, 612
Biggers, Marilynn
Customer Experience Associate
User Engagement and Services817-272-6149 biggers@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Black, Troy
Metadata Specialist
Access and Discovery817-272-6209 troy@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Blackwell, Joshua
Metadata Specialist
Access and Discovery817-272-7432 blackwell@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Blevins, Darras
Resource Delivery Specialist
Access and Discovery817-272-3344 blevins@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Brock, Ruthie
Business Librarian
Social Sciences Outreach and Scholarship817-272-7152 brock@uta.eduCentral Library, 410A
Broeker, Lee Ann
Web Specialist
Digital Creation817-272-3416 broeker@uta.eduCentral Library, B10
Brown, Terence
Customer Experience Associate
User Engagement and Services817-272-6149 tebrown@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Byke, Suzanne
Associate University Librarian
Administration817-272-9405 sbyke@uta.eduCentral Library, 611
Byrne, Carol
Business Librarian
Social Sciences Outreach and Scholarship817-272-7437 cbyrne@uta.eduCentral Library, 410
Carroll, Carissa
Resource Delivery Specialist
Access and Discovery817-272-1411 carissac@uta.eduCentral Library, 123
Carter, Debbie
Monographs Manager
Access and Discovery817-272-1507 carter@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Carver, Beverly
Public Services Librarian
Special Collections817-272-3225 bcarver@uta.eduCentral Library, 607
Cloud, Byron
Resource Delivery Specialist
Access and Discovery817-272-1411 bcloud@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Cook, Mark
Gifts and Conservation Supervisor
Access and Discovery817-272-7508 markcook@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Derrick, Tanya
Administrative Assistant to the AUL
Administration817-272-2611 tderrick@uta.eduCentral Library, 611C
Dillard, John
Social Sciences Librarian
Social Sciences Outreach and Scholarship817-272-7518 dillard@uta.eduSocial Work Electronic Library, Social Work Complex, Bldg. A, Rm. 111
Dolan, Carleen
Budget Officer
Administration817-272-3732 dolan@uta.eduCentral Library, 611
Doran, Michael
Systems Librarian for Programming and Analysis
Library Systems and Technology817-272-5326 doran@uta.eduCentral Library, 511
Downing, Jeff
Digital Projects Librarian
Digital Creation817-272-9505 downing@uta.eduCentral Library, 609D
Dreitner, Bonnie
Budget Accounting Clerk
Administration817-272-1470 dreitner@uta.eduCentral Library, 611B
Dwyer, Maggie
Web and Digital Specialist
Digital Creation817-272-5366 dwyer@uta.eduCentral Library, B10
George-Williams, Sylvia
STEM Liaison- Engineering Librarian
STEM Outreach and Scholarship817-272-7519 sylvia@uta.eduScience and Engineering Library, B03B
Gomez, Joeli
Arts and Humanities Librarian
Arts and Humanities Outreach and Scholarship817-272-5517 joeli@uta.eduCentral Library, 202
Gonzales, Melissa
University Archivist
Special Collections817-272-7511 mggonzales@uta.eduCentral Library, 652A
Grant, Abigayle
Customer Experience Associate
User Engagement and Services817-272-2387 leora@uta.eduArchitecture and Fine Arts Library, 104B
Gulliford, Bradley
Systems Librarian for Data Management and Curation
Library Systems and Technology817-272-7156 gulliford@uta.eduCentral Library, 510
Hang, Michael
Windows Systems Administrator
Library Systems and Technology817-272-3341 hang@uta.eduCentral Library, 510
Harris, Ava Nell
Content Delivery Librarian
Access and Discovery817-272-7513 avanharris@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Hayden, David
Facilities and Security Manager
Administration817-272-1412 dhayden@uta.eduCentral Library, 104
Herzog, Andy
Director of Digital Experience
Administration817-272-7517 amherzog@uta.eduCentral Library, 516B
Hodges, Ann
Director of Grants & Research
Administration817-272-7510 ann.hodges@uta.eduCentral Library, 214
Holmes, Ramona
Digital Creation, Department Head
Digital Creation817-272-7435 holmes@uta.eduCentral Library, B14
Holmes, Scott
Learning Technology Specialist
User Engagement and Services817-272-1543 sholmes@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Hopkins, Karen
Special Collections Librarian
Special Collections817-272-7158 klhopkins@uta.eduCentral Library, 609F
Hough, Helen
Systems Librarian for Open Source Applications
Library Systems and Technology817-272-7429 hough@uta.eduCentral Library, 510
Houston, Kathleen M.
Administration817-272-7601 marquezhouston@uta.eduCentral Library, 518
Huseman, Ben
Cartographic Archivist
Special Collections817-272-0633 huseman@uta.eduCentral Library, 609C
Iakovakis, Clarke
Data & eScience Librarian
Administration817-272-5152 clarke@uta.eduScience and Engineering Library, B03D
Johnson, Lynn
Digital Projects Librarian
Digital Creation817-272-0391 lynnfj@uta.eduCentral Library, 652B
Jones, Sarah
Web Librarian
Digital Creation sjones@uta.eduCentral Library, B10
Kadri, Carolyn
Metadata Cataloger
Access and Discovery817-272-7153 kadri@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Kelley, Donna
Stacks Supervisor
Access and Discovery817-272-1418 dkelley@uta.eduScience and Engineering Library, B03E
Kelly, Kona
Serial Acquistions Manager
Access and Discovery817-272-7427 konakelly@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
LaRiviere, Richard "Britt"
Customer Experience Associate
User Engagement and Services817-272-2966 brittl@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Lassiter, Larry
Technology Support Specialist Supervisor
Library Systems and Technology817-272-0011 lassiter@uta.eduCentral Library, 510
Lu, Fen
Systems Librarian for Enterprise Applications
Library Systems and Technology817-272-0446 fenlu@uta.eduCentral Library, 511
Lyons, Mary Jo
User Engagement and Services, Department Head
User Engagement and Services817-272-7520 mjhandke@uta.eduCentral Library, 122F
Martinek, Joan
Metadata Cataloger
Access and Discovery817-272-7153 martinek@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
McClurkin, Brenda
Special Collections, Department Head
Special Collections817-272-7512 mcclurkin@uta.eduCentral Library, 606A
McCormic, Candy
Graphic Design Specialist
Digital Creation817-272-1408 mccormic@uta.eduCentral Library, B10
McDougal, Christopher
Special Collections Librarian
Special Collections817-272-7150 cmcdougal@uta.eduCentral Library, 609B
Menh, Peter
Technology Support Specialist
Library Systems and Technology817-272-9708 menh@uta.eduCentral Library, 510
Mirza, Rafia
Digital Humanities Librarian
Administration817-272-7428 rafia@uta.eduCentral Library, 212
Mojica, Monique
Library Assistant I
User Engagement and Services817-272-6254 daldavaz@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Morgan, Delores
Customer Experience Supervisor
User Engagement and Services817-272-1417 morgan@uta.eduCentral Library, 122E
Munna, Doreen
Stacks Manager
Access and Discovery817-272-3204 munna@uta.eduCentral Library, 419
Munoz, Ligia
Administrative Assistant II-Assistant to the Dean
Administration817-272-6316 lmmunoz@uta.eduCentral Library, 611C
Murdock, Josephine
Reserves Manager
Access and Discovery817-272-5324 murdockj@uta.eduScience and Engineering Library, B03E
Nelson, Antoinette
STEM Outreach and Scholarship, Department Head
STEM Outreach and Scholarship817-272-7433 nelsona@uta.eduScience and Engineering Library, BO3C
Noell, Stephanie
Special Collections Librarian
Special Collections817-272-7047 noell@uta.eduCentral Library, 609A
Nordeman, Chris
Metadata Specialist
Access and DiscoveryTBA nordeman@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
O'Malley, Erin
Exhibits Coordinator
Administration817-272-2179 omalley@uta.eduCentral Library, 613
Oglesby, William
Facilities Assistant
Administration817-272-5050 yitzhak@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Olson, Eric
Technology Support Specialist
Library Systems and Technology817-272-1529 olson@uta.eduCentral Library, 510
Phillips, Sunday
Metadata Supervisor
Access and Discovery817-272-7425 sunday@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Pyburn, Lydia
Off-Campus Services Librarian
User Engagement and Services817-272-7593 llpyburn@uta.eduCentral Library, 122A
Quarles, Donald
Communications and Graphics Assistant
Administration817-272-5336 quarles@uta.eduCentral Library, 518
Ray, Swati
Monographs Assistant
Access and Discovery817-272-3414 sray@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Reece, Derek
Digital Project Librarian
Digital Creation817-272-9058 dreece@uta.eduCentral Library, B07
Robbins, Rachel
Resource Delivery Manager
Access and Discovery817-272-7509 rrobbins@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Rosenberg, Stuart
LCD Manager
Access and Discovery817-272-3204 srosen@uta.eduCentral Library, 420
Samson, Bob
Library Systems and Technology, Department Head
Library Systems and Technology817-272-3728 samson@uta.eduCentral Library, 512
Samson, Margaret
Customer Experience Supervisor
User Engagement and Services817-272-6322 msamson@uta.eduScience and Engineering Library, B03AA
Scalf, Heather
Director of Quantitative Assessment
Administration817-272-7436 scalf@uta.eduCentral Library, 516C
Schenk, Krystal
Web Specialist
Digital Creation817-272-1406 kschenk@uta.eduCentral Library, B10
Schuck, Kevin
Coordinator I, Special Projects
Administration817-272-0102 keschuck@uta.eduCentral Library, 611
Shepelwich, Diane
K-12 Librarian
User Engagement and Services817-272-7521 dianec@uta.eduCentral Library, 122G
Spitzenberger, Cathy
Library Assistant for Photographs
Special Collections817-272-7151 spitzenberger@uta.eduCentral Library, 609E
Stepanovich, Mitch
Arts and Humanities Librarian
Arts and Humanities Outreach and Scholarship817-272-2945 stepanovich@uta.eduArchitecture and Fine Arts Library, 104F
Swenson, Kristin
Visual Media Coordinator
Marketing and Communications swenson@uta.eduCentral Library, 516
Swink, Julie
Customer Experience Associate
User Engagement and Services817-272-5759 julswink@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Tamez, Rene
Customer Experience Associate
User Engagement and Services817-272-7021 rtamez@uta.eduArchitecture and Fine Arts Library, 122
Trkay, Gretchen
Director of User Experience
Administration817-272-7434 gtrkay@uta.eduCentral Library, 516
Turner, Diane
Communications Assistant
Administration817-272-3405 turner@uta.eduCentral Library, 611
Wagner, Leslie
Metadata Archivist
Access and Discovery817-272-6209 leslie.wagner@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Walter, C.D.
Web Librarian
Digital Creation817-272-1416 cdwalter@uta.eduCentral Library, B10
Warren, Dwayne
Library Safety Shift Supervisor
Administration817-272-3395 dwarren@uta.eduCentral Library, 105
Williams, Julie
Technology Support Specialist
Library Systems and Technology817-272-3831 jwilliams@uta.eduCentral Library, 510
Williamson, Peace Ossom
STEM Librarian
STEM Outreach and Scholarship817-272-6208 peace@uta.eduCentral Library, 216
Wills, Faedra
Digital Project Librarian
Digital Creation817-272-1320 wills@uta.eduCentral Library, B15B
Witkowski, Kristine
Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Specialist
Digital Creation817-272-3185 kwitkowski@uta.eduCentral Library, B10
Yeo, Kolotyolo
Customer Experience Associate
User Engagement and Services817-272-5180 kyeo@uta.eduCentral Library, 122
Zhang, Peter
Access and Discovery, Department Head
Access and Discovery817-272-1006 pzhang@uta.eduCentral Library, B29
Zoller, Eli
Systems Librarian-Web and Digital Initiatives Librarian/Fellowship
Digital Creation817-272-7515 zoller@uta.eduCentral Library, B15A

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