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Registered Student Organizations

Listed below are the Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) organized by category. Some RSOs have websites and/or Facebook pages, which you can go to by clicking on the group name. Also listed for each group is the primary contact person and advisor, as well as a short description of the student organization.

If you represent an RSO and your information needs updated, please email the Student Life Graduate Assistant.

RSO Categories

Sports Clubs are now hosted by Rec Sports.


  • Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice)
    • Jon Powell (jpowe7)
    • Advisor: Juanita Ortiz (jorti2)
    • Alpha Phi Sigma is the only Criminal Justice Honor Society for Criminal Justice Majors.  The society recognizes academic excellence of undergraduate, graduate, and juris doctorate students.
  • Chemistry Club
    • Dyllan Tiburzi (dtibu2)
    • Advisor: Layne Morsch (lmorsc1)
    • We are an organization dedicated to bringing chemistry to everyone! We participate in activities such as doing experiments for local elementary schools and funding students to attend conferences to explore grad school and other professional options.
  • Clinical Laboratory Science Club
    • Courtney Lower (clowe4),  Courtney Jumper (cjump3)
    • Advisor: Wayne Gade (wgade1)
    • Club for those students who are in the CLS program or interested in joining as upperclassmen.
  • Communication Club
    • Derek French (dfren2)
    • Advisor: Elizabeth Ribarsky (eriba2)
    • Communication Club is an academic club focused within the Communication Department aimed at creating a greater engagement in the discipline for those who may not qualify for Lambda Pi Eta.
  • Computer Science Club
    • Kyle Noland (knola2)
    • Advisor: Lucinda Caughey (lcaug2)
    • This organization seeks to support and further the understanding and development of the societal role of Computer Science by the Students of the University of Illinois Springfield.
    • Martin Muloski (mmulos2)
    • Advisor: Beverly Bunch (bbunc1)
    • We are the student Association for the Graduate Public Service Internship program.  We provide networking opportunities to students between students.  We are hoping to expand to provide event opportunities as well.
  • History Club
    • David Jones (djone6)
    • Advisor: Kristi Barnwell, (kbarn2)
    • Club for students at UIS interested in history.
  • Kappa Delta Pi
    • Taylor Armstrong (tarms)
    • Advisor: Traci Van Prooyen (tvanp2)
    • KDP is one of the largest educational honor societies in the world and is dedicated to the recognition of scholarship, promoting development, inquiry, reflection, etc. in education.
  • Lambda Pi Eta
    • Carley Reynolds (creyn2)
    • Advisor: Elizabeth Ribarsky (eriba2)
    • Lambda Pi Eta is an honorary association based on three principles: logic, emotion, and ethics
  • Pre-Health Society
    • Joshua A. Huber (jhube2)
    • Advisor: John Martin (jmart5)
    • We help students with medical career goals become more competitive by bringing them opportunities, activities, and information relating to health care professions.
  • Professional Student Association
    • Nafia Khan (nkhan38)
    • Advisor: Betsy Goulet (bgoul1)
    • PSA is here to enhance your graduate professional experience at UIS.  We will arrange events with guest speakers, hold networking events, provide volunteer opportunities, and more.
  • Psi Chi / Psychology Club
    • Brianna Werner (bwern3)
    • Advisor: Michelle Miller (mmill36)
    • Psychology Club focuses on the professional development of Psychology majors, minors, and those with an interest in psychology.
  • PStarHR
    • Ashley Tague (atagu2)
    • Advisor: Donna Rogers (droge1)
    • PStarHR is an organization which is nationally affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management.  This organization brings in HR professionals from the area to discuss current HR trends, issues, and what to expect on-the-job.  PStarHR will also provide student with the chance to compete at the IL state HR Games competition as well as the Regional Games.
  • Research Society at UIS
    • Brittany Sievers (bsiev2)
    • Advisor: Keenan Dungey (kdung1)
    • This organization seeks to promote and encourage those interested in pursuing and/or currently pursuing research in any field of study.
  • Student Accounting Society
    • Kaydee Cox (kcox6)
    • Advisor: Leonard Branson (lbran1)
    • SAS is a student club of accounting majors that provides students with the opportunity to develop a network.
  • Student Chapter of AIS
    • Fahad Abdul Hameed (fhame2)
    • Advisor: Tewei Wang (tawng22)
    • AIS believes that undergraduate and graduate students in Information Systems are critical to the future of the discipline. The leadership of AIS has committed the resources, structure, and support necessary to build this vital component of the association. We invite you to investigate this opportunity thoroughly and determine how an student chapter can enhance your advancement of IS at UIS.


  • African Student Association
    • Afua Amoabin (aamoab2)
    • Advisor: Joasiah Alamu (jalam3)
    • African Student Association aims to promote diversity, cater to the growing African population at UIS, and encourage students to learn about various African cultures.
  • Asian Student Organization
    • Long Duong (lduon)
    • Advisor: Jeannie Capranica (jjone1)
    • ASO seeks to unite all Asian students together to increase campus awareness of Asian culture, promote Asian students’ campus involvement, and encourage study abroad programs.
  • Black Male Collegiate Society
    • Sean Jackson (sjack5)
    • Advisor: Clarice Ford (cford21)
    • This organization focuses on the issues affecting African American males through mentoring and volunteering.
  • Black Student Union
    • Dominique Wilson (dwils5)
    • Advisor: Clarice Ford (cford21)
    • The Black Student Unions purpose is to educate, unite, and inspire black students with cultural awareness; to strive for academic excellence and empower black students to build the future while we motivate and learn.
  • Chinese Student Association
    • Lingxuan Huang (lhuan2)
      Advisor: Chung Hsien (csung1)
      Chinese students come together to hold festival activities to share Chinese traditions and culture with campus.
  • Global Rhythm
    • Lauren Williams (lwill25)
      Advisor: Jeannie Capranica (jjone1)
      International dance team teaching and learning new cultural dances from across the world.
  • International Student Association
    • Zehra Ozkan Shahidi (zozka2)
    • Advisor: Sarah Jome (sjome2)
    • This organization’s main aim is to try and be very culturally diverse and global.  We are trying to bring to UIS more acceptance towards diversity.
  • Indian Student Organization
    • Anil Kumar Lanka (alank2)
    • Advisor: Jonathan Goldberg-Belle (jgold1)
    • This organization exists with the intent to preserve and promote the Indian culture to the university community.
  • Indian Students Enriching Ethnic Standards
    • Shashank Suresh Shankhapal (sshan8)
    • Jeannie Capranica (jjone1)
    • The main motto of this organization is to introduce the community of UIS about culture and tradition of India.  It also strives to familiarize with other cultures, traditions, and festivals.
  • Kalanidhi-Indian Dance Organization
    • Manali Shah (mshah70)
    • Advisor: Jeannie Capranica (jjone1)
    • We’d like to perform on various Indian as well as International dance forms and also learn more and more.
  • Muslim Student Organization
    • Fahad Abdul Hameed (fhame2)
    • Hannan Zahid (hzahi2)
    • Advisor: Ali Nizamuddin (aniza2)
    • The MSO hopes to have a better understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.  We also seek to promote a sense of community among Muslims on campus by encouraging adherence to Islamic ideals to further individual and collective growth.
  • Organization of Latin American Students
    • Kerry Portillo-Lopez (kport4)
    • Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen (sophia)
    • OLAS strives to promote education and student interest about Latino Culture.  We ensure students representation in all aspects pertaining to de Latino Culture.  Additionally, we aid Latino issues, culture, and traditions to the UIS community.
  • Rip the Runway
    • Madinah Patterson (patter22)
    • Advisor: Dr. Clarice Ford (cford21)
    • Rip the Runway is an organization on the University of Illinois at Springfield campus that focuses on promoting diversity, originality, and creativity through fashion.
  • Queer Straight Alliance
    • Michelle Gibbons (mgibb3)
    • Advisor: Kathryn Eisenhart (keise1)
    • QSA is an organization where LGBTQA students can find community and participate in affirming activities.
  • Vietnamese Student Association
    • Son Pham (spham4)
    • Advisor: Tung Nguyen (tnguy2)
    • The Vietnamese Student Association is an organization dedicated to provide a better understanding of Vietnamese culture and hoping to increase diversity awareness on UIS campus and Springfield community.
  • Women’s Issues Caucus
    • Megan Bott (bott3)
    • Advisor: Lynn Otterson (lotte1)
    • Women’s Issues Caucus encourages students to become aware of women’s issues as well as work toward gender and sex.

General Interest

  • 404 Society
    • Evan Barber (ebarb2)
    • Advisor: Janis Rose (jrose2)
    • The 404 Society is focused on the education of members and the public dealing with security and technology
  • Alchemist Review
    • Erich O’Connor (eocon4)
    • Advisor: Meagan Cass (mcass3)
    • We invite UIS students to share their creative writing and visual art in order to showcase and share the talents of UIS writers and artists with the UIS community, provide students with experience in publishing, and build a supportive creative community amongst UIS students.
  • Art Student League
    • Barbara Sutheard  (bsuth3)
    • Advisor: Shane Harris (saharris)
    • Art Student League is a club open to visual art majors and non-majors to engage in activities associated with visual arts.
  • Blue Crew
    • Kevin Mudiandambo (kmudi2)
    • Advisor: Jay Gilliam (jgill7)
    • Student section at athletic events.
  • Commuter Student Organization
    • Breah Olaughlin (bolau2)
    • Advisor: Mary Umbarger (mumbarg2)
  • Creative Flow
    • Jocelynn Dortch (jdort2)
    • Advisor:  Monique Williams (mwill8)
    • A personal development/preforming arts organization/creative writing group who advocates and nutures creativity in various fields of performing arts.
  • Dancing Stars
    • Vivica Futrell (vfutre2)
    • Advisor: Amy Spies (aspie01s)
    • We seek to promote school spirit, enthusiasm, and attendance at athletic and spirit oriented functions through a combo of jazz, pom, and hip hop dancing.
  • Japanime Springfield
    • Bianca Bautista (bbauti4)
    • Advisor: Shoon Lio (slio2)
    • Japanime Springfield is a Japanese animation and culture interest club that unites lovers of Japanese food, pop culture, entertainment, and more.
  • Kids at Heart
    • Hannah Cave (hcave2)
    • Advisor: Shoon Lio (slio2)
    • Childhood memories and experiences are relived through popular movies, cartoons, games, and snacks to relieve stress for college students
  • League of Legends at UIS
    • Kevin Thomas (kthom8)
    • Advisor: Zach Berillo (zberi2)
    • This club is for people who play League of Legends at any skill level.
  • Legacy Dance Team
    • Lashaun Bowling (lbowl2)
    • Advisor: Tiffani Saunders (tsaun2)
    • Legacy dance team is an organization that is out to promote the love for dance and encouraging others to do their best.
  • Military Veterans Student Organization
    • Samia Ahmad (sahma2)
    • Advisor: Rebecca Prather (rprat1)
  • Model Illinois Government
    • Michell Tuma (mtuma2)
    • Advisor: Michael Miller (mmill24)
    • MIG is a collection of colleges and universities that compete in a simulation of the Illinois State Government. At UIS we practice debating policy and prepare members for their roles in March.
  • Theatre Club
    • Justin Ketterman (jketterm2)
    • Advisor: Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson (ethib1)
    • Involve and educate the UIS community in theatre and acting and to broaden the knowledge of theatre to the general public.
  • Spirit Team
    • Natalie To (nto2)
    • Advisor: Deanie Brown (deaniejd)
    • Promoting school spirit through the arts and performance, Spirit Team gives support to atheltes and is a learning team of basic cheerleading.


  • College Democrats
    • Marc Reiter (mreit2)
    • Advisor: Charles Good (charles_good_535(at)comcast(dot)net)
  • College Republicans
    • Jeff Wilhite (jkarm2)
    • Advisor: Raymond Barnett (rbarn2)
    • To advocate the conservative message on this campus, walk, volunteer, and help in any way Republican candidates
  • Mock Trial at UIS
    • Vanessa Pratt (vpratt3)
    • Advisor: Suzanne Borland (sborl3)
    • Mock trial is a competitive game pitting teams of 6-10 students against each other in either a civil or criminal case.
  • Students Allied for a Greener Earth
    • Emily Cross (cross12)
    • Advisor: Marc Klingshirn (mklin2)
    • Students Allied for a Greener Earth (SAGE) is an education and advocacy organization promoting environmental awareness amongst the UIS and Springfield community.  SAGE also works to make UIS more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Students for Liberty
    • Thomas Funfsinn (tfunf2)
    • Advisor: William Kline (wklin2)
    • This non-partisan group discusses the ideas of a free society and hosts events for students interested in advancing liberty.


  • Christian Student Fellowship
    • Hayley Beran (hbera2)
    • Advisor: Keenan Dungey (kdung1)
    • An organization that helps students find their way back to God.
  • Springfield University Bible Fellowship
    • Benjamin Main (bmain3)
    • Advisor: Carmalita Kemayo (ckema2)
    • We are a club geared towards spreading the word of God around campus and touching the lives of students in the area.  This club gives them a chance to meet with other Christians and have an open forum to talk about the word of God.
  • St. Therese, the Little Flower Catholic Student Organization
    • Maricela Arce (arce3)
    • Advisor: David Bertaina (dbert3)
    • St. Therese, the Little Flower Catholic Student Organization builds Christian community by encountering Christ through faith, service, sacrament, and friendship and provide an environment where all are welcome to know and experience the fullness of the Gospel.


  • American Red Cross Student Organization
    • Nicole Richmond (nrich4)
    • Advisor: Mark Dochterman (mdoch2)
    • Student organization in support of the Illinois Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross
  • Alpha Phi Eta of Alpha Phi Omega
    • Brittnee Wojciechowski (bwojc2)
    • Advisor: Mark Dochterman (mdoch2)
    • Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service fraternity, open to both men and women, based on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.
  • Alternative Spring Break
    • Robyn Crutchfield (rcrutc2)
    • Advisor: Mark Doctherman (mdoch2)
    • ASB at UIS is a week long service experience over the course of spring break. Students travel off-campus (and normally out-of-state) to make an impact on a national scale.
  • Habitat for Humanity at UIS
    • Lanee Wood (lwood5)
    • Advisor: Mark Dochterman (mdoch2)
    • This organization works alongside the Sangamon county’s Habitat for Humanity on many service projects.
  • HOPE
    • Khala Turner (kturn6)
    • Advisor: Yolanda Beamon (ybeam2)
    • Giving back to the community in various ways–not periodically, but on a weekly/daily basis.
  • Public Administration Student Association
    • John Patrick Day (jday20)
    • Advisor: Travis Bland (jblan7)
  • United States Green Building Council Student Group
    • Mihai Smarandesum (msmar2)
    • Advisor: Marc Klingshirn (mklin2)
    • Our organization believes in better buildings; places that compliment our environment and enhance our communities.  In our group we learn about green building, design, and construction to help our community learn, live, and breathe better in green buildings.

Social Greek

  • Cygnets
    • Liliana Marquez (lmarq2)
    • Advisor: Clarice Ford (cford21)
    • Cygnets is the name of official interest groups of Gamma Phi Omega.  Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Incorporated is formulated to unite sisters in the principles of achieving academic excellence and serving the communities in which we live and learn.
  • Mu Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc
    • Sean Jackson (sjack5)
    • Advisor: Clarice Ford (cford21), Larry Hemingway (hemingway_larry@yahoo)
  • Phi Kappa Tau
    • Alex Fruth (afrut2)
    • Advisor: Ethan Lewis (elewi1)
    • The mission of Phi Kappa Tau is to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership, and exemplary character.
  • Upsilon Xi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc
    • Fred Jackson (fjack01s)
    • Advisor: Clarice Ford (cford21)
    • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.
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