To get credit for your internship or project you must take the Internship/Applied Study course (EXL 300 for internships, EXL 301 for projects).  The course is a Credit/No Credit course and is offered Online or in a Blended format.  You must have your Internship/AST Project Outline completed an turned in by the first week of class in order to get permission to register for the course.  YOU MUST TAKE THE COURSE CONCURRENTLY WITH YOUR INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE!

Syllabus: Internship Course Syllabus (pdf)

Course Materials: Internship Handbook 6th Edition (digital copy available here and on Blackboard); Kolb Learning Style Inventory (available in the UIS Bookstore)

The Internship/AST course requires students to complete the following in order to earn credit:

Internship Course-AST Timeline (doc): you will set your own due dates for this course as each student’s internship is different.

Seminars: You must attend or complete all of the course seminars. 

  • On campus sections meet 3-4 times during the semester. 
  • Online sections have 5 seminars available on Blackboard.

Discussion Board
(online sections only)

  • There are 5 discussion board questions embedded in the online course seminars.  They can be accessed from within the seminars or through the discussion board link in the Blackboard menu.
  • You need to post your own thoughts to each discussion question and reply to at least 2 other students.

The Reflective Journal

  • The journal is where you track your hours worked at the internship.
  • Only hours that are described in your journal may be used for credit. 
  • You must write one entry in your journal each day of work at your placement.    
  • Journal entries must be legible and should have two parts:  description and reflection.
  • The minimum length of each entry should be 10-12 sentences.
  • Upon completion of your Internship your entire journal is turned in via BB if a digital file.  If you elected to prepare a hard copy journal you must turn in to the instructor or the Internship Services Office.  
  • See Chapter 2 in the Internship Handbook for more information. 

CareerSpot Videos Quiz

  • Quiz covers questions about the CareerSpot videos you are required to view.
  • Quiz is un-timed and you can review the videos as many times as needed.
  • You must get a minimum of 8/10 on the quiz or you will have to retake it.

Internship/AST Course Quiz

  • Quiz deals with course processes and requirements. Resources for the quiz are Internship Handbook and the Syllabus. 
  • Quiz is un-timed and open book, open notes.
  • You must get a minimum of 17/20 on the quiz or you will have to retake it.

The Kolb Learning Styles Inventory (LSI)

  • A self-assessment instrument that gives you insights about how you prefer to learn.
  • Outcome and insights from the LSI should be used in: course discussions, your journal entries, and your Final Self-Assessment

The Learning History

  • The Learning History should be 2-3 pages (minimum 1,000 words) in length and include a table of contents and sections in your paper labeled to reflect each section. Be sure to use headings to separate each section of the paper. 
  • To ensure you earn credit, be sure to include your name on all documents.
  • In your Learning History discuss at least four incidents, periods, stages or times of your life and the major lessons of experience that you learned during each stage.  Be sure to discuss past learning experiences which formed your character.
  • Paper must be typed and well-edited.  Papers with grammar or spelling errors will be sent back for rewrite and no credit will be earned until paper is satisfactory.
  • Post your Learning History on the course Blackboard using the Assignment tab on the left side of the BB widow. 
  • See Chapter 3 of the Internship Handbook for more information.

Developing Your Learning Contract Draft

  • Each Learning Objective must relate to one of the 6 Internship Course Goals: Career Education, Engaged Citizenship, Cultural Diversity, Self Directed Learning, Personal Growth, Theory to Practice.
  • A maximum of 2 Objectives may relate to a single Internship Course learning Goal.
  • 4-6 Learning Objectives are required based upon the number of credit hours you are pursuing. If taking the course for ECCE credit, at least one objective must relate to the “engaged citizenship” goal area.
  • All majors in College of Business and Management (ACC, BBA, ECO MGT) must have at least one goal under the “theory to practice” category.            
  • Learning Objectives must be reviewed and approved by your course instructor before your site visit.
  • See Chapter 4-5 of the Internship Handbook for more information

The Site Visit

  • It is your responsibility to coordinate the scheduling of the Site Visit with your Field Supervisor and UIS Supervisor (this may be a phone conference if an person visit is not possible). 
  • Site visit will last approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • The Learning Contract is signed by Field Supervisor and UIS Supervisor after the Site Visit. (provide both with a copy of your approved Learning Contract BEFORE the site visit) 
  • See Chapter 6 of the Internship Handbook for more information. 

Signed Learning Contract

  • After completion of site visit the Learning Contract is signed by you, Field Supervisor and UIS Supervisor.
  • Without an approved Learning Contract, your Internship cannot proceed. 
  • If your Learning Contract and Site Visit are conducted too late or your Midterm Self-Assessment is received too late, you may have to work additional Internship hours or you may receive No Credit for the course.
  • See Chapters 6 of the AST Handbook for more information.
  • After the site visit, submit your Signed Learning Contract by either: scanning and uploading it on Blackboard, faxing it to 217-206-7415, or dropping it by the office- BRK 482.

Practice Interview

  • You will utilize the UIS Career Center’s Optimal resource to create a practice interview (details on how to access provided in seminar 3).
  • You will respond to 5 predetermined questions.
  • You will record your responses- visual and audio recording preferred; if you don’t have these capabilities on your computer you can simply do a written recording.
  • Seminar 3 will provide more information.

The Midterm Self-Assessment 

  • The Midterm is the occasion for summing up, taking stock, and if necessary, changing direction.
  • Midterm is a typed 500 word minimum paper.  Be sure your assignment is properly edited.
  • See Chapter 7 of the Internship Handbook for more information. 

The Final Self-Assessment 

  • 7-10 page paper (2,500 word minimum) with 4 segments that discuss your learning during the AST experience.
  • Be sure your paper is typed and well-edited.  Papers with grammar or spelling errors will be returned for rewrite and no credit will be earned until paper is satisfactory.
  • See Chapter 8 of the Internship Handbook for more information

The Complete Portfolio

  • Once the Field Supervisor’s Evaluation, all assignments and your journal have been received in the Internship Services Office or uploaded on Blackboard, your complete portfolio will be sent to your UIS Supervisor for review and the determination if credit should be awarded.

Update: July 2015