File Sharing/Storage

As a member of the UIS Community, you have 3 different solutions for file sharing and storage. There is Box, Google Drive, and uisdata1. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Please refer to the following information when trying to decide which system is right for you, and click on the logos in the following table to learn more about how to use them.

Media files (videos, recordings, audio files) can be hosted on Kaltura. Please visit the Storing Files at UIS webpage for a list of file types and a recomended location for you to store them so that you are able to share them with the appropriate people.   Google Drive UISdata1
Storage Capacity 50 GB 30 GB Varies by
Encryption Yes No No
Versioning Yes Yes No
Live Collaboration No Yes No
Backup and Syncing Yes Yes Yes
Departmental Storage Yes No Yes

While you can use external storage for saving and sharing data, this process is highly discouraged as it is not a secure method. If this is the method you are currently using, please contact the ITS Client Services, or (217) 206-6000, to discuss how to secure your data.

The use of these cloud storage tools for storing or sharing highly restricted data is forbidden. This class of data includes information that has legal requirements or financial penalties concerning its disclosure, such as SSNs, export controlled data, health information, credit card numbers, etc.

For more information on when to use/not to use Box, please visit: