Bachelor’s Online Degree Requirements

The Bachelor’s Degree in English Online allows students to pursue a Literary Studies concentration.

For online English Majors:

Course    Hours   
ENG 301 Introduction to the Discipline    4   
Two 100/200-level survey courses    6   
One 300-level specialty course    4   
ENG 311 Literary Research and Theory    4   

Three courses from the following categories, with at least two courses from different categories, and at least two courses at the 400-level; the third course may be taken at the 300- or 400-level:
American Literature    4   
British Literature    4   
World Literature    4   
Other Literatures*    4   
ENG Elective at the 300- or 400-level    4   
General Electives (to bring the credit hour total up to 120)   
UIS ECCE Requirements    10