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Frequently Asked Questions



General Portal FAQs

Why does my session time out after 35 minutes?
To best safeguard the data in your records, your session will time out after 35 minutes of inactivity.  To maintain your current session, be sure to save or retrieve data regularly.

I'm getting a "Page cannot be displayed" error, but other pages display properly. What should I do?
First, clear your browser cache (temporary Internet files). Then set your popup settings to accept Student Information System pages.

How can I look for a class or open a page in a new tab on the same browser window?
You may right click the class search link (or any link) and select “open in a new tab” or “open in a new window.” Open a new tab will keep you in the same browser window.

How do I request an enhancement to SIS?
The process and form for requesting further changes or enhancements is posted on the SIS website. All requests are reviewed and prioritized by members of the SIS Advisory Board.

Applicant FAQs

How do I manage my “To Do List”?
Once you enter the Student Center, you will see a “To Do List,” on the right hand side of the page, listing remaining items required to complete your application to U.Va.  It is important that you check your “To Do List” often to make sure you have completed all the components of your application.  Once you complete a “To Do List” item, it will no longer appear in your “To Do List.”

How do I monitor my application status and maintain my personal information?
At the bottom of your Student Center page, you will be able to see your admission decision, beginning April 1.  You also can use the Student Center to update personal information (address, phone, email, etc.) as needed.


Financial Aid FAQs

How do I apply for Financial Aid?
To be considered for need-based financial assistance, you will need to complete both a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at, and the University Financial Aid Application (UFAA), which can be accessed within the Financial Aid section of your Student Center.  Detailed instructions for applying for Financial Aid are available on the Financial Aid website at  Click on APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID in the left column, and then select the appropriate link for your student type.

Student FAQs

How does my Academic Requirements (advising) report work?
See Academic Requirements faqs.

What is the best way to change a dependent discussion or lab while remaining enrolled in the same primary lecture section?
If you want to change a dependent discussion or lab, while remaining enrolled in the same primary lecture section, use the “Edit” function rather than the “Swap.” See quick reference.

In the past, I was able to browse the COD to find classes. How do I browse for classes in the SIS?
To find classes for an upcoming term, use SEARCH FOR CLASSES in your Student or Faculty Center (not the Course Catalog).

You can browse by subject area or department. The broadest search option is to select the subject area or department and career or campus. You must identify at least two criteria for a search. To view all classes in a department, use DEPARTMENT and one other search field. MAIN campus or credits (0 and 6) are good additional search criteria.

First select the term. You can enter a particular subject or click on the “select subject” button to browse a list of subjects. Then, click the "Search" button to see all open classes within that subject.  (Note that "Show Open Classes Only" is a default search criteria; to include wait listed classes, uncheck this box.)

In Additional Search Criteria you can search by instructor, key word, and other criteria without specifying a subject and get results from multiple departments.

As you use the SIS more, you will also find that you can navigate to class offerings for a particular term through the Course Catalog, your Planner, and your Academic Requirements. Enrollment figures are in real-time.


What is the difference between Enrollment Requests and My Planner?
The Planner is an optional tool to plan out what courses you may want to take in the future. You and your advisor can use the Planner to map out your future course of study—particularly useful if you are in a curriculum with highly specific requirements, such as nursing, engineering, business, or architecture. Also, when you are making enrollment requests, you can search against the courses in your Planner, which can speed up the process.

The Planner works in conjunction with the Catalog, so just because you identify a course you want to take in a future semester does not mean it will actually be scheduled.

The Planner allows you to select courses only within your career (undergraduate, graduate, etc.). However, undergraduates are able to enroll in graduate-career classes in the 5000-5999 range.

The Enrollment Requests section is the mechanism for adding classes. Think of the Enrollment Requests as being similar to a shopping cart; when your actual time to enroll comes along, you can “check out” and, if there’s still room in the classes, be added.  Pre-populating the Enrollment Requests can be a real time saver when it comes time to enroll.

How can I enroll in a class that I can’t add online?
If you cannot add a class online—because it is full or outside your career, you don’t meet the requisites, you want to enroll as an audit, or it creates a time conflict—you should to complete a Course Action form, have it signed by the instructor, and submit it to your school.  (In Arts & Sciences, department staff can process Course Action forms for a full course or requisites not met.)

How can I withdraw from a class in SIS (undergraduate students only)?
Starting in spring 2013 most (see Important Notes below) undergraduate students can withdraw from classes in SIS until 11:59 PM on the day of the class withdrawal deadline date.


To get started, go to the drop tab in your SIS Student Center. Use the DROP transaction for the desired class. When you get the message about withdrawing, click on the "Request Class Withdrawal" link and follow the directions.

Some Important Notes:

  • The School of Commerce does not allow class withdrawals from Commerce classes. Thus, you may not withdraw from a COMM class in SIS.
  • The School of Engineering does not allow online class withdrawals. If you are an Engineering student, contact your school for assistance.
  • If withdrawing from a class results in you falling below your school minimum credit load, approval is not guaranteed. You should continue attending all classes until you receive approval.
  • This process cannot be used to withdraw from the University (e.g., from all of your classes). If you are planning to withdraw from the University, please contact your school of enrollment.


How do I view and resolve holds on my record?
You are responsible for logging into the SIS to check for any holds on your record. There are different types of holds with different impacts. 

You can check if you have holds by reviewing the “Holds” section on your student center page in the SIS:

  • log in through the SIS Portal at
  • If you have a hold, click the “details” link
  • click on the “Hold Item.”

Each hold will provide information on its impact (e.g., losing classes) and the actions you must take to resolve it.

How do I receive my 1098T form?

Printed 1098-T forms were mailed January 25, 2013.  Your 1098-T form does not list your payments to the University.  Instead, it lists the total tuition charges you incurred during the 2012 calendar year.  This will include charges for Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Spring 2013.  Charges for Spring 2012 appeared on your 1098-T form for the 2011 calendar year, which was sent out last winter.  If you have questions about payments made from the Virginia Prepaid Education Program (VPEP), please contact them directly for a summary of payments made to the University.  Housing, dining, and other charges are not reported on the 1098-T form, and a complete listing of all your charges is always available in Current Account Activity in QuikPay@UVA.

We encourage you to request to receive your form electronically only, as you will receive your form sooner than if you wait for your mailed document.  It is easy to do, and you only have to make the request once.  Please note that by following the steps below, in the future you will not have a physical document mailed to your home address.

For best viewing results, please ensure you have downloaded and installed Adobe Reader X.

To receive your form electronically, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Log in to your Student Information System (SIS) account
  2. In the Finances section, click “other financials” from the drop-down box
  3. Click 1098-T
  4. Click Grant Consent


How can I view my unofficial transcript?
(Disable pop-up blockers to view your unofficial transcript.)

Current students and former students who know your email (NetBadge) logon:

  1. Login to SIS
  2. Click on the "other academic" drop down menu
  3. Choose Transcript:  View Unofficial
  4. Choose Advising Transcript as Report Type
  5. Click View Report
  6. Your Unofficial transcript will be presented as a PDF document

Effective 2/19/2011: Former students (enrolled in a class since 1985) who do not know their NetBadge logon:

Steps for creating Electronic Access to your UVa Academic Record

  1. Complete the web form
  2. Provide your signature via the Signature Page
  3. Your account will be processed within two business days

You will be notified by email when your NetBadge account has been activated and is available for your use. This information will be sent to the email address you provide on the web form.

Please remember to keep your Login and Password in a safe place.

Tip on checking grades
Grades are posted twice a day, at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. You need only check SIS twice a day to see if your grades have been posted.

Faculty FAQs

How do I log in to the Faculty Center?
Go to the SIS portal and click the button that reads “Student System Login.”  On the resulting page, enter your UVa Computing ID and password to access your Faculty Center account page.  Click the Instructor tab in the upper left to view your Faculty Center.

Can I view a student's transcript in SIS?
You can view an unofficial transcript via the Student Center or Faculty Center.  You can also view grades and statistics term-by-term on the Academics tab of the Student Services Center.

What do the different enrollment numbers mean on cross-listed classes?
The SIS tracks enrollment for combined sections by individual section, and for the combination, allowing departments to set enrollment figures for each section independently as well as overall. Two sets of figures are displayed to show the number of seats available in the particular section, as well as overall. Depending on how the enrollment figures are set, either section may fill first, or the overall enrollment limit may be reached before one section or the other closes.

How do I use the Graduate/SCPS Admission Evaluation System?


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