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NSF Organization Chart (PDF, 212K)

NSF Organization List

Office of the Director     OD    (703) 292-8000   
Office of the General Counsel     OD/OGC     (703) 292-8060   
Office of Integrative Activities     OD/OIA     (703) 292-8040   
Office of International Science and Engineering     OD/OISE     (703) 292-8710   
Office of Legislative & Public Affairs     OD/OLPA     (703) 292-8070   
Office of Diversity and Inclusion     OD/ODI     (703) 292-8020   

National Science Board     NSB    (703) 292-7000   

Office of the Inspector General     OIG    (703) 292-7100   

Directorate for Biological Sciences     BIO/OAD    (703) 292-8400   
Division of Molecular & Cellular Biosciences     BIO/MCB     (703) 292-8440   
Division of Biological Infrastructure     BIO/DBI     (703) 292-8470   
Division of Integrative Organismal Systems     BIO/IOS     (703) 292-8420   
Division of Environmental Biology     BIO/DEB     (703) 292-8480   
Emerging Frontiers Office     BIO/EF     (703) 292-8400   

Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering     CISE/OAD    (703) 292-8900   
Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure     CISE/ACI     (703) 292-8970   
Division of Computing and Communication Foundations     CISE/CCF     (703) 292-8910   
Division of Computer and Network Systems     CISE/CNS     (703) 292-8950   
Division of Information and Intelligent Systems     CISE/IIS     (703) 292-8930   

Directorate for Education & Human Resources     EHR/OAD    (703) 292-8600   
Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings     EHR/DRL     (703) 292-8620   
Division of Graduate Education     EHR/DGE     (703) 292-8630   
Division of Human Resource Development     EHR/HRD     (703) 292-8640   
Division of Undergraduate Education     EHR/DUE     (703) 292-8670   

Directorate for Engineering     ENG/OAD    (703) 292-8300   
Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems     ENG/CBET     (703) 292-8320   
Division of Civil, Mechanical & Manufacturing Innovation     ENG/CMMI     (703) 292-8360   
Division of Electrical, Communications & Cyber Systems     ENG/ECCS     (703) 292-8339   
Division of Engineering Education & Centers     ENG/EEC     (703) 292-8380   
Division of Industrial Innovation & Partnerships     ENG/IIP     (703) 292-8050   
Office of Emerging Frontiers and Multidisciplinary Activities     ENG/EFMA     (703) 292-8305   

Directorate for Geosciences     GEO/OAD    (703) 292-8500   
Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences     GEO/AGS     (703) 292-8520   
Division of Earth Sciences     GEO/EAR     (703) 292-8550   
Division of Ocean Sciences     GEO/OCE     (703) 292-8580   
Division of Polar Programs     GEO/PLR     (703) 292-8030   

Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences     MPS/OAD    (703) 292-8800   
Division of Astronomical Sciences     MPS/AST     (703) 292-8820   
Division of Chemistry     MPS/CHE     (703) 292-8840   
Division of Materials Research     MPS/DMR     (703) 292-8810   
Division of Mathematical Sciences     MPS/DMS     (703) 292-8870   
Division of Physics     MPS/PHY     (703) 292-8890   

Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences     SBE/OAD    (703) 292-8700   
Division of Social and Economic Sciences     SBE/SES     (703) 292-8760   
Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences     SBE/BCS     (703) 292-8740   
National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics     SBE/NCSE     (703) 292-8780   
SBE Office of Multidisciplinary Activities     SBE/SMA    

Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management     BFA/OAD    (703) 292-8200   
Budget Division     BFA/BD     (703) 292-8260   
Division of Acquisition and Cooperative Support     BFA/DACS     (703) 292-8240   
Division of Grants & Agreements     BFA/DGA     (703) 292-8210   
Division of Financial Management     BFA/DFM     (703) 292-8280   
Division of Institution and Award Support     BFA/DIAS     (703) 292-8230   
Large Facilities Office     BFA/LFO    

Office of Information & Resource Management     OIRM/OAD    (703) 292-8100   
Division of Human Resources Management     OIRM/HRM     (703) 292-8180   
Division of Information Systems     OIRM/DIS     (703) 292-8150   
Division of Administrative Services     OIRM/DAS     (703) 292-8190   

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