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Engineering Discoveries

NSF's public investment in science, engineering, education and technology helps to create knowledge and sustain prosperity. Read here about the Internet, microbursts, Web browsers, extrasolar planets, and more... a panoply of discoveries and innovations that began with NSF support.

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man and child look at a rain gauge in a driveway Be a (citizen) scientist!   
A celebration of open science and innovation
Released  September 30, 2015    
Neurons of a mouse brain Video series: New strategies address one of science's greatest mysteries   
36 NSF-funded research teams work to help reveal how neurons team up to produce thoughts and actions
Released  September 23, 2015    
Brian Nosek and reporter Video: The basics of reproducibility   
The president of the Center for Open Science discusses his work
Released  September 1, 2015    
Students adjust the target wheel and detectors near a beam outlet Nuclear physics technique helps companies detect dangerous compound   
Scientist develops new approach to rapidly identify toxic compounds in everyday materials such as clothing
Released  August 17, 2015    
Drawing of a town and balloon Drawing in the third dimension   
Technology from small business Mental Canvas reimagines drawing in the digital age
Released  August 13, 2015    
image showing a silicon photonic platform Innovations from the wild world of optics and photonics   
Princeton research team explores ways of communicating and processing signals with light waves
Released  July 31, 2015    
After the Lecture: Anna Balazs   
Materials scientist Anna Balazs on her journey from Hungary, inspiration from her parents and the future of biosensing
Released  July 2, 2015    
Illustration of Laser micro-transfer printing Letting go with lasers   
Focused energy of lasers breaks microscopic adhesion
Released  July 1, 2015    
UK National Physical Laboratory cesium fountain clock Precious time   
The challenge of building a better atomic clock and why it matters
Released  June 24, 2015    
a clock, laser beems and frequency combs Combing frequencies   
NSF-funded center provides spectrum of new research, technology
Released  June 23, 2015    
Cross section view of a whispering gallery mode Like cotton candy? You'll love electrospinning   
Forget that old glucose test. In the future, suits of light and virus-filled fibers could detect trace amounts of biological molecules
Released  June 22, 2015    
mouse brain imaged using photoacoustic microscopy. Seeing more deeply with laser light   
Photoacoustic approach shows potential to expand bioimaging's scope
Released  June 19, 2015    
graphic representation shows how three active sources cloak an incoming circular wave Hidden from view   
Mathematicians formulate equations, bend light and figure out how to hide things
Released  June 19, 2015    
ytterbium atoms On the road to ubiquity   
NSF support of laser research
Released  June 18, 2015    
Nurses next to a robotic patient in a hospital bed How robots can help build better doctors   
Research seeks to make better 'human patient simulators'
Released  April 7, 2015    
Image showing a neuron with a ray of light and the text photo gallery Exploring the unknown frontier of the brain   
James L. Olds, head of NSF's Directorate for Biological Sciences and the Shelley Krasnow University Professor of Molecular Neuroscience at George Mason University describes why and how NSF-funded researchers are working to understand the healthy brain
Released  April 2, 2015    
power lines Smarter smart grids   
ExoGENI testbed helps researchers develop methods for monitoring, controlling and troubleshooting power grids
Released  March 18, 2015    
Visualizations of future nano-transistors From massive supercomputers come tiniest transistors   
Purdue researchers use Blue Waters supercomputer to design the building blocks of future nano-computing technologies
Released  March 3, 2015    
two images of a snowflake Road safety through snowflake imaging   
Technology that delivers incredible mid-air snowflake images may now help improve road safety
Released  March 2, 2015    
Composite image of the northeast United States during an energy blackout. Creating the energy Internet   
How leaders in research, industry and engineering education are working to create the energy network of the future
Released  February 25, 2015    
Video of the ignition of pine needles by contact with a hot steel particle Engineering the spark that starts the wildfire   
Understanding how hot metal shards cast off by infrastructure ignite wildfires
Released  February 10, 2015    
animated map of transit systems Walking, driving and riding in a winter wonderland   
Using big data techniques, engineers more accurately model how people adapt to snowstorms and other disruptions
Released  February 5, 2015    
People working under a bridge Warding off failure   
Tiny, self-powered sensors push the limits of health and usage monitoring
Released  February 4, 2015    
Photo of Bob Bea After the lecture: Bob Bea and a lifetime spent outwitting disaster   
Nearly 10 years post-Katrina, the engineer who co-led a team that investigated the New Orleans levee system reflects on what it takes to have resilient and sustainable infrastructure -- and the next generation of engineers
Released  February 4, 2015    
Wind turbine on snow Floating wind turbines bring electricity where it's needed   
Altaeros Energies' research into advanced materials enables new heights for wind energy
Released  February 3, 2015    
Electric vehicle and charging station. Improving electric vehicle sales may require solving unique chicken and egg problem   
Subsidizing construction of charging stations possibly a cheaper way to reach US sales goals than tax incentives
Released  January 29, 2015    
animation of a humanoid robot walking Firmer footing for robots with smart walking sticks   
SupraPed robotic platform designed at Stanford uses smart staffs to improve balance, mobility
Released  November 25, 2014    
Ohio State's Adaptive Suspension Vehicle (ASV) and engineers A foundation for robotics   
NSF celebrates more than 40 years supporting U.S. robotics research
Released  November 21, 2014    
A humanoid robot from MIT lab A day in the life of Robotina   
What might daily life be like for a research robot that's training to work closely with humans?
Released  November 20, 2014    
illustration showing wall of a wood cell New technology uses natural wood fibers to reinforce plastic materials   
Research offers sustainable solutions that may have strong benefits to building, construction, automobile and aircraft industries
Released  November 19, 2014    
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