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NSF's public investment in science, engineering, education and technology helps to create knowledge and sustain prosperity. Read here about the Internet, microbursts, Web browsers, extrasolar planets, and more... a panoply of discoveries and innovations that began with NSF support.

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title slide showing images of fish, water and trees Earth Day in the future: What will it be like?   
Scientists peer into the next decades of environmental change on Planet Earth
Released  April 15, 2014    
montage of images shows the evolution of a white dwarf star Cosmic slurp   
Georgia Tech researchers use supercomputers to understand and predict signs of black holes swallowing stars
Released  April 14, 2014    
researcher in a lab testing a mattress for chemicals Crib mattress dangers   
NSF-funded researchers discover harmful chemicals in crib mattresses
Released  April 9, 2014    
crystalline motif First principles approach to creating new materials   
Solid-state chemistry and theoretical physics combined to help discover new materials with useful properties
Released  April 4, 2014    
granite domes and conifer trees in the mountains Granite bedrock and sequoia forests 'communicate' in the Sierra Nevada   
Research reveals the coevolution of life and landscapes
Released  April 3, 2014    
aerial view of burning lava NSF-funded researchers use new models to explore Earth's interior   
New findings from Arizona State University can help explain the geochemistry of lava
Released  March 31, 2014    
students at computers using Social Explorer Mapping tool used by Census Bureau has roots in NSF-funded project   
Census Explorer, a new online tool that displays demographic information on maps of states, counties, and neighborhoods, is powered by Social Explorer, a data visualization tool developed by NSF-funded sociologist Andrew Beveridge
Released  March 27, 2014    
panda eating bamboo Belly up to the bamboo buffet: Pandas vs. horses   
Livestock, particularly horses, have been identified as a significant threat to panda survival
Released  March 25, 2014    
Ilya Bindeman Will the Yellowstone supervolcano erupt in our lifetime?   
Researcher studies the past to predict the future
Released  March 25, 2014    
Children at a table in school examine seeds Hooked on STEMGenetics   
Genetics curriculum blends teacher-led discussion, online learning and hands-on activities
Released  March 19, 2014    
Closeup of fossil bone structure Snakes Alive! NSF-funded researchers find oldest fossil evidence of modern African venomous snakes   
Seasonal habitats may have given rise to active hunters earlier than previously reported
Released  March 19, 2014    
Oguzhan Alagoz Tailoring disease screening programs to individuals   
Researcher developed a customized computer algorithm that provides a better decision support tool
Released  March 18, 2014    
the Large Hadron Collider. Catching the Fever   
Particle Fever discovers the human element to physics
Released  March 14, 2014    
Photo of a white rooftop Is white--or green--the new black in cities?   
How effective are white roofs, green roofs, and other urban heat-reducing technologies?
Released  March 11, 2014    
Spring wildflowers with Nutrient Network fences in the mountains of southeastern Australia. Herbivores + light = more plant biodiversity in fertilized grasslands   
Research on six continents shows that it all comes down to the light
Released  March 10, 2014    
Daniel Sheehy Researcher studies unsolved problem of interacting objects   
Insights could enable more widespread use of superconducting materials
Released  March 10, 2014    
The tent-making bat Uroderma bilobatum By dark of night, how do bats smell their way to fruit?   
Scientists find distinctive patterns of olfactory receptors in fruit-eating bats
Released  March 3, 2014    
image of Chulsung Bae Material technology that can increase performance of fuel cells   
Researcher hopes to create fuel cells that are more durable, efficient and less costly
Released  February 25, 2014    
Animation from supercomputer data showing the inner zone of the accretion disk of a black hole Let there be light   
Simulations on NSF-supported supercomputer re-create X-rays emerging from the neighborhood of black holes
Released  February 18, 2014    
Illustration of simulations of a free energy perturbation study of phosphate hydrolysis in water Computational science takes the Nobel stage   
2013 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry continue to develop important high performance computing methods
Released  February 11, 2014    
Illustration showing surfaces of the mouse and human brains From dino brains to thought control--10 fascinating brain findings   
Summaries of 10 findings about the brain that involve NSF-funded researchers
Released  February 11, 2014    
Lara Estroff Learning from biology to create new materials   
Researcher studies crystal growth that may lead to biomaterials for bone and tooth repair
Released  February 10, 2014    
Partha Mitra is contributing to the construction of the first 3-D map of the mouse brain. NSF-funded researchers describe their cutting-edge brain research   
Why and how are researchers studying the brains of mice, octopuses, zebra fish, frogs, lizards and cichlid fish?
Released  February 6, 2014    
image showing cells responding to stress from various blood flows Mechanical engineer studies flow of blood vessels related to diabetes and resulting heart disease   
Research could lead to development of new drugs and tissue engineering applications
Released  February 6, 2014    
Illustration of brain cancer Radically modified cells may stunt brain tumor growth   
Cell-based treatment could lead to a new standard of care for brain cancer patients
Released  February 3, 2014    
Echinacea angustifolia flowers The truth about Echinacea: Plant commonly used for colds and flu suffers from disappearing habitat   
Purple coneflowers, often found in vanishing prairies, provide food for bees and other species
Released  February 3, 2014    
Goodall with two students he mentored An integrated computer modeling system for water resource management   
Comprehensive system allows for more accurate predictions about shortages and flood and storm management
Released  January 31, 2014    
image of Emre Salman Scientist developing 3-D chips to expand capacity of microprocessors   
Novel design would consume less power and provide higher performance
Released  January 29, 2014    
sequence of images showing how a dog drinks water Scientists apply biological behavior to human engineering   
Study of animals' water drinking motions could lead to better water pumps and new insights into locomotion and propulsion
Released  January 24, 2014    
simulation showing hydrodynamic instability of dark matter Heavy metal in the early cosmos   
Simulations shed light on the formation and explosion of stars in the earliest galaxies
Released  January 22, 2014    
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