UNI 101

Welcome to UNI 101: New Student Seminar

UNI 101 New Student Seminar (1 credit hour; graded) An in-depth introduction to college life, covering areas such as academic expectations and skills, personal adjustments, and social issues. Intended for freshmen. This course is limited to special populations of students including conditionally admitted students. Taught by University College advisors, the course provides students with an opportunity to adjust to the academic and social environment of college under the guidance of a his or advisor and in the presence of a small group of peers. UNI 101 is required for all students in University College.

How Do I Register for UNI 101?

Students are registered for UNI 101 during orientation after consultation with an academic advisor in University College. If you are an incoming freshman who did not pre-register for UNI 101, please contact your advisor or University College at uc@marshall.edu.

What’s the Format?

UNI 101 is a one-credit hour course which is graded credit/no credit (CR/NC). It is taught in a non-traditional, non-lecture style. Some sections may be offered for 8 weeks and meet twice a week but most are offered for 16 weeks and meet once a week.

UNI 101 Goals:

  • provide an opportunity for students to establish a relationship with their academic advisors
  • introduce practical study skills such as time management, effective note taking and reading
  • build library research skills
  • enhance written and oral communication skills
  • identify goals for career and personal growth
  • provide opportunities for students to meet other students
  • involve students in the total life of Marshall University
  • teach students rules, regulations, and academic procedures
  • enhance a respect for diversity and awareness as a m
    ember of the University community
  • introduce services, resources, and opportunities

Why take UNI 101?

Students in University College are required to take UNI 101 for a smooth college transition and to become familiar with MU support services. .  In some cases, other colleges might offer, but might not require their students to take the course.  Freshmen taking UNI 101 are 27% more likely to return for their sophomore year. Students who complete UNI 101 have an average GPA of 2.9, compared to 2.6 for students who do not successfully complete UNI 101. Successful UNI 101 students are more likely to graduate.