Bond Forms     STATE.WV.US    Bid BondLabor and Material Payment Bond, Maintenance Bond,
Performance Bond    06/2013

BOG 48    MARSHALL.EDU    Agreement   
Drug Free Workplace Affidavit    STATE.WV.US    Drug Free Workplace Conformance Affidavit    08/2013   
Essential Services    MARSHALL.EDU    Essential Services List    12/2014   
Independent Contractor Worksheet    MARSHALL.EDU    Pre-Hire Worksheet   
Lease Purchase – Equipment    MARSHALL.EDU    Lease Purchase of Equipment   
Lease Purchase w/Escrow – Equipment    MARSHALL.EDU    Lease Purchase w/Escrow – Equipment   
Master Lease Purchase w/Financing -Equip    MARSHALL.EDU    Master Lease Purchase with Financing – Equipment   
MU100    MARSHALL.EDU    Sole Source Justification Checklist    04/01/2012   
MU101    MARSHALL.EDU    Independent Contractor Declaration   
MUB0G3    MARSHALL.EDU    Hospitality Form    07/2012   
Purchasing Affidavit    STATE.WV.US    Purchasing Affidavit    07/01/2012   
Space Rental (MUBOG3)    STATE.WV.US    Temporary Space rentals do not exceed 6 months   
Surplus Property    MARSHALL.EDU    Physical Plant Yard Sale Pickup Form     N/A   
Supplementary Conditions to AIA Docs    STATE.WV.US    A107-2007 Supplementary Conditions
A201-2007 Supplementary Conditions
A701-1997 Supplementary Instructions to Bidders
B101-2007 Supplementary Conditions    03/25/2010
Tax Exemption Form SSTGB F0003    STATE.WV.US    Tax Exemption Certificate    05/10/2011   
Vendor Preference Certificate    STATE.WV.US    Vendor Preference Certificate    04/2014   
WV1    STATE.WV.US    Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement ($125 fee)    06/16/2014   
WV1A    STATE.WV.US    Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement    06/16/2014   
W9    IRS.GOV    Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification    12/2014   
WV96    STATE.WV.US    Agreement Addendum    09/2011   
WV96A    STATE.WV.US    Agreement Addendum for Software