Charge to the Committee

  • Revise and submit Student Affairs Committee P&P for faculty review and approval.
  • Using a CQI process, evaluate and improve the admissions process.
    • Assess use of the PharmCAS system for efficiency and effectiveness
    • Develop standards and procedures workbook or tool for faculty to use when abstracting student data
    • Assess the utility of MUSOP admissions procedure as a predictor of student outcomes in the P1 year.
    • Develop policy and procedures for handling Early Decision (ED) applicants to MUSOP.


Dr. Stephanie Anderson, Chair

Dr. H. Glenn Anderson, Jr.

Dr. Lisa Frazier

Dr. Hasan Koc

Dr. Janet Wolcott

Ms. Terri Moran, Ex-Officio

Mr. Chris Harper, Community Member

Dr. Chris Waugh, Community Member

Ms. Megan Delong, Student Member

Mr. Chad Butler, Student Member

Ms. McKenzie Miracle, Student Member

Ms. Kim Patton, Student Member


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