2014 – 2015 Charge to the Committee

    • Identify a definition for diversity that meets the SOP mission. Plan for the disbursement of scholarship monies targeted at increasing diversity and diverse academic achievement.
    • Investigate and report upon the merits of using a Multiple Mini-Interview process during the SOP recruitment process. (note: this MMI would/could replace the SBI we currently use).
    • Lead development of an online scholarship application process.
    • Develop/update the SOP policy and procedure regarding student admission. The policy should include specifically how current students will engage in the process.


Dr. Tim Long, Chair (Admissions)

Dr. Nicole Winston (Scholarships)

Dr. Hasan Koc (Admissions)

Dr. Jinsong Hao, Vice Chair (Scholarships, Chair)

Dr. Jeremy McAleer (Scholarships)

Dr. Brian Train (Admissions)

Dr. Leesa Prunty (Scholarships)

Dr. Ashley Brown (Admissions)

Dr. Chris Booth (Scholarships)

Dr. Shelvy Campbell (Scholarships)

Mr. Chris Harper, Community Member (Admissions)

Dr. Sherri Adams, Community Member (Scholarships)

Ms. Priscilla Adjei-Baffour, Student Member P3 Class

Ms. Cat Higgins, Student Member P2 Class

Ms. Jessica Wright, Student Member P2 Class

Ms. Minh Tran, Student Member P1 Class


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