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Marshall University - Biological Sciences Newsletter

January 2016

Research in Progress: MS Candidate Emma Kist

Emma Kist, is from Parkersburg, WV. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry, in 2013 from West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, WV. At Wesleyan, Emma participated in several projects focused on aquatic ecology, which led to her present graduate research. Currently, Emma is completing research for her Master's degree working with Dr. Jeff Kovatch to determine interspecific differences in physiology among darter fish.

Emma works with Etheostoma variatum (variegate darter) and E. blennioides (greenside darter) to determine how these two freshwater fish species coexist. Niche theory suggests that closely related species cannot occupy the same ecological niche, and subtle differences must exist if there is niche overlap. Darter fish are very common freshwater fish and often coexist in high numbers. Researchers often seek to determine how these cohabitations persist, but few have taken a physiological approach. Emma is studying how differences in darter physiology, specifically metabolic rate, are potentially facilitating their coexistence. Metabolic rate is a useful process to study, because it can be used to predict information about an organism's life history. Emma measured the metabolic rate for greenside and variegate darters for 48-hour trials, to determine interspecific differences in metabolic cycle and overall metabolic rate. In addition, Emma is studying the behavior of the darters over the 48 trials to gain a better understanding of their behavioral ecology.

After completing her degree, Emma hopes to find employment conducting research in the field of aquatic ecology.

Summer Internships at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Kirtlandia Research Internship Program offers summer internships to college students interested in the natural sciences. Students selected to participate have the opportunity to spend eight weeks working with Museum curators on research projects. Completed applications are due in early March; selected applicants are contacted and interviewed month; and awards are announced by mid-April. For more information about this interesting opportunity, visit their website.

Stuffed Cells by Zedmalia Wolfe
The scientifically-correct adventures of an archaean, a plant cell, and an animal cell.

Stuffed Cells cartoon

Marshall to Host West Virginia Academy of Science in April 2016

MU will host the 2016 annual meeting of the WV Academy of Science on April 9. Registration information and the call for abstracts will be sent out and posted online in January. Deadlines: Abstract submission is March 14; early registration ends March 25.

Have You Considered Attending Graduate School?

Students involved in BSC's Master of Science (MS) and Master of Arts (MA) degree programs can tell you that education doesn't have to end after you earn your BS. Whether you've already been involved in research as an undergraduate, or whether you've just taken a course that ignited your interest, you may want to explore the graduate options available in BSC here at Marshall.

The main page for our graduate program is here; there are several related links on the right side of that page. The Department offers a number of Graduate Assistantships, on a competitive basis, which pay a stipend and at least the majority of your tuition. This is a good time of year to speak with faculty whose research areas interest you. Questions about the program or what to expect from graduate school? Email

Are You Graduating this May?

The application deadline for May 2016 graduation is February 5. If you will be graduating in May, go to the College of Science (CoS) office, room 270, to obtain your application materials. You will pay a $50 diploma fee at the Bursar's Office, then bring that receipt and your completed application back to the CoS office before the February 5 deadline. Spring Commencement is Saturday, May 7.

Free Tutoring Available for BSC 104, 105, 120, 121, 227, 228, 322, and 324

Take advantage of free tutoring offered for several BSC courses! Graduate students who are GAs in the courses listed above offer free tutoring during their office hours or by appointment. A list of GAs' office hours and contact information will be posted on the door of the BSC Tutoring Center and GA Office, Science 209, by the end of the first week of classes. Don't be afraid to get help early on so that you can keep up with classes as the semester heats up!

Brag Box An abbreviated list of recent BSC student and faculty accomplishments:
  • Junior Kristen Hammond has been accepted into the MU School of Pharmacy for this coming academic year. Kristen has worked in the herbarium with Dr. Emily Gillespie for almost three years as a federal work study student, and is part of the Honors College. Congratulations!
  • New publication by Dr. Jayme Waldron that includes her PhD student at USC, Jennifer Fill: Fill, J. M., J. L. Waldron, S. M. Welch, M. Martin, J. Cantrell, S. H. Bennett, W. G. Kalinowsky, J. Holloway, and T. A. Mousseau. 2015. Breeding and reproductive phenology of Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamteus) in South Carolina
Happy New Year

Selected BSC Contact Information

Dr. David Mallory, BSC Chair S-350 (304) 696-2353
BSC Graduate Program Information   (304) 696-2427
BSC office, TA applications, various forms S-350 (304) 696-3148
Susan Weinstein, BSC News S-204 (304) 696-2428

Download pdfs of this or any past issue of the Biological Sciences Newsletter by clicking on the archive links to the right.

Department of Biological Sciences | One John Marshall Drive | Science Building 350 | Huntington, WV 25755 | (304) 696-3148
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