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Technical Specifications   

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Technical Specifications   

Seating Chart   

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Stage Specifications:   
Proscenium Opening: 30' x 20'

Grid Height: 45'

Plaster Line to upstage wall: 25'

Plaster Line to edge of apron: 4'

Wing space: S.L. 8'
S.R. 6'

Crossover: Through Shop

Floor: Maple w/ Vinyl Dance Floor (Rosco - Black)

Access from stage to house: Through Side Slot

Scene shop: 20' x 40' x 20'

Equipment: Pullover saw, table saw, band saw.

Loading dock: Rear of scene shop, on same level as stage. Loading dock door: 10' x 12', Stage door 12' x 18'

Dressing Rooms: 2 large 12 person rooms with
mirrors and make-up lights, showers, and rest rooms. Located directly off stage left.

Green Room: Small, capacity 15

House Capacity:    298   
Fly System:     Single purchase counterweight system

Linesets: 41 (5-electrics, 1-house teaser)

Length of battens: 40'

House Curtain color: Red, guillotine

CYC: White, NEW

Legs and Teasers: 4 sets of each, Black Velour

Black Scrim: downstage of 5th electric


Lighting Control: ETC Insight 108
3 /12' Low Density Drive (DSDD)


All circuits are 20 amps. See circuit plot for placement.

Instruments available: 6&' Fresnel
8' Fresnel
6x9 Altman ellipsoidals
6x12 Altman ellipsoidals
6x16 Altman ellipsoidals
1KL Altman Zooms (NO iris drop in) 20-40 degree
Source 4 19 degree
CYC Strips
PAR 64: Very narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide

Color Available: Roscolux

Sound System:    House system located in booth at rear of house.
Companies with own system can set up in rear of house (appx. 40' to stage)



Console 24X4
Soundcraft Spirit
Power Amps
Speakers     3 way, w/15' speaker    4   
Monitors     JBL EON 10'     2   
CD/CASSETTE COMBO     DENON w/ pitch adjustment     1   
DAT player/recorder     TASCAM     1   
Please call with requirements.
In stock: SM-58, SM-57, CROWN PCC
Intercom system:
CLEARCOM Positions: Lightboard
Infra-red assisted listening system available.   
Misc. Equipment:
GENIE Lift (Max ht 36') Max load 300 lbs.    
Telephones:     2-Main Lobby   
Supplies:    Lumber and related items, appx. 7 minute drive   
Food and Perishables:
Supermarket and dining facilities within a short distance of college.    
Directions will be provided upon request.
For further information, please call (718) 368-5028

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