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Friday, August 14    
Women's Soccer     at Stetson (Exb.)     7:00 PM     Sunday, August 16    
Women's Soccer     at Jacksonville (Exb)     1:00 PM     Tuesday, August 18    
Men's Soccer     vs. Stetson (Exb)     7:00 PM     Friday, August 21    
Women's Soccer     at Baylor     8:00 PM     Saturday, August 22    
Men's Soccer     vs. Tampa (Exb)     7:00 PM     Friday, August 28    
Women's Soccer     vs. FGCU vs. Mississippi State     2:30 PM     Friday, August 28    
Volleyball     vs. Alabama A&M     5:00 PM     Friday, August 28    
Women's Soccer     vs. LIU     5:30 PM     Friday, August 28    
Men's Soccer     vs. Missouri State     8:00 PM     Saturday, August 29    
Volleyball     vs. North Florida     10:00 AM     Saturday, August 29    
Volleyball     at Florida International     6:00 PM     Sunday, August 30    
Women's Soccer     vs. Mississippi State     10:30 AM     Sunday, August 30    
Women's Soccer     vs. FGCU vs. LIU     1:00 PM     Sunday, August 30    
Men's Soccer     vs. Georgetown     7:00 PM     Friday, September 4    
Cross Country     vs. UT Classic     6:00 PM     Friday, September 4    
Volleyball     vs. Arkansas State     7:00 PM     Friday, September 4    
Men's Soccer     at Notre Dame     7:30 PM     Friday, September 4    
Women's Soccer     at South Alabama     8:00 PM     Saturday, September 5    
Volleyball     vs. Florida Gulf Coast University     1:00 PM     Saturday, September 5    
Football     vs. Florida A&M     7:00 PM     Saturday, September 5    
Volleyball     vs. Missouri     7:00 PM     Sunday, September 6    
Men's Soccer     vs. Indiana     11:30 AM     Sunday, September 6    
Women's Soccer     vs. Troy     1:00 PM     Friday, September 11    
Men's Golf     at Carpet Capital Collegiate     TBA     Friday, September 11    
Volleyball     vs. Georgia Tech     3:30 PM     Friday, September 11    
Women's Soccer     at Charlotte     5:30 PM     Friday, September 11    
Men's Soccer     vs. Georgia Southern     7:00 PM     Saturday, September 12    
Sailing     at SAISA Open at Charleston     TBA     Saturday, September 12    
Cross Country     vs. UCF Invitational     7:00 AM     Saturday, September 12    
Volleyball     at Nebraska     10:00 AM     Saturday, September 12    
Football     at Florida State     11:30 AM     Saturday, September 12    
Volleyball     vs. University of California-Davis     5:30 PM     Sunday, September 13    
Women's Soccer     at Clemson     1:00 PM     Monday, September 14    
Men's Soccer     vs. UNF     7:00 PM     Thursday, September 17    
Women's Soccer     vs. Georgia Southern     7:00 PM     Friday, September 18    
Cross Country     vs. ECU Pirate Invitational     5:30 PM     Saturday, September 19    
Sailing     at Stu Nelson Women's     TBA     Saturday, September 19    
Volleyball     vs. Auburn     11:00 AM     Saturday, September 19    
Football     at Maryland     12:00 PM     Saturday, September 19    
Men's Soccer     vs. FGCU     7:00 PM     Saturday, September 19    
Volleyball     vs. Penn State     7:00 PM     Sunday, September 20    
Women's Soccer     at Texas Tech     2:00 PM     Sunday, September 20    
Volleyball     vs. Florida A&M     4:00 PM     Thursday, September 24    
Women's Soccer     vs. UConn     7:00 PM     Friday, September 25    
Volleyball     vs. Temple     7:00 PM     Saturday, September 26    
Sailing     vs. SAISA South Points 3     TBA     Saturday, September 26    
Men's Golf     at Jackrabbit Invitational     TBA     Saturday, September 26    
Men's Soccer     vs. UConn     7:00 PM     Sunday, September 27    
Women's Soccer     vs. Temple     1:00 PM     Sunday, September 27    
Volleyball     vs. UConn     1:00 PM     Tuesday, September 29    
Men's Soccer     at Denver     9:00 PM     Thursday, October 1    
Women's Soccer     at Cincinnati     TBA     Friday, October 2    
Cross Country     vs. FSU Invitational     7:30 AM     Friday, October 2    
Football     vs. Memphis     7:00 PM     Friday, October 2    
Volleyball     vs. Houston     7:00 PM     Saturday, October 3    
Sailing     at SAISA Women's Singlehanded Championships     TBA     Saturday, October 3    
Men's Soccer     at Temple     2:00 PM     Sunday, October 4    
Sailing     at SAISA Women's Dinghy Championships     TBA     Sunday, October 4    
Volleyball     vs. Tulane     1:00 PM     Sunday, October 4    
Women's Soccer     at East Carolina     1:00 PM     Wednesday, October 7    
Men's Soccer     at Tulsa     8:00 PM     Thursday, October 8    
Women's Soccer     vs. Tulsa     7:00 PM     Friday, October 9    
Volleyball     at Memphis     7:00 PM     Saturday, October 10    
Football     vs. Syracuse     TBA     Saturday, October 10    
Sailing     at Navy Fall Women's     TBA     Saturday, October 10    
Men's Soccer     vs. Cincinnati     TBA     Sunday, October 11    
Volleyball     at Cincinnati     1:00 PM     Sunday, October 11    
Women's Soccer     vs. Memphis     1:00 PM     Monday, October 12    
Men's Golf     at Collegiate Classic     TBA     Thursday, October 15    
Women's Soccer     at Houston     8:00 PM     Friday, October 16    
Cross Country     vs. USF Invitational     5:00 PM     Friday, October 16    
Volleyball     vs. Tulsa     7:00 PM     Friday, October 16    
Men's Soccer     at Memphis     8:00 PM     Saturday, October 17    
Sailing     at Yale Women's     TBA     Saturday, October 17    
Football     at UConn     TBA     Sunday, October 18    
Volleyball     vs. SMU     1:00 PM     Sunday, October 18    
Women's Soccer     at SMU     2:00 PM     Wednesday, October 21    
Volleyball     at UCF     7:00 PM     Wednesday, October 21    
Men's Soccer     vs. UCF     7:00 PM     Friday, October 23    
Women's Soccer     at UCF     7:00 PM     Saturday, October 24    
Men's Soccer     vs. SMU     TBA     Saturday, October 24    
Sailing     at Mrs. Hurst Women's     TBA     Saturday, October 24    
Football     vs. SMU     TBA     Sunday, October 25    
Volleyball     at East Carolina     1:00 PM     Tuesday, October 27    
Men's Soccer     vs. Old Dominion     7:00 PM     Thursday, October 29    
Women's Soccer     vs. AAC Tournament Round One     TBA     Friday, October 30    
Volleyball     at Tulane     8:00 PM     Saturday, October 31    
Sailing     at Freshman Championships     TBA     Saturday, October 31    
Cross Country     vs. American Athletic Conference Championships     10:00 AM     Saturday, October 31    
Football     at Navy     12:00 PM     Saturday, October 31    
Men's Soccer     at UConn     7:00 PM     Sunday, November 1    
Women's Soccer     vs. AAC Quarterfinals     TBA     Sunday, November 1    
Volleyball     at Houston     2:00 PM     Monday, November 2    
Men's Golf     at Gifford Collegiate     TBA     Wednesday, November 4    
Volleyball     vs. UCF     7:00 PM     Friday, November 6    
Sailing     at Women's Singlehanded National Championships     TBA     Friday, November 6    
Women's Soccer     vs. AAC Semifinals     TBA     Friday, November 6    
Volleyball     vs. East Carolina     7:00 PM     Saturday, November 7    
Football     at East Carolina     TBA     Saturday, November 7    
Men's Soccer     vs. Quarterfinals     TBA     Sunday, November 8    
Women's Soccer     vs. AAC Finals     TBA     Friday, November 13    
Men's Soccer     vs. Semifinals     TBA     Friday, November 13    
Cross Country     vs. NCAA South Regional     10:00 AM     Friday, November 13    
Women's Basketball     vs. Jacksonville     6:00 PM     Friday, November 13    
Volleyball     at UConn     7:00 PM     Saturday, November 14    
Football     vs. Temple     TBA     Saturday, November 14    
Sailing     at Atlantic Coast Women's Championships     TBA     Sunday, November 15    
Women's Basketball     vs. TBA     TBA     Sunday, November 15    
Men's Soccer     vs. Championship Game     TBA     Sunday, November 15    
Volleyball     at Temple     1:00 PM     Thursday, November 19    
Men's Soccer     vs. First Round     TBA     Friday, November 20    
Volleyball     vs. Cincinnati     7:00 PM     Friday, November 20    
Football     vs. Cincinnati     8:00 PM     Saturday, November 21    
Cross Country     vs. NCAA Championships     12:00 PM     Sunday, November 22    
Men's Soccer     vs. Second Round     TBA     Sunday, November 22    
Volleyball     vs. Memphis     TBA     Wednesday, November 25    
Women's Basketball     vs. Butler     TBA     Wednesday, November 25    
Volleyball     at SMU     3:00 PM     Friday, November 27    
Football     at UCF     TBA     Friday, November 27    
Volleyball     at Tulsa     3:00 PM     Saturday, November 28    
Men's Soccer     vs. Third Round (Sweet 16)     TBA     Sunday, November 29    
Women's Basketball     at St. John's     TBA     Thursday, December 3    
Women's Basketball     vs. Harvard     TBA     Friday, December 4    
Men's Soccer     vs. Quarterfinals (Elite Eight)     TBA     Saturday, December 5    
Football     vs. American Conference Championship     12:00 PM     Sunday, December 6    
Women's Basketball     vs. Penn State     TBA     Friday, December 11    
Men's Soccer     vs. College Cup (Final Four)     TBA     Sunday, December 13    
Men's Soccer     vs. College Cup (Championship Game)     TBA     Sunday, December 13    
Women's Basketball     vs. Chattanooga     TBA     Tuesday, December 15    
Women's Basketball     at Northern Colorado     TBA     Sunday, December 20    
Women's Basketball     vs. Oklahoma State     TBA     Wednesday, December 30    
Women's Basketball     vs. Mississippi State     TBA    
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