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Ferris Academic Terminology

Academic Advisor- A designated faculty member who assists students with all aspects of scheduling classes and making decisions about their academic future.

Add- This term is used when students register for an additional course that was not originally on their course schedule. This can be done the first week of classes during the drop/add period.

Bulldog ID- Your student ID card is used to access a variety of campus services and facilities including the dining center (if you have a meal plan), FLITE, the Recreation Center, etc.

College- a school within the university that focuses on a specific area; these colleges include Allied Health Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Services, Michigan College of Optometry, Pharmacy, Technology, and University College

Credit- A unit of measurement listing the value of the course you are taking.  Typically one credit hour equals one hour in class per week.

DPS- It is the Department of Public Safety (Campus Security). While on campus you can dial 5000 to reach the DPS.

Drop- This term is used when students decide to remove a course from their schedule.  Classes must be officially removed.  Students who decide to not attend classes have not “dropped” their class.

Elective- It is a course that is accepted toward fulfillment of credit but is not required for a degree.

FLITE- (Ferris State University Library for Information, Technology and Education) This is the main library on campus.  At FLITE you can find private study rooms, computer access and check out materials.

GPA- Grade Point Average is determined on a 4.0 scale.  This means that an A=4 points, B=3 points, C=2 points, D=1 point, and F=0 points.

Hold- Is an outstanding debt or obligation to Ferris which can be found on a student’s myFSU.  Holds will prevent students from registering for future semesters until they are cleared.

The Leadership SPOT- The home of the Office of Student Leadership & Activities.  Here you can become involved with Registered Student Organizations and other activities on campus. 

Major- The predominant course of study or curriculum that a student ultimately selects to study.

Minor- A minor is a secondary course of study or curriculum that a student chooses to pursue.

MyFSU- An integrated system of World Wide Web pages that gives students access to their records over the Internet.

Prerequisite- It is a course which must be taken prior to another course.

Probation- Academic probation occurs when students have a cumulative (total) GPA below 2.0, a semester GPA which is less than 2.0 for two consecutive semesters, or when a student is on term trial as defined by the Dean’s Office.

RA- The Resident Advisor is the student who monitors and facilitates students on a floor in a residence hall.

Registration- The period before each semester during which students sign up for courses. You are not enrolled in classes and officially a student unless you have gone through registration and paid your tuition bill.

SLA- The Structured Learning Assistance is a program that provides academic support to students in courses that traditionally have high failure or withdrawal rates.

Syllabus- It is usually distributed on the first week of class.  The syllabus is a professor’s plan of action for the class.  It lists course assignments and expectations, as well as the professor’s contact information.

Timme- It is the location of the Center for Student Services or CSS.  Timme serves as a “one-stop-shopping” center for students, housing nearly all of Ferris’ business offices.

Transcript- A record consisting of the compilation of your college grades, credits, honors, etc. You can request an official and unofficial transcript from myFSU or ask for assistance at Timme. 

U-Rec- The Office of University Recreation coordinates the Student Recreation Center, Club and Intramural Sports, and swimming pool.

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