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Name    Title   Phone    Email   
Adjemian, Michael   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5576   
Aillery, Marcel   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5511   
Ali, Mir   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5558   
Allen, Edward   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5288   
Anderson, Theresa   Social Science Analyst   202-694-5099   
Anekwe, Tobenna   Economist   202-694-5231   
Angadjivand, Sahar   Economist   202-694-5187   
Arita, Shawn   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5102   
Arnade, Carlos   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5188   
Ash, Mark   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5289   
Badau, Flavius    Economist   202-694-5427   
Bagi, Faqir   Economist   202-694-5337   
Bailey, Rodwell   Information Technology Project Manager   202-694-5027   
Ball, Eldon   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5601   
Baquedano, Felix   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5149   
Barton, Richard   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5559   
Beaulieu, Elizabeth    Economist    202-694-5414   
Beckman, Jayson   Economist   202-694-5557   
Bentley, Donna   Intern   202-694-5381   
Bentley, Jeanine   Social Science Analyst   202-694-5342   
Bersani, Peter   Information Technology Specialist   202-694-5052   
Bigelow, Dan   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5340   
Bohman, Mary   Administrator   202-694-5000   
Bond, Jennifer   Economist   202-694-5326   
Borchers, Allison   Economist   202-694-5548   
Bovay, John   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5442   
Bowman, Maria   Research Agricultural Economist   202-694-5542   
Breneman, Vince   Branch Chief   202-694-5597   
Broussard, Nzinga   Economist   202-694-5627   
Brown, Joanna   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5151   
Brown, Rachael   Agricultural Economist   
Buckler, John   Systems Analysis   202-694-5555   
Burns, Christopher   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5329   
Buzby, Jean   Branch Chief   202-694-5370   
Calvin, Linda   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5244   
Canning, Patrick   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5341   
Capehart, Thomas   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5313   
Caraveo, Andrea    Agricultural Economist   202-694-5074   
Carbone, Christopher   Editor, Amber Waves and Charts of Note   202-694-5117   
Carlson, Andrea   Economist   202-694-5072   
Carter, Faith   Management and Program Support Assistant   202-694-5192   
Cessna, Jerry   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5171   
Cessna, Joseph   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5171   
Chamberlin, Scott   Associate Director   202-694-5100   
Childs, Nathan   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5292   
Christensen, Cheryl   Branch Chief   202-694-5203   
Claassen, Roger   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5473   
Clancy, Matthew   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5594   MATTHEW.CLANCY@ERS.USDA.GOV   
Clauson, Annette   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5389   
Cleveland, Patricia   Operations Support Specialist   202-694-5617   
Cochrane, Nancy   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5143   
Coleman, Marcelle   Customer Support   202-694-5073   
Coleman-Jensen, Alisha   Social Science Analyst   202-694-5456   
Conley, Mary    Branch Chief   202-694-5134   
Cook, Jonathan   Economist   202-694-5216   
Cooke, Bryce   Economist   202-694-5257   
Cooksey, Kristen   Intern   202-694-5397   
Cooper, Joseph   Branch Chief   202-694-5482   
Covey, Theodore   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5344   
Cromartie, John   Geographer   202-694-5421   
Crutchfield, Steve   Assistant Administrator   202-694-5406   
Custer, Adrie   Deputy Director for Communications   202-694-5115   
Daniels, Verna   Web Data Technical Consultant   202-694-5301   
D'Antoni, Jeremy   Economist   202-694-5294   
Davis, Christopher   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5167   
Day-Rubenstein, Kelly   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5515   
Delbecq, Benoit   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5147   
Denbaly, Mark   Deputy Director for Food Economics Data   202-694-5390   
Dicken, Chris   Systems Administration   202-694-5012   
Dohlman, Erik   Branch Chief   202-694-5308   
Doles, Mike   Contractor   202-694-5076   
Donegan, Robert   Systems Administration/Data Management   202-694-5063   
Dong, Diansheng   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5422   
Douglas, Angela   Customer Support   202-694-5079   
Dubman, Robert   Data Coordinator/Data and Survey Coordinator   202-694-5506   
Durst, Ron   Acting Branch Chief   202-694-5347   
Dyck, John   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5221   
Dyson, Samika   Administrative Assistant   202-694-5189   
Edwards, Seanicaa   Economist   202-294-5333   SEANICAA.EDWARDS@ERS.USDA.GOV   
Effland, Anne   Social Science Analyst   202-694-5319   
Elitzak, Howard   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5375   
El-Osta, Hisham   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5564   
Erickson, Ken   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5565   
Farrigan, Tracey   Geographer   202-694-5489   
Farrin, Katie   Agriculture Economist   202-694-5149   
Felton, Linda   Program Analyst   202-694-5499   
Ferguson, Cathi   Management Analyst   202-694-5405   
Fernandez-Cornejo, Jorge   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5537   
Ferrier, Peyton   Economist   202-694-5224   
Flores-Soriano, Jessica   STEP   202-694-5078   
Fooks, Jacob   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5068   
Foreman, Linda   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5566   
Frazão, Elizabeth   Economist   202-694-5455   
Fuglie, Keith   Economist   202-694-5588   
Gale, Fred   Senior Economist   202-694-5215   
Garcia, Diana   STEP   202-694-5717   
George, Lilia   Management & Program Support Assistant   202-694-5207   
Gibbs, Robert   Associate Director   202-694-5423   
Glaser, Lewrene   Deputy Director for Data Management   202-694-5637   
Graham, Marilynn   Technical Information Specialist   202-694-5058   
Grant, Victoria   IT Specialist   202-694-5396   
Greene, Catherine   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5541   
Gregory, Christian   AG Economist   202-694-5132   
Gross, Linda   Systems Analysis   202-694-5067   
Gudmunds, Karl   Branch Chief   202-694-5029   
Guthrie, Joanne   Nutritionist   202-694-5373   
Gutierrez, Harry   Stay-In-School   202-694-5374   
Hahn, William   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5175   
Haley, Mildred   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5176   
Hallahan, Charlie   Operations Research Analyst   202-694-5051   
Hamrick, Karen   Economist   202-694-5426   
Han, Peter   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5151   
Hansen, James   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5321   
Hansen, LeRoy   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5612   
Harris, Dominique   Acquisitions Supervisor   202-694-5016   
Harris, Michael   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5386   
Harvey, David   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5177   
Heerman, Kari    Agricultural Economist   202-694-5250   
Heisey, Paul   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5526   
Hellerstein, Daniel   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5613   
Hertz, Thomas   Economist   202-694-5416   
Higgins, Nathaniel   Economist   202-694-5602   
Hitaj, Claudia   Economist   202-694-5513   
Hjort, Kim   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5310   
Hoffman, Linwood   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5298   
Hoffmann, Sandra   Economist   202-694-5354   
Hopkins, Jeffrey   Branch Chief   202-694-5121   
Hoppe, Robert   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5572   
Hoskin, Roger   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5148   
Huang, Kuo   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5346   
Huang, Sophia   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5257   
Hubbs, Todd   Economist   202-694-5199   
Hungerford, Ashley   Economist   202-694-5154   
Hyman, Jeffrey   Economist   202-694-5382   
Illenberg, Michael   Public Affairs Specialist   202-694-5448   
Jackson, Mark   IT Specialist   202-694-5046   
Jekanowski, Mark   Deputy Director for Outlook and Staff Analysis Coordinator   202-694-5152   
Jennings, Kandices   Acquisition Specialist   202-694-5018   
Jerardo, Alberto   Economist   202-694-5266   
Jones, Keithly   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5172   
Kassel, Kathleen   Assistant Director for Communications   202-694-5352   
Kerns, Andrew   Data Coordinator/Systems Analysis   202-694-5035   
Key, Nigel   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5567   
Kim, C.S.   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5545   
Kim, SeungGyu   Economist   202-694-5500   
King, Lou   Public Affairs Specialist   202-694-5116   
King, Tammy   Systems Administration   202-694-5081   
Kirlin, John   Assistant Deputy Director for SNAP Research   202-694-5398   
Knauth, Courtney   Writer/Editor   202-694-5383   
Kuchler, Fred   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5468   
Kuhns, Annemarie    Economist    202-694-5351   
Kuhns, Ryan   Economist   202-694-5261   
Kumcu, Aylin   Economist   202-694-5402   
Kusmin, Lorin   Economist   202-694-5429   
Landes, Maurice   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5145   
Lee, Tani   Economist   202-694-5282   
Leibtag, Ephraim   Deputy Director for Research & Product Coordinator   202-694-5349   
Levedahl, J. William   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5431   
Levin, David   Economist   202-694-5353   
Li, Dina   Systems Analysis   202-694-5077   
Liefert, Olga   Economist   202-694-5155   
Liefert, William   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5156   
Liggon, Carolyn   Executive Assistant   202-694-5056   
Lin, Biing-Hwan   Senior Economist   202-694-5458   
Little, Michelle   Web Designer   202-694-5397   
Low, Sarah   Economist   202-694-5603   
Lynch, Lori   Branch Chief   202-694-5451   
Lyon, Lien   Systems Analysis   202-694-5028   
MacDonald, James   Branch Chief   202-694-5610   
MacDonald, Stephen   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5305   
Maher, Mary   Branch Chief   202-694-5126   
Mailroom, ERS   ERS Mailroom   202-694-5740   
Majchrowicz, Alex   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5355   
Malcolm, Scott   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5517   
Malloy, Danny   Budget Analyst   202-694-5107   
Mancino, Lisa   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5563   
Marquardt, David   IT Specialist   202-694-5015   
Marré, Alexander   Research Agricultural Economist   202-694-5338   
Marshall, Elizabeth   Economist   202-694-5571   
Marshall, Kandice   Economist   202-694-5273   
Martinez, Stephen   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5378   
Mathews, Kenneth   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5183   
Mathis-Pace, Melody   Management and Program Support Assistant   202-694-5483   
Matlock, Gwendolyn   Internet Specialist   202-694-5038   
McBride, William   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5577   
McClelland, Ket   Systems Analysis   202-694-5026   
McConnell, Michael   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5184   
McFadden, Jonathan   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5166   
McGath, Christopher   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5579   
McGranahan, David   Senior Economist   202-694-5356   
McNiff, Nancy   Public Affairs Specialist   202-694-5106   
McPherson, Lori   Supervisory Management Analyst   202-694-5498   
Meade, Birgit   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5159   
Melton, Alex   Economist   202-694-5409   
Meyer, Leslie   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5307   
Milkove, Daniel   Financial Economist   202-694-5357   
Miller, Cristina   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5532   
Miller, Loretta   Program Specialist   202-694-5379   
Miller, Pia   Grants and Agreements Specialist   202-694-5199   
Mills, Tiffany   Customer Support   202-694-5043   
Mitchell, Lorraine   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5234   
Mizer, Karen   Systems Analysis   202-694-5042   
Morrison, Rosanna Mentzer   Assistant Director for Product Coordination and Dissemination   202-694-5411   
Mosheim, Roberto   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5365   
Motamed, Mesbah   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5242   
Muhammad, Andrew   Branch Chief   202-694-5226   
Munisamy, Gopinath (Gopi)   Director, Market and Trade Economics Division   202-694-5201   
Murray, Anthony   Economist   202-694-5256   
Myers, Stephanie   Systems Administration   202-694-5087   
Nehring, Richard   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5618   
Newman, Constance   Economist   202-694-5598   
Newton, Doris   Economist   202-694-5619   
Nickerson, Cynthia   Deputy Director for Communications   202-694-5626   
Nigatu, Getachew   Economist   202-694-5303   
Norcom, Henry   Civil Rights Director   202-694-5162   
Nulph, David   Systems Analysis   202-694-5620   
O'Donnell, Chris   Branch Chief   202-694-5070   
O'Donoghue, Erik   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5585   
Okrent, Abigail   Economist   202-694-5206   
Olfus, Keith   Intern   202-694-5014   
Oliveira, Victor   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5434   
Ollinger, Michael   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5454   
Park, Timothy   Economist   202-694-5446   
Parker, Timothy   Sociologist   202-694-5435   
Patrick, Kevin   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5185   
Payne, Tracy   Network   202-694-5094   
Payton, Beverly   Web Data Technical Consultant   202-694-5165   
Pender, John   Branch Chief   202-694-5568   
Perez, Agnes   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5255   
Persaud, Suresh   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5219   
Peterson, Cliola   Web Data Technical Consultant   202-694-5141   
Petty, Wanda   Office Automation Assistant   202-694-5359   
Phillips, Barbara   Budget Analyst   202-694-5554   
Phillips, Jr. , Victor   Visual Information Specialist   202-694-5133   
Pick, Daniel   Deputy Director for Research    202-694-5278   
Pierre-Louis, Yveline   Secretary   202-694-5418   
Pitts, Rosa   Procurement Technician   202-694-5525   
Platt, Marilyn   Management & Program Support Assistant   202-694-5407   
Plattner, Kristy   Economist   202-694-5190   
Pompelli, Greg   Associate Administrator   202-694-5002   
Pompey, Angela   Information Security   202-694-5399   
Powell, Beverly   Systems Analysis   202-694-5495   
Prager, Daniel   Economist   202-694-5528   
Prell, Mark   Senior Economist   202-694-5408   
Qi, Weison   Systems Analysis   202-694-5469   
Rabbitt, Matthew   Economist   202-694-5593   
Rada, Nicholas   Research Economist   202-694-5202   
Rahkovsky, Ilya   Economist   202-694-5104   
Ralston, Katherine   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5463   
Ray, Cynthia   Visual Information Specialist   202-694-5135   
Reardon, Mary   Public Affairs Specialist   202-694-5136   
Reed, Albert   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5392   
Reed-Rose, Wanda   Web Data Technical Consultant   202-694-5393   
Rehkamp, Sarah   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5584   
Ribaudo, Marc   Senior Economist   202-694-5488   
Riche, Stephanie   Economist   202-694-5490   
Roberts, Donna   Associate Director   202-694-5193   
Robertson, Yvette   Administrative Assistant   202-694-5496   
Robinson, Sr., Michael   Customer Support   202-694-5091   
Rodriguez, Nestor   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5010   
Rogers, Carolyn   Assistant Director for Communications   202-694-5436   
Rosen, Stacey   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5164   
Rupasingha, Anil    Research Economist   202-694-5227   
Saksena, Michelle   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5007   
Sandidge, Vanessa   Office Assistant   202-694-5465   
Sands, Ron   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5535   
Schaible, Glenn   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5549   
Scherpf, Erik   Economist   202-694-5437   
Schimmelpfennig, David   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5507   
Sclopis, Itzel del   Acting Director AFS   202-694-5616   
Seeley, Ralph   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5332   
Settles, Toshiro   Budget Analyst   202-694-5471   
Sewadeh, Mirvat   Assistant Director for Communications   202-694-5158   
Shabazz, Alia   Program Analyst   202-694-5111   
Shelton, Lavonne Luquis   Digital Strategist   202-694-5109   
Simms, Dale   Public Affairs Specialist   202-694-5137   
Smallwood, David   Branch Chief   202-694-5466   
Smallwood, Sharon   Information Technology Specialist   202-694-5061   
Smith, Michael   Economist    202-694-5099   
Smith, Priscilla   Public Affairs Specialist   202-694-5022   
Smith, Shamla   Budget Specialist   202-694-5108   
Sneeringer, Stacy   Economist   202-694-5504   
Snyder, Samantha   Economist   202-694-5007   
Stenberg, Peter   Regional Economist   202-694-5366   
Stephenson, Tony   Systems Administration   202-694-5092   
Stewart, Hayden   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5394   
Suarez, Janneth   Systems Analysis   202-694-5066   
Suttles, Shellye   Economist   202-694-5476   
Sweitzer, Megan   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5659   
Taha, Fawzi   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5178   
Tandon, Sharad   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5291   
Taylor, Curtia   Visual Communications Analyst   202-694-5464   
Team, Farm Income   Group contact   
Tegene, Abebayehu   Associate Director   202-694-5527   
Terry, Tina   Customer Support   202-694-5582   
Thomas, Lorie   Budget Analyst   202-694-5412   
Thomas, Nancy   Agency Budget Officer   202-694-5008   
Thome, Karen   Economist   202-694-5170   
Thompson, Natalie   Administrative Assistant   202-694-5345   
Thornsbury, Suzanne   Branch Chief   202-694-5238   
Tiehen, Laura   Economist   202-694-5417   
Todd, Jessica   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5363   
Torgerson, David   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5334   
Trostle, Ronald   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5280   
Tselepidakis, Elina   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5032   
Tulman, Sarah    Economist   202-694-5543   
Tuttle, Charlotte    Economist   202-694-5161   
Valdes, Constanza   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5225   
Variyam, Jayachandran   Division Director   202-694-5457   
Vasavada, Utpal   Deputy Director for Management, Data and Staff Analysis   202-694-5540   
Ver Ploeg, Michele   Economist   202-694-5372   
Vo, Julie   Systems Analysis   202-694-5045   
Vocke, Gary   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5285   
Vogel, Stephen   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5368   
Vu, Ronald   Contractor   202-694-5095   
Wallace, Valencia   Systems Administration   202-694-5089   
Wallander, Steven   Economist   202-694-5546   
Wang, Sun Ling   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5460   
Watkins, Patricia   Systems Administration   202-694-5112   
Weber, John   Writer/Editor   202-694-5123   
Wechsler, Seth James   Economist   202-694-5514   
Weidman, Pheny   Statistician   202-694-5013   
Weinberg, Marca   Director   202-694-5478   
Wells, Hodan Farah   Economist   202-694-5578   
West, Donita   Stay In School Intern   202-694-5205   
Westcott, Paul   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5335   
Wiggins, Mary   Career Counselor   202-694-5041   
Wilcox, Lisa   IT Specialist Internet   202-694-5574   
Williams, Dawn   Customer Support   202-694-5097   
Williams, LaShawn   Travel Coordinator   202-694-5105   
Williams, Nedra   Quality Control Analyst (Web Development)   202-694-5122   
Williams, Robert   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5053   
Williams, Ryan   GIS Analyst   202-694-5605   
Williamson, James   Economist   202-694-5539   
Winston, Patricia   Customer Support   202-694-5098   
Wiseman, Michael   Adjunct Research Advisor   202-694-5445   
Wojan, Tim   Regional Economist   202-694-5419   
Womack, Letricia   Web Quality Control Analyst   202-694-5530   
Wood, Kimberly   Budget Analyst   202-694-5181   
Wright, Dwayne   Information Technology Specialist   202-694-5315   
Wright, Olivia   Peer Review Coordinator   202-694-5531   
Xiarchos, Irene   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5611   
You, Chengxia   Systems Analysis/Applications   202-694-5011   
Zahniser, Steven   Agricultural Economist   202-694-5230   
Zhou, Jimmy   Summer Intern   202-694-5400   

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