Methods of designating the urban periphery range from the use of municipal boundaries to definitions based on counties. Definitions based on municipal boundaries may classify as rural much of what would typically be considered suburban. Definitions that delineate the urban periphery based on counties may include extensive segments of a county that many would consider rural.

We have selected a representative set of nine alternative rural definitions and compare social and economic indicators from the 2000 decennial census across the nine definitions. We chose socioeconomic indicators (population, education, poverty, etc.) that are commonly used to highlight differences between urban and rural areas.

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    Download the National and State Indicator Tables Download as Excel       9/4/2007   
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    New Hampshire   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    New Jersey   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    New Mexico   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    North Carolina   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    North Dakota   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    New York   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Ohio   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Oklahoma   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Oregon   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Pennsylvania   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Rhode Island   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    South Carolina   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    South Dakota   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Tennessee   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Texas   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Utah   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Vermont   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Virginia   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Washington   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Wisconsin   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    West Virginia   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Wyoming   Download as PDF    9/4/2007   
    Data sources from the U.S. Census Bureau   Back to top   
    List of all places in the U.S. and their 2000 population Download as Excel       9/4/2006   
    List of urban areas in the U.S. and their 2000 population Download as Excel       9/4/2007   

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