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Discover Learning at Dundee

Becoming a student is an exciting and challenging decision. To help potential students through this important phase, we have created a special online programme

Discover Learning at Dundee fully prepares and qualifies potential students for undergraduate entry to the range of University of Dundee degrees, but Discover Learning at Dundee is also suitable for those simply wanting to get back into study. All potential undergraduate students, regardless of age or stage, can join our Discover Learning at Dundee programme - to give you some examples, if you are in any of the following groups, this course is aimed at you:

  1. I am about to leave school but have not / may not get entry grades required by the University of Dundee due to adverse circumstances (see access criteria in FAQ section) possibly including reasons such as not being able to study one or more subjects at school;
  2. I have not been involved in study recently, but would like to take a step-by-step route towards a degree at the University of Dundee;
  3. I have been taught at home but need more grades to qualify for University of Dundee entry;
  4. I want to progress from College to the University of Dundee and need to prepare and / or qualify.

Subject Courses - where our subject courses can take you

All students joining the Discover Learning at Dundee programme who wish to use this route to enter the University of Dundee must successfully complete our compulsory online Academic Skills Course, Learning Xtra at Dundee, as well as three subject courses. Accreditation of prior learning is granted to candidates who can demonstrate they have recently performed at the same level as one of our modules.

For example, if your degree choice is History, you might choose:

Learning Xtra at Dundee = Subject 1 (compulsory)
History = Subject 2
English Literature = Subject 3
Psychology = Subject 4

Successful completion of these four subject courses to our required standards would make you eligible for an undergraduate place. Students wishing to use DLAD modules towards undergraduate admission may enter each module no more than twice within a three year period, unless they present certified medical evidence explaining their circumstances.

Subject courses currently available and typical combinations of where they can take you are shown in the table below:

Undergraduate degree destination    Compulsory courses    Optional subject courses
Click on subject name for more information   
College of Arts and Social Sciences degrees
(eg English, History, Philosophy, Psychology)

Learning Xtra at Dundee

Pick 3 subjects from here

Applied Computing

English Literature

Globalisation (Politics)




Applied Computing    

Learning Xtra at Dundee
Applied Computing

Pick 2 subjects from here

English Literature

Globalisation (Politics)




Mathematics     Learning Xtra at Dundee

Pick both subjects from here

Applied Computing

Globalisation (Politics)


Nursing (Adult or Mental Health ONLY)   

Learning Xtra at Dundee
Health in the 21st Century

Pick 2 subjects from here

English Literature

Globalisation (Politics)



Each subject course involves an estimated 40-60 hours of total student effort. More subject courses continue to be added and the subject courses you choose to study are determined by both your interests and also reflect University of Dundee rules for undergraduate entry.

Subject course availability - discover for yourself

Month     Subject Courses    Start date (Noon)     End date     Application closing date 17:00GMT on:    
Sep-15    Learning Xtra at Dundee -  compulsory for all new students who must complete this module before starting any others    07/09/2015    04/10/2015    20/08/2015   
Oct-15    Learning Xtra at Dundee -  compulsory for all new students who must complete this module before starting any others    12/10/2015    08/11/2015    01/10/2015   
Applied Computing    12/10/2015    08/11/2015    01/10/2015   
Business & Management    12/10/2015    08/11/2015    01/10/2015   
Globalisation    12/10/2015    08/11/2015    01/10/2015   
Philosophy    12/10/2015    08/11/2015    01/10/2015   
Psychology    12/10/2015    08/11/2015    01/10/2015   
Nov-15    English    16/11/2015    13/12/2015    05/11/2015   
Health in the 21st Century    16/11/2015    13/12/2015    05/11/2015   
History    16/11/2015    13/12/2015    05/11/2015   
Maths    16/11/2015    13/12/2015    05/11/2015   
Town Planning    16/11/2015    13/12/2015    05/11/2015   
Jan-16    Learning Xtra at Dundee -  compulsory for all new students who must complete this module before starting any others    11/01/2016    07/02/2016    18/12/2015   
Feb-16    Learning Xtra at Dundee -  compulsory for all new students who must complete this module before starting any others    22/02/2016    20/03/2016    05/02/2016   
Applied Computing    22/02/2016    20/03/2016    05/02/2016   
Business & Management    22/02/2016    20/03/2016    05/02/2016   
Globalisation    22/02/2016    20/03/2016    05/02/2016   
Philosophy    22/02/2016    20/03/2016    05/02/2016   
Psychology    22/02/2016    20/03/2016    05/02/2016   
Apr-16    Learning Xtra at Dundee -  compulsory for all new students who must complete this module before starting any others    18/04/2016    15/05/2016    01/04/2016   
English    18/04/2016    15/05/2016    01/04/2016   
Health in the 21st Century    18/04/2016    15/05/2016    01/04/2016   
History    18/04/2016    15/05/2016    01/04/2016   
Maths    18/04/2016    15/05/2016    01/04/2016   
Town Planning    18/04/2016    15/05/2016    01/04/2016   

Please note – all start dates will be confirmed to participants approximately one month before the published date. Participants may be guided to subsequent repeats of the same module if demand requires, so early application is advised.

Teaching and Assessment

Each subject course is designed to guide you through a series of learning milestones. These will both build your knowledge of the subject and also help improve the learning and subject skills you will need if you wish to study the subject in more depth. Subject courses use a variety of methods to achieve this, authentically reflecting first year undergraduate study at the University of Dundee.

You will be supported by some or all of the following methods:

  • Online subject guides available through our web-based Virtual Learning Environment;
  • Online reading materials and other electronic resources;
  • Short self-assessments;
  • Online group work;
  • Online subject tutor comments;
  • Synchronous online subject tutor sessions to let you ask questions in real time;
  • Online personal tutor and course director comments to help with the broader aspects of being a student;
  • Synchronous online personal tutor and course director sessions to let you ask questions in real time;
  • Email from other students plus undergraduate student leaders;
  • VOIP contact and assistance (a typical Voice Over Internet system is Skype);
  • Telephone.

As you can see, our programme focuses on helping you achieve your goals in the way that best suits your learning needs.

Assessment Procedures

Before being admitted as University of Dundee undergraduates, all prospective students must provide us with clear evidence that they will cope with and prosper in their studies.

Discover Learning at Dundee provides just such an opportunity. Whilst flexible, the programme requires significant commitment and performance to achieve this goal. We fully recognise that different participants may wish or need to learn in different ways, therefore self study is a key component of the programme. All students will complete both continuously assessed and examined work - the latter being done under secure online examination conditions.


Each subject course is available "live" for exactly four weeks. To provide you with the highest quality of support, students must join subject courses on the FIRST DAY they go live and follow the subject course through the remainder of the four week period. Each subject course is offered twice per year – so make a note of when your subject courses will be available.

How to Apply

You should apply at least one month before the start date of the subject courses that you wish to study.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for details of any costs you may be required to meet.

Click the button below to read the guidelines and apply online

English Language Requirements

All courses at the University of Dundee are taught in English. You must have a good standard of English in order to be successful in your academic studies and so a formal qualification in English is required. This should normally be at least a pass at SQA Standard Grade (grades 1-3)/Intermediate 2 or at GCSE Level (grades A-C) or SQA Communications 3. All non-native speakers of English must have a good command of English Language, at least to the standard of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 603 (or 250 for computer-based test) or their equivalents and provide recent certification as evidence of this.

This course is not suitable for those seeking English as a Foreign Language (EFL) tuition as it requires the levels of English listed above.


Learning at a distance is both fun and challenging.

You will be provided with a full range of support options by the Discover Learning at Dundee - our aim is to help you succeed. Weekdays we try to respond to all communications within 48 hours. Our office hours are 09.00 to 17.00 weekdays. As with undergraduate study, students should plan their work to build in time to seek any help they may need.

Joining in

Joining our programme could not be easier - just follow our simple steps:

  1. Read the advice and guidance in our FAQ section;
  2. Enrol in the programme by completing our online application form
  3. Complete our simple Virtual Learning Environment Induction, just follow the instructions after enrolling. You will then be ready to start the programme;
  4. Begin our Learning Xtra course - this helps you develop the skills you will need to get the most out of the programme;
  5. Begin your subject courses.


Discover Learning at Dundee
Admissions & Student Recruitment
University of Dundee

Telephone: +44 1382 384124


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