Employ a Language Assistant

Hosting a Language Assistant in your school is an ideal way to improve language learning for your students.

Language Assistants are native speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Irish and are usually between 20-30 years old.

They can work with your students to improve their language skills, increase their cultural awareness and boost their confidence. Additional support from Language Assistants can also help schools to implement Government policy on language learning.

A Language Assistant can be shared between a maximum of three schools, both primary and secondary, as long as travel arrangements are reasonable and the Assistant works a minimum of 12 hours per week. Costs would be split depending on how many hours the Assistant works in each school. Further details can be found in the Costs section. 

Language Assistants fall into three general categories:

  • university students, studying subjects relating to teaching
  • intending or trainee teachers 
  • experienced teachers (this usually only applies to Language Assistants from China).

Language Assistants have a good command of English and seek to gain valuable work experience in a UK school while further improving their English and learning about UK culture.

Read on to find out how a Language Assistant would benefit your school, and how to apply.

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