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Link   Note: You must be off-campus to use this service.

You can download the AnyConnect VPN client from the Secure portal above.

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What is it

Some College ITS services need a secure connection between your off-campus computer and the college network. There are two ways to do this: with VPN or the Secure Portal; however, VPN is the preferred method. Note: Your N Drive is not available when using the secure portal, you must use VPN. 

The following are lists of what services need a secure connection.

Need a secure connection… Do not need a secure connection…
ACSIS for staff
N Drive or other shares
CISCO Speeddial page
Online Pay System
Web server posting
Library database
Outlook for staff email
Mydesktop Blackboard
ACSIS for students
Email through Live@AC – Students
Email through OWA – Staff

Who Uses it

Anyone who needs to connect to College network services from off-campus.

Tips/Notes Requirements for remote connections:
  • A network connection to Internet
  • Ability to login with different profiles on your computer
  • Antivirus software and a personal firewall
  • File and Print sharing disabled on your computer
  • in your list of trusted sites
  • Windows or Mac OS

You do NOT need a secure connection for ACSIS for students, Blackboard or Live@AC email.

Note: The College does not support VPN on Android, Blackberry or Windows 8 phones and tablets.

Note: Your N: drive is not available when connecting with Secure Portal; you must use VPN.

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