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8 pm Monday, April 21: The incredible true story of the small town with the big sound.

Host Jeff Bossert talks with James about his new documentary based of Roger Ebert's 2011 memoir. He also talks to Chaz Ebert. Listen online now.

to all the stories in our Illinois Public Media News series.

8 pm Wednesday, April 23: What makes an animal smart? Many scientists believe the secret lies in relationships.

9 pm Tuesday, April 22, on WILL-TV: With unprecedented access, Frontline uncovers the raw reality of solitary confinement.

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The Focus archive offers thousands of great interviews on millions of subjects. Explore and enjoy the Focus Archive.

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Live and Local

Live and Local keeps you informed about local performances by musicians both local and national, with occasional coverage of theater and dance. The program features conversations with the artists and a healthy sampling of their music, frequently played live in our studio.

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WILL-AM has been named the Outstanding News Operation in downstate Illinois in the AP broadcast journalism contest.

NPR Here & Now host Jeremy Hobson, a Uni High alum, talks to Uni High counselor Lisa Micele about advising high school students on college choices.

Travel with WILL to Boston, Philadelphia, Mt. Vernon and Valley Forge on private restored train cars from the 1950s.