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Discussing his new book, 'Midnight in Siberia: A Train Journey Into the Heart of Russia.'

7 pm Wednesday, Nov. 5, on WILL-TV: Learn about a friendship between a journalist and a sloth, and about people trying to protect the gentle creatures.

Urbana musician is self-described "mechanic" of the tempermental acoustic instruments.

Illinois Public Media's Jim Meadows talks to people who manage the small outdoor boxes.

8 pm Tuesday, Nov. 4, on WILL-TV: Profiles of women in public office who were “firsts” in their fields.

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Where'd the term "red tape" come from? Why are the Simpsons yellow? NPR answers these pressing questions and more.

Once Urbana, Ill., batik artist Jill Miller discovered batik, she forgot all about that degree in sociology. Watch our newest video.

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October 31, 2014

Commercial Spaceship Crashes During Test Flight

This 2013 file photo shows Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo at a Virgin Galactic hangar at Mojave Air and Space Port.

In what could be a major setback for commercial space tourism, a manned spaceship has crashed in California.  Authorities say one person on board has been killed.

NPR’s David Greene On ‘Midnight In Siberia’

Death Penalty Sought For Trooper Ambush Suspect

Ebola Researchers Banned From Medical Meeting In New Orleans

Giants Take World Series With 3-2 Win In Game Seven

On Superstorm Sandy Anniversary, Red Cross Under Scrutiny

Obama: Ebola Policies Should Support Health Care Workers On Front Lines

Ga. Hospital: Nurse Who Had Ebola To Be Released

New Jersey Releasing Quarantined Nurse

Christie Defends Quarantine And Jabs At CDC Over Ebola

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Poehler joins Terry Gross to talk about fighting the body image "demon," being a "world-class snooper" and how she was once told that she had a "great face for wigs." Listen.

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Rodney Davis and Ann Callis met on Oct. 16 in the WILL-TV studio.


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