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8 pm Friday, July 25: WILL's Fund Your Favorites poll winner in the arts category.

From classic Westerns to racy romances, horses carry so many beloved books. NPR tells you about 10 four-legged tales.

WILL-FM's Evening Concert, 7 pm Tuesday, July 29, with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

9 pm Tuesday, July 29, on WILL-TV: Frontline examines the unfolding chaos in Iraq: What went wrong? How did we get here? And what happens now?

Sean Powers talked to biologist Danielle Lee about how she uses hip hop in the classroom.

Backyard Industry's Lisa Bralts explores the concept of foraging and eating particular invasive species, like the autumn olive, as one way to slow them down.

5 pm Saturday, July 26, on WILL-AM: Stars can tell us a lot about other celestial phenomena.

8 pm Thursdays on WILL-TV

As the great-great-grandson of Texas slaveholders, journalist Chris Tomlinson wanted to find out what crimes his ancestors had committed to maintain power and privilege.

Masterpiece's Sherlock and Downton Abbey are among those honored.

We asked you to program our Friday night schedule this summer, and the votes have been counted.


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