Daily Bulletin Policies

  • The dlist will continue to be used for information that is urgent, non-routine, or unforeseen.
  • The Daily Bulletin has been designed for routine, non-emergency campus notices.
  • All submissions for the dlist and Daily Bulletin will be reviewed in order to determine the best course of action.
  • The Daily Bulletin will be updated daily at 7:00am Monday through Friday when the college is open.
  • Individuals will be able to submit an announcement for publication in the Daily Bulletin by completing an on-line form.  The form will be forwarded automatically to Tara Nepper for review, corrections if needed, and approval. Submissions must be submitted by noon to be published in the bulletin that will be sent at 7:00am the next business day. The Help Desk will be Tara’s back up.
  • Once approved, the notice will be automatically added according to the start date noted. The notices will automatically be added and deleted.
  • The Daily Bulletin will be updated Monday through Friday. When the college is closed, no updates will be added.
  • The Bulletin will be available on the VWCC website but individuals may sign up for daily email reminders if they would like to be reminded that it is available.
  • Submissions will be categorized and archived. Announcements can be viewed by date or by category. Categories include Campus News, Human Resources News, Important Dates, Student News, and Upcoming Events.  The types of information included in each of these categories is:

    Upcoming Events
    – includes campus events, summer camps, notices such as mini baja car competition, fall inservice, etc. Anything with a date that faculty/staff may need or know or have an interest in knowing.Service Interruptions – any known upcoming period when a service will be unavailable.

    Professional Development – any VWCC or VCCS notices or information about professional development.

    Human Resources News – This would include the emails regarding job postings, retirement news, insurance, CommonHealth, WorkLife Balance, new employees, supervisor round table, etc.

    Campus News – this large category would contain general news that impacts those on and/or off campus – including food vendor updates, library, bookstore, payroll, flag, e-Express postings, public health news, construction updates, changes in parking or traffic patterns, etc.

    Student News – this would cover notices about students in the news, scholarship info, hot topics, anything generated that has a direct affect on on students.

    Important Dates – list of upcoming dates – such as holiday closings, first day to register, first day of classes, last day to drop with refund, etc.

    Adjunct – this would hold info that is only relevant to adjunct professors

  • Items that are not directly related to the college such as notices for items for sale or community events will be referred to the VW Connect Trading Post.
  • Death or serious illness notices for college personnel may be included in the Daily Bulletin.