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Excellence In Research

Excellence In Research

Our department is committed to continuous excellence in research. Our research program is an award-winning programin both Clinical Science and Basic Science Research. Daily research activities are led by Johannes Vieweg, M.D., and Sergei Kusmartsev, Ph.D.. and carried out by post-doc fellows, urology residents, students, and technicians in state-of-the-art laboratories.

Our research facilities are located in the University of Florida’s newest building on campus, the Cancer and Genetics Research Building. Our labs are dedicated to eliminating Genitourinary Cancer as the second most common cause of male cancer death in this country. We are in the process of developing an extensive program through the integration of basic, applied and clinical research. This program brings together distinguished faculty with complementary expertise from multiple campuses, departments, centers, and institutes as well as the North Florida Veterans Health System. This alliance of researchers and clinicians is charged with translating the knowledge gained from basic science discoveries into clinical applications for treatment, as well as for prediction of disease progression and treatment response.

Clinical Trials Clinical Trials

The Department of Urology is committed to excellence and advancement in medical research. As a part of this research, Urology investigators conduct clinical trials in which eligible patients may participate. A clinical trial is a medical research study conducted on patients to evaluate and answer specific questions about a potential treatment to be used in future patient care. Researchers conduct clinical trials to test innovative therapies, such as cancer vaccines, RNA-based therapeutics or stem cell-based technologies.