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Use of university premises and facilities (rule 103)

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C.1.b. For space in the Illini Union, the following priorities with respect to reservations of space shall apply:

  1. Functions sponsored by Illini Union Board
  2. Educational, informational, cultural, and recreational programs sponsored by University organizations, campus organizations and related organizations.
  3. The teaching, research and public service programs of university organizations, including conferences and short courses offered by the Office of Continuing Education and Public Service.

C. 2. b. ii. Reservations for space in the Illini Union (for use between 7am and 3:30pm on weekdays) foR conferences and short courses sponsored by the Office of Continuing Education and Public Service or other university organizations may be tentatively held up to twelve months in advance.

C. 2. b. iv. If the event is to take place in a space that is not normally needed for instructional purposes at that time, reservations will be confirmed after March 1 for events in the summer sessions, after June 1 for events in the fall semester, or after November 1 for events in the spring semester.

C. 2. c. The university retains the right to cancel or change reserved space when it is needed for University use. Whenever possible, comparable space and prior notification of the change will be provided.

C. 2. d. Applications for use of unreserved space as defined in section C.2.b.iv above received prior to March 1, June 1, or November 1 will be honored in the order of priority as delineated in section C.1, with applicants of equal priority being given equal consideration. Applications of equal priority will be honored in such a manner to ensure the most appropriate space usage for the programs involved in accordance with policies developed by the Committee on the Use of Facilities. (See section I.) If such an appeal is to be made, it must be submitted in writing and received by the chairperson of the committee within five school days after the notice of denial is given.

C. 2. e. Applications received after March 1, June 1, or November 1 will not displace any previously approved assignments except by mutual consent of the parties concerned or successful appeal to the Committee on the Use of Facilities. (See section I.) All applications for as yet unreserved space received within three months of the date of requested use will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Events so scheduled may be displaced only by mutual consent of the parties involved, or through successful appeal to the Committee on the Use of Facilities.

  • Requirements to use university premises and facilities
    • A Registered Organization may sponsor an event.

    • Several Registered Organizations may sponsor the same event.

    • Registered Organizations may sponsor an event to benefit a non-Registered Organization, but a non-Registered Organization may not be a sponsor or cosponsor.

    • Registered Organizations and other university units (departments, colleges, programs) may cosponsor an event.

  • Procedures to request use of university premises and facilities

    • Request forms are available in Illini Union room 280 and must be submitted to the Director for approval. Allow 48 hours to process requests for meetings or other events not requiring special services. Allow at least a week for events requiring special services, and at least a month for events requiring specialized stage preparation or production procedures. Requests for fundraising events in the Ice Arena must be approved by the Director and submitted to the manager of the Ice Arena at least two months before the event.
    • There must be a signature of an authorized agent for every Registered Organization sponsoring the same event. If the event is to be cosponsored by two or more Registered Organizations, the names of all the participating organizations must appear on the request forms along with the appropriate signatures of their authorized agents. Events may be canceled if it is discovered that one organization applied as the sole sponsor when in fact several organizations are cosponsors. Events will be canceled if it is discovered that a non-university affiliated organization is in fact the sponsor or cosponsor of an event on university property.

    • If your organization wishes to sponsor professional performers who normally are paid a fee of more than $2,500.00, including expenses, you are required to find a cosponsor from among the four campus entertainment units: Assembly Hall, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Illini Union Board or Star Course. Such performers usually include rock bands, theatrical productions, professional athletic events, musicians, singers, dancers, and comedians.

    • When indicating “Type of Event,” be specific. You may use “meeting” or “movie showing,” but for anything else, more information is required. “Fundraiser” is not sufficient, but “Basketball tournament to benefit American Red Cross” is. If your event is raising, collecting or generating funds, you are required to complete the appropriate fundraiser form to submit with your request. These forms are available in Illini Union room 280.

    • When indicating “Dates” requested, specify if you wish all or any of the dates, and if they are in priority order. Your chances of getting space are increased if you list more than one date for your event.

    • When indicating “Space Desired,” specify the ideal room if you know the room number and the building. You may request “any room in the Illini Union,” “any room in Gregory Hall,” or “any room in a building on the Quad,” or “any room with seminar-style seating,” etc. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the eservations offices to find you appropriate space for your event.

    • “Signature of Authorized Organizational Agent” must be an officer whose name and signature appear on the group’s registration form on file in the Office of Registered Organizations. Contact person may be anyone in the organization.

    • These request forms are used for all university premises and facilities. Put requests for Illini Union rooms on one form, those for Campus Recreation space (gyms, fields) on another, and all others on a separate form. After the Director approves your request, those for the Illini Union will be forwarded to Illini Union room 165; those for Campus Recreation will be forwarded to 170 IMPE and all others to the Office of Facility Management and Scheduling at 901 W. Illinois, Urbana, IL 61801 MC-061. If you wish to take the request forms yourself, please indicate this when submitting the form. Walk-through forms will usually be available for pick up by at least the next working day. Please remember: Walk-through allows your forms to be taken directly to the office responsible for site assignments, usually ahead of any forms mailed to them, but those offices will generally not be able to provide you with immediate site assignment. If the assigning office is unable to immediately attend to your request, you can return later to receive your assignment.
  • On those occasions when your organization wishes to bring to campus a speaker or program of wide interest, but which may cost more than your organization alone can afford, talk with the Director about possible co-sponsorship opportunities with other university units. Among well-known cosponsors of p rograms with Registered Organizations are the Illini Union Board and MillerCom, as well as funding boards such as SORF. Begin your preliminary inquiries as soon as you have identified the speaker or program you wish to bring to campus. Remember that some organizations will not cosponsor a program with you if they have not been involved from the beginning. It is important to know the difference between a funding board and a cosponsor.
  • Until you receive a signed confirmation form assigning you specific space for your event, you do not have an approved event. Do not advertise your event or make contracts with speakers/entertainers/programs before receiving confirmation. On those occasions when you are seeking cosponsorships, tentative, conditional approval may be possible to hold the facility for your event.
  • Considerations of the Director for Approval of Request.
    • Confirms that the organization is currently registered and in good standing (is not overdrawn on its Organization Fund account encumbered by the Registered Organizations Office)

    • Confirms that the form has been signed by an authorized agent of each Registered Organization sponsoring the event

    • Determines whether the description of the event is clear and that it is a permissible event on university property, either at the site requested or elsewhere on campus

    • Determines whether the event is in conflict with another campus event or a campus policy

    • If a fundraiser, determines that the information is clear as to beneficiary and type of event or activity

    • If a fundraiser, confirms that the sponsoring organization has an appropriate Organization Fund account number

    • If a fundraiser, confirms that the treasurer of the sponsoring organization has attended the mandatory Treasurers Workshop

    • If the event involves the dispensing of food not provided by regular university food services, confirms that special clearance required from the University Office of Environmental Health has been received

    • When appropriate, determines whether the sponsoring organization has the resources to hold such an event

    • Determines whether there is sufficient information on which to base a decision

    • Other considerations as warranted

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