Student Information

Activity/I.D. Cards
The University requires that you have an identification card with your name and picture. Called the Action Card, it is both a debit and an identification card. Your student number is encoded magnetically in your card along with the services to which you have access. This card provides identification for library services, university sporting events, access to certain buildings and parking decks, meal ticket and vending machine charge privileges, AT&T calling, and many other services. It is invaluable for university activities and resources and in cashing checks in the Tuscaloosa community.

It is the student’s responsibility to have an Action Card made at 104 Student Services Center during orientation. Time will be made available during the program orientation for those students who have not had pictures made. For more information or to report a lost or stolen card, contact the Action Card Office,
205-348-2288 or 1-800-474-2288, or e-mail:

The staff members of the Office of Student Services, located in 102 and 106 Little Hall, are available to talk with students about admission requirements, financial resources, and concerns related to personal or academic life.


Textbooks may be purchased from the University Supply Store, the Alabama Book Store, The College Store, Off Campus Book Store,  or various other vendors found on the World Wide Web.

For most courses, the School is required to place an order that is divided among the local bookstores. Therefore, you may need to check more than one store for texts. The stores also will purchase used books from students. However, you probably will want to keep some of the books you purchase for your professional library.

Mail Boxes

Student mail boxes are located in the hallway on the first floor of Little Hall. These mail boxes are provided as a convenience to students; please check your mai lbox regularly. The mail boxes are lettered alphabetically. For example, if your last name is Smith, your mail will be placed in the “S” box. These mail boxes are for internal use only.

Students are not to use these mail boxes to receive mail through the postal service. Post office boxes are available for rent at the U.S. Post Office in the basement of the Ferguson Center on campus.

Mail for faculty and staff members can be placed in the outgoing mail slot located across the hall from the student lounge.

Parking Permits

All students, faculty, and staff must display appropriate parking permits on their vehicles to park on campus during the days and hours such permits are required. The permit will allow you to park in the areas identified by the color on the permit.

Student parking permits may be obtained from the Parking Services Office at 103 Student Services Center, or through the web at myBama by registering prior to July 26th .  A current license plate number will be required to obtain a parking permit.

Parking permits will be mailed to the permanent address on file in the Office of Academic Records approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. On August 1, student permits may be purchased in person at the Parking Services Office.  Permits are not required after 6:00 p.m. or on Saturday and Sunday.

Any student visiting campus or attending classes Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. is required to either:

  • Park in one of the visitor decks and pay $3.00 on exit
  • Purchase a student permit
  • Purchase day student passes for $3.00 per day allowing them to park in any student surface lot on campus