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Startups in the News

  • Sharklet Featured in Video/Article: Think Like a Tree; How Sharkskin Can Save Us From Superbugs (Wired)
    A startup company based on UF research — Sharklet — is addressing the problem of superbugs. The hospital can be a place to get healthy—and a place to get sick. Every year, two million people in the US acquire infections while in the hospital. And 100,000 people die from them, a number that’s increasing as widespread antibiotic use spawns more drug-resistant—and more deadly—superbugs. Hospitals fight these bacteria off with hand sanitizer, antibiotics, and chemicals. But those methods aren’t enough to prevent every infection. So scientists are trying a different defense, by mimicking a surprising savior from the sea: sharks. Smooth surfaces are more likely to collect biofouling organisms, whether they’re bacteria on a hospital room sink or barnacles on ship hulls. It’s that second problem that UF materials scientist Anthony Brennan was trying to solve in 2001. While helping the Navy figure out a way to keep its ship sides smooth, he noticed that sharks somehow manage to stay barnacle and algae-free. “By staying clean while moving slow, sharks defy a basic principle of the ocean,” says Mark Spiecker, the CEO of Sharklet Technologies.... Read more »
  • AxoGen Secures $17M Investment from Essex Woodlands (Gainesville Sun)
    UF startup AxoGen announced Wednesday that it sold $17.1 million in stock to Essex Woodlands, an investment firm specializing in healthcare companies. AxoGen will use the funding to drive its current marketing program, enter new markets, and develop additional nerve-repair products, according to a news release. The company makes peripheral nerve-repair products and trades on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol AXGN.... Read more »
  • Essex Woodlands Fund IX Acquires Significant Position in AxoGen, Inc. (Globe Newswire/PR Web)
    UF startup AxoGen, Inc. a leader in developing and marketing innovative surgical solutions for peripheral nerve injuries, has sold 4,861,111 registered shares of its common stock to Essex Woodlands, a leading investment firm focused on growth-oriented companies in the healthcare sector. The sale was completed at a price of $3.60 per share, generated net proceeds of approximately $17.1 million to AxoGen and represented 16% of the Company’s shares post transaction. The Company plans to use the resources to drive its current market growth strategies, accelerate entering into new nerve repair markets and develop and launch additional nerve repair products. This funding also provides additional working capital to strengthen the Company’s balance sheet.... Read more »
  • Takeda and Nanotherapeutics to Expand Takeda’s Commercialization and Technology Access Rights in Support of Influenza and Other Vaccine Programs (BusinessWire)
    Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and UF startup Nanotherapeutics, Inc., announced an agreement providing Takeda with expanded commercialization and technology access rights related to Nanotherapeutics’ Vero cell technology platform – a cell culture-based platform for vaccine production which Nanotherapeutics acquired from Baxalta, formerly Baxter International’s BioScience division. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.... Read more »
  • Banyan Biomarkers One of Two Companies Closing in on a Concussion Blood Test (MIT Technology Review)
    A blood test that could quickly detect a brain injury and measure the damage it has done could help doctors provide better care for the millions of people suffering from such injuries, potentially improving their chances of avoiding long-term disabilities. The trick is identifying proteins that appear in the blood in elevated amounts only after a brain injury and then developing tests that can both detect those markers and determine medically relevant information from them. Two companies, Quanterix and Banyan Biomarkers, have identified promising biomarkers and are devising and evaluating diagnostic tests.... Read more »

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OTL News and Events

  • Researchers: Tap Into a New Source of Funding
    As it gets harder and harder to find funding to move your innovation from the bench to the marketplace, SBIR grants are more important than ever. Help increase your competitive edge by joining us for our Oct. 7  SBIR and STTR workshop run by Jim Greenwood of Greenwood Consulting, nationally known for helping companies, entrepreneurs and inventors like you achieve... Read more »
  • Assoc. Director Jane Muir Among Women Who Make a Difference Honored by Girl Scouts (Gainesville Sun)
    Assoc. Director Jane Muir Among Women Who Make a Difference Honored by Girl Scouts (Gainesville Sun) Brownies, Daisies and Juniors dressed in brown vests packed with Girl Scouts badges sat among a sea of guests to honor five of Gainesville’s most accomplished women on Thursday. At the ceremony the University of Florida Hilton, the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council celebrated Jane... Read more »
  • UF among nation’s leaders in licensing, patents and startups (UF News)
    The UF Office of Technology Licensing helped to launch Sentinel Diagnostic Imaging in fiscal year 2013, along with 15 other startup companies based on UF research discoveries. According to statistics recently released by the Association of University Technology Managers as part of its annual licensing survey, the 16 startups launched that year put UF sixth in the nation, ranked among... Read more »
  • Associate Director Jane Muir Wins Spirit of Gainesville Award (Gainesville Magazine)
    OTL Associate Director Jane Muir won the Spirit of Gainesville Award in the Entrepreneurship category for her work founding the Empowering Women in Technology Startups program ( Ewits is gearing up to start a new session in January, and applications are open (see website for details). The next info session is Dec. 11.... Read more »
  • Some Inventions out of UF Find Huge Success (Gainesville Sun)
    Inventors and researchers from the University of Florida create products and make new discoveries, but it is the university?s Office of Technology Licensing that helps those products and discoveries make money in the marketplace. The OTL works with inventors with patentable or copyrightable technology to bring new products to the marketplace. Many of those inventions go on to see large... Read more »

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