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Our Vision, Mission & Values


The University of Florida College of Pharmacy will be internationally renowned, and an organization where leaders in practice, education, and research are fostered and developed.


The University of Florida College of Pharmacy promotes the health and welfare of the citizens of Florida and the nation by preparing graduates in pharmacy to take independent professional responsibility for the outcome of drug therapy in patients. Graduates will have a strong scientific foundation, sensitivity to cultural diversity, and the ability to assume leadership roles in practice, community, and the profession.

Additionally, the College:

  • Promotes and fosters graduate education in pharmaceutical, clinical, administrative and psychosocial sciences. The college educates student to be distinguished contributors to pharmacy and related disciplines.
  • Provides faculty members the opportunity to develop fully as teachers and scholars.
  • Supports development of quality research programs, which serve to advance the knowledge and skills of pharmacists, other health care professionals and the associated scientific community.
  • Provides leadership for the continuing professional growth and development of pharmacy in Florida, nationally, and internationally.
  • Cooperates in a service capacity with other institutions in the provision of specialty advanced training, as well as with the state and the profession in areas where the college faculty possess unique expertise.
  • Offers opportunities for practicing pharmacists to maintain and enhance their competencies for professional practice.

Core Values

Excellence ● Trust ● Accountability ● Innovation ● Teamwork ● Integrity ● Diversity