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We hope to inspire alumni and friends to invest in the future of pharmacy education by supporting our most valuable assets – our faculty and our students. There are many ways you can get involved. Bookmark this page to keep up-to-date on events and gatherings. Sign up to receive quarterly GATORx Online e-news briefs, the annual GATORx alumni magazine, and fall events brochure. We hope you will join our team to help make UF one of the TOP TEN colleges of pharmacy in the country!

Donor Spotlight

Richard Neal

Neal Family Scholarship

Class of '99

Richard graduated from high school 20 miles from UF in the small town of Williston, Fla. His mother’s family had several generations of pharmacists, and his father was a heavy equipment mechanic who ran his own business for 30 years. After getting an AS degree, Richard worked for nine years in electronics.

His grandmother “kept after me” to go back to school, he said. So while working, he continued taking classes for several years. It was her persistence that got him into pharmacy education 10 years after high school.

Establishing the $100,000 Neal Family Scholarship in honor of his grandmother, Richard said that it was also a tribute to his father, who passed away. His father was sociable and liked talking with customers. Now, he credits his dad’s trait for his own patient-care skills. It was his entire family’s support and encouragement that made him think about providing similar support to deserving pharmacy students.

“My father was the one that paid for everything and made sure we had what we needed. I was the only one on the Neal side of the family to go to college,” Richard said.

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