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We hope to inspire alumni and friends to invest in the future of pharmacy education by supporting our most valuable assets – our faculty and our students. There are many ways you can get involved. Bookmark this page to keep up-to-date on events and gatherings. Sign up to receive quarterly GATORx Online e-news briefs, the annual GATORx alumni magazine, and fall events brochure. We hope you will join our team to help make UF one of the TOP TEN colleges of pharmacy in the country!

Donor Spotlight

Bill McCLintock

Academy of Excellence

Class of '70

Although he’s a registered pharmacist in three states, Bill McClintock didn’t follow the typical pharmacist career path. Entrepreneurship, years of work, and an interest in using technology to improve hospital pharmacy management, netted him a multi-million dollar business. Following the sale of his Atlanta-based company, medDISPENSE, Bill set up a charitable trust for the college through a $100,000 gift to the Academy of Excellence. His support will assist deserving pharmacy students by providing funds for professional meetings and educational events.

“My UF Pharmacy experience taught me how to work hard, and gave me the tools to be successful as a professional,” Bill said. “I then used them to learn management. It has helped me immensely over the years.”

After completing his military service in the army as a hospital pharmacist, Bill built on his experience and joined Owen Health Care, the largest hospital pharmacy management company in the United States. A regional vice president, based in Atlanta, he was responsible for the pharmacy operations of 100 hospitals in the southeast region. His region led the company in automation as he encouraged Owen to use this technology in its hospitals.

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