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faculty-research There are four primary focus areas into which much of the research at the College may be grouped:

  • Aging and health
  • Women’s health
  • Biobehavioral Interventions with Infants, Children and Adults
  • Public Health and Health policy

The following summarizes the research interests of the College’s research faculty. Click on a faculty member’s name for a more complete profile.

Maureen Curley
Research Interests: the psychiatric and behavioral disorders of abortion, reproductive loss, PTSD and stress disorders among young women, as well as the development of population-focused behavioral interventions targeted toward these disorders
Focus Area: Biobehavioral interventions

Jennifer Elder
Research Interests: Mental health: parent-child interactions; autism; child behavioral and dietary interventions
Focus Area: Biobehavioral interventions

Ann Horgas
Research Interests: Aging; pain; dementia; nursing home caregiving
Focus Area: Aging and health

Charlene Krueger
Research Interests: Learning; heart rate variability; infant development
Focus Areas: Women’s health; biobehavioral interventions

Leslie Parker
Research interests: Nutrition in the very low birth weight (VLBW) infant; breastfeeding VLBW infants
Focus Areas: women’s health, VLBW infant nutrition, neonatal
Feature: Parker Receives NIH Grants to Study Nutrition in Premature Infants

Beverly Roberts
Research Interests: Exercise from a physical and psychosocial standpoint of elderly adults
Focus Area: Aging and health; elderly adults and exercise

Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini
Research Interests: depression among minorities, community-based interventions for minority population and group-treatment among minorities
Focus Areas: Health policy; minority health

Joyce Stechmiller
Research Interests: Nutrition; Immune competence; wound healing; aging
Focus Areas: Aging and health; biobehavioral interventions

Bryan Weber
Research Interests: Cancer (prostate); aging; social support
Focus Areas: Aging and health; biobehavioral interventions

Sunny Yoon
Research Interests: Complementary and alternative medicine; osteoarthritis; pain; aging
Focus Areas: Aging and health; women’s health; biobehavioral interventions