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research The University of Florida College of Nursing has a large number of doctorally prepared research-active faculty. The work of these nurse scientists covers a broad range of interests, from the community-based health care and support services for vulnerable populations to the effects of nursing workforce issues. This has resulted in improvements in health promotion, disease prevention and symptom management for young and old, alike.

Current research falls into four general areas:

  • Aging and health, with an emphasis on cancer survivorship, interventions to promote healthy aging, and symptom management.
  • Women’s health, particularly the study of fetal and infant development.
  • Biobehavioral interventions, which involve the study of interrelationships among the biological, behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual factors that influence wellness and disease.
  • Health policy, including the influence of local and national policy on physical and psychological health.

Within the UF Health Science Center and the University of Florida, the CON’s faculty and student researchers find a truly collaborative environment. Affiliation with the UF Shands Cancer Center has enriched the College’s research endeavors. Other opportunities for collaborative research abound in the many research-intensive centers and institutes at the University, among them the following:

Jonas Center Grant

jonas The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program at the University of Florida College of Nursing is made possible by a grant from the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence funded by the Jonas Family Fund. Learn More »