CLEMSON — Clemson University’s board of trustees Wednesday approved modest increases in tuition for Fall 2012 — 3 percent for in-state students and 4 percent for out-of-state students.

“We’ve made a commitment to students and families,” said Clemson President James F. Barker. “We will continue to improve the quality of a Clemson education while maintaining access. That means keeping tuition and fee increases as low as possible. Our commitment is to add value to the educational experience and directly benefit students in accordance with our 2020 Road Map.”

The road map is Clemson’s 10-year strategic plan.

The tuition increase, which adds $185 per semester for in-state students and $569 per semester for non-residents, will offset inflation and generate revenue for student engagement opportunities, critical faculty investments, facility improvements, deferred maintenance and technology updates.

“Because of the generosity of the state's scholarship program and the success of our capital campaign, on average, in-state students pay far less than the sticker price,” said Brett Dalton, vice president for finance and operations. “In-state freshman, on average, pay about 31 percent of the published price, while the overall average for all in-state students is about 50 percent of the sticker price.”

Graduate student tuition will remain unchanged for the coming year.

The trustees also approved proposed rates for housing and meal plans — a 3.9 percent average room and board increase. Specific dollar and percentage increases vary depending on the residence hall and dining plan selected by the student.

Revenue from increased housing fees will fund deferred maintenance projects and housing facility improvements. Revenue from increased meal plan fees will fund inflationary costs of food and deferred maintenance projects and improvements for dining halls.

Student housing and dining services are auxiliary enterprises, which by state law must be self-supporting.