By: IainG

Technology is everywhere.  We see it any place we go and, in fact, almost all of us carry some piece of technology with us every time we leave the house.  What I always forget, though, is just how...

By: IainG

This question is something that often seems to be talked about among friends. Most of my own friends think that there is nothing wrong with it, but others – including my mother – think deleting...

By: KatieP

Listening to the radio is something which I really like to do. Whether it’s to listen to my favourite songs, catch up on the latest news or just listen to something to help me chill out and relax...

By: TeresaC

My parents are useless with anything remotely technological. Computers, printers, cameras, mobile phones, iPods … you name it, they can’t use it!

Over the Christmas holidays, my parents...

By: IainG

As many of us carry our cameras or phones almost constantly, one particular style of picture is becoming ever more ubiquitous: the selfie, a photo that you take of yourself.

The “...

By: TeresaC

In E. M. Forster’s short story, ‘The Machine Stops’, he talks about ‘The Machine’, which is worshipped by the majority of people in the world of the book. In the story, the world's population...