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How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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Hi! My name is Lucy! People in the UK have 1 surname. Yes! I know a girl with a middle name. My favourite name is... hmm... Angie? Yup, I think Angie. Short for Angela. And these are the pet names: For a tortoise; Tortilla. For a dog, Midnight Sky, For a cat; Tabby. For; a turtle, Toto. For a duck, rubber! Only joking I'd call a duck Squishy. And finally... MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL... A UNICORN! THIS FANTASY CREATURE WOULD BE CALLED... *dun dun dunnnnnnn* Popcorn The Unicorn!

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My name is Isabella, my favourite name is my name! :D

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Hello! My name is Ali Emir. In Turkey we have one surname.My favorite names is Özgür ,Enes and Barış.My favorite pet name is Boncuk.I haven't got a pet :(.I wish if I had a cat.Good bye!

SuperPlatinum1000's picture

People here have one surename and name. Maybe some women has middle surname. No, I don't know anyone. Yeah, I have: Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Ana (my name) and Zayn. I like Papi name for pet. :)

YellowRabbitBird's picture

My favourite pet name is Mestan.It is cat's name.

SilverPianoNature's picture

In my country people use one or two surname. My nickname is Faiza. Fateema is my middle name.  I like to call my pet "Gubbus", he is a rabbit.

LadyPurpleWater's picture

in my country we can have up to two surnames
I have a middle name
good names for pet dogs are Fido or Max.

MissGigantosaurusOrchestra's picture

My  favourite name is  !!!  IRIA 
A good name for a pet is Whiskers.

LadyBlack99's picture

Hi, my name is Irene.My favourite girls' names are Andromachi, Arsinoi, Jocasta and Klemendine. My favourite boys' names are Dimitris and Iasonas. Here in Greece people have usually one or even two names and one surname. A good name for a dog is Ivan and for a cat Sousi.

LadyBluebellSand's picture
  1. my name is rawan
  2. i will have a cat yay but i dont know any names for cats
  3.  can any one say to me any names
  4. please
CreamTambourineSaxophone's picture

My name is Mara, my dad's name is Vladimir, my mum's name is Inna, my broyher's names are Gleb and Alexey. We are from Russia!!!

DancingWidgetKid's picture

My name is Anne I love pets,my pets' names are Julie and Marmaid,they are dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PrincessXylophoneJaguar's picture

Hello Anne, how are you? My pet dog is called Julie too! Bye Bye

DJTablaDJ's picture

My name is DJTableDJ , In our counry , people uauelly use wai , li , wu , zao , zang.       Yes ,  I do .   Yes, I do ,It is WJL . A good name for dog is Wang wang .                                     

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My name is Alexander.A good name for cats is Poupy. 

CookingGeckoTree's picture

Hi Alexander,

my favourite name for a cat is blackpow.


KingPyramidSand's picture

I am Ibrahim from pakistan and I think floppy is a good name for a dog.

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My name is ibrahim and I live in PAKISTAN Im  a good reader and also a good writer so I was wondering if i can give you a poem wich i wrote it my self so plese tell me how to give you my poem

GoodbyeLaptopSpaceship's picture

HI! I living in VIETNAM, i vant to friend with you, OK?

MissInternetEarth's picture
Hi KingPyramidSand,
We would love to read your poem. You can type it into the comment box on this page:
I'm looking forward to reading it!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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MissInternetEarth tell me where do you live and what is your real name by the way thankyou for telling the website.

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Hi KingPyramidSand,
I'm one of the adults who works on LearnEnglish Kids. I help to check all of the comments to make sure that this website is safe for children. I live in France. I enjoy reading comments from children all over the world. I really like my LearnEnglish Kids name, so for now I'm going to keep my real name a secret!

Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team

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Miss Internet Earth plese tell me is thier any story or poem writing compition plese tell me .......................

KingPyramidSand's picture

miss internet earth how can I make my picture icant find how to make my paicture so guide me a little bit and iam from Pakistan i  will be waiting for your reply. 

MissInternetEarth's picture
Hi KingPyramidSand,
To create a picture, go to the home page and click on 'my account' on the right hand side.
Next click the tab 'edit' and scroll down to create your character. Follow the instructions, and when you have finished, don't forget to save.
It may take a few days before you can see your character. Please be patient, and write to us if you can't see it after a week.

I'm sorry but we don't have any competitions at the moment, but you can write your poems in the comment box on this page:
And your stories in the comment box on this page:
I'm sure other members would love to read them.

Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team
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Miss Internet Earth I need to read some stories on this website so plese help me and i dont need short stories,I am waiting for your reply.

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Hi MissInternetEarth,
How did you make the orange color sentence? Please tell me. =D

ProfessorEmeraldBeach's picture

Dear Princessfashionrhythm, 

This is ProfessorEmeraldBeach. We make the orange sentence by copying and pasting a URL, which is an address at the top of the page. It shows us that this sentence can take us to another internet page, so it's quite useful for the LearnEnglishKids team to show you where you can find pages. 

Best Wishes, 


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Thank you mam.

PrincessBlueMusic's picture

My favorite name whit a dog is brisa

StylishEarDiamond's picture

Peoples in our country usually have only one surname.My grandfather had a middle name i.e.Mohan. His name was Anand Mohan. My favorite name is Chhavi being it's my younger sister's name and it was chosen by me.I have not any pet animal but if i had a pet, I would like to name it like Tom Or Jerry which is my favorite catoon characters.

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DJMoonGhost's picture

My name is Bhargav.I am from India  

GreenDJDog's picture

hi my name is Jessica in british council are my name is greenDJdog and I come from Denmark

SilverMusic5's picture

hello my name is gülnihal . my favorite name is elif and deniz

WalkingDJButterfly's picture

Hello!!! My name is Edmon. I am from Armenia. My favorite name Aram,Edmon and Nona.

MissLilacPhoenix's picture

i have a friend who has a middle name

MissLilacPhoenix's picture

hello !
my name is anwesa.there are almost  a bezilion surnames in my country.i know a girl who is having a middle name.

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Hi! My name is Zeynep. I live in Turkey. I am a Katy Perry fan. My favorite name is Katy and Elizabeth. I will name my pet BoB. Thanks!!!

PurpleRock3's picture

Hello my name is Elif İlayda .I'm  from Turkey. My best friends is İlayda . My favorite name is Elizabeth Angle and Adriyana . My favorite calor is purpple and pink. My favorite sports is valeyball, swim . ı don't like football because  it's was very bored

LadyGuitarClown's picture

Hello,my name is İlayda.I'm from Turkey.My best friends are Elif and Kayra.My favorite name is Erica ,Elizabeth and Melodi .My favorite sport is volleyball.I love animals.I don't like football because I is so bored.Thank you for reading.

LadyBlue1000's picture

hello, i'm valentina i'm from bogota/colombia but i live in united states my favorite name's  are jessica,natalia and my name i dont know why i like those names .... so i need learn english very good , i know english a little bit ..... i dont have middle name my name is only valentina  bye bye

DoctorGuitarKitty's picture

people in our country use surname as well middle name. My grandpa has middle name Kishore.
I am Shreya. I live in Suva, Fiji. My favourate name is Suhani because she is my good friend. My favourate pet name is zeena. It is a cute kitten.

DiamondRedSong's picture

In here people got 1 surname and for a good pet name its Princess :D

YellowRabbitBird's picture

Hello.It's me,Amina.My favourite name is Amina ,because It my name.

PrincessMaracasCity's picture

My name is Nalan. I live in Denizli. The people from Turkey  have one surname.  My favourite name is Işıl because my friend's name is Işıl . My favourite name for a pet is Minnoş.

MagicRuby100's picture

My name is Nastya. I live in Moscow. The people from Russia usually have one surname. We don't have a middle name. My favourite name is Violetta because me friend's name is Violetta. My favourite name for a pet is Barik.

BrightEmerald80's picture

I'm Elisabetta. I live in Rijeka.The people from Croatia usually have one name and one surname. Wi don't have a middle name. My favourite name is Elisabeth. My favourite name for a pet is Lilli.


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