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How to ask someone where they got that

Ask the right questions to find out where people got their things.

How to ask someone where they got that ...


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the internet is  a good way to buy things...books,clothes and electronics.... but  hanging out with family or friends is better than see the things that is you will buy it by your feel see the street  

where did you get them? good 

Why my comment does not appear ..?

Hello Moony,
Your comment does appear! Sometimes you have to wait a while for a comment to appear. We check comments before they are published to make sure they don't break our House Rules.
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The LearnEnglish Team

it is very difficult , the guy speaks quickly

Hello Taher,

When my students find listening difficult, I recommend they read the transcript at the same time. You can find it on the tabs at the top of the tasks. 

If you want to improve your listening with something a little easier, try our Elementary Podcasts.

Best wishes,

Stephen Jones

The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, Stephen Jones,
I am a student from china, I want to improve my English level and study at cambridge, can you give me some suggestions? I achieved only 5.5 score in my last IELTS examination (reading 7.5, writing 5.5, listening 5.0, speaking 4.5 respectively).
Thanks for your suggestions.
Jack Yu

Hello Jack,

It would be better to ask IELTS-related questions on our IELTS advice and practice pages


Stephen Jones
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Taher
My name's Amira and I'm from Libya too,
Can I know more about you and your interests please ?
Good luck for you ..

These videos are really great! Thank you for them. They are fun, too. The guy in the video speaks really fast and natural, so sometimes it's quite difficult to understand, but probably this is the way we foreigners develop our listening skills.