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How to ask someone where they got that

Ask the right questions to find out where people got their things.


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I don't think it's safe to buy something on the Net. You can look at the things you'd like to buy but you can't touch, smell, taste or try them on. It may turn out, for example, that the clothes you liked so much on the girl model don't fit you. For a woman it's a real problem. I think shopping on the Net is  just wasting your money. In my opinion it's better to shop with your eyes just to see what's new on the market or what new fashion trends are. You can kill time this way.

hi everyone,good video for learning english

hi i started new i wish learn very soon

Hello! I do not like shopping. It seems to be strange, because most of women like shopping. So, I don't spend a lot of time for it. I think that shopping on the internet is easy nowadays, because it does not take a lot of time. We have a busy life, and shopping on the internet really helps. Well, I liked the video. It's easy. I have a special note book and I write all the new words for and I try to use them in my english. Thank you.

But if you see slow videos all the time, you never will understand so much!!, I dont imagine myself speaking with anyone and asking her/him if she/he can speak more slower!!! but with practice you can understand all of them.

HY!! Thanks for this useful Video..

I agree, shopping often is a nice activity for socializing, is very fun but  after a while you get exhausted!

I think that the dialog is a little fast for me... I could understand after I did the exercise below where they explain some phrases and when I replayed it I finally understood.
Thanks for the videos!!!

I had never seen this expression: Could do with.
And  I'm not able to find the relationship between I heard and the transcription.

I'm not sure buying at Internet. I'm "scared" that someone steal my money, or that the thing I'm buying doesn´t work properly.
I only had bought some software and some trip.