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How to ask someone where they got that

Ask the right questions to find out where people got their things.


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HY!! Thanks for this useful Video..

I agree, shopping often is a nice activity for socializing, is very fun but  after a while you get exhausted!

I think that the dialog is a little fast for me... I could understand after I did the exercise below where they explain some phrases and when I replayed it I finally understood.
Thanks for the videos!!!

I had never seen this expression: Could do with.
And  I'm not able to find the relationship between I heard and the transcription.

I'm not sure buying at Internet. I'm "scared" that someone steal my money, or that the thing I'm buying doesn´t work properly.
I only had bought some software and some trip.

I haven't seen the video yet.
I've just read, but it's really funny.

Hi, thank you for this video !
I go shopping when I need to buy something, but sometimes I also go because I "may need" to buy something, that's why I probably do that twice a week maximum !
I think honestly that shopping in the internet is not as secure and attractive as shopping in markets, malls...I love shopping  because it just gives me the ability to hang out with mom or my friends, to have a good time trying this, and checking on that, and I also can see the tastes of the people I love, so it makes finding a good present for them easier !! However, I don't say that buying from Internet isn't fun, because you can have many options, and you can the features of every product without even asking, so everything is clear, and it's mainly recommended for Tv sets, laptops, cell phones....etc

good conversation,especialy the last paragraph i love sandwich very much.

hi !  thanks for this vedio .. I like it .
for me . I think that internet is a good way to buy things , it's make shopping easy and fast in the same time . but I never bought something online because of many causes , maybe in the near futur I do it .
Sorry for my mistake . Im here for learning english . bye

Hello everybody. My opinion is that video is too fast.I don't spent a lot of time on shoping, but at the weekend I go and by what i need. Internet is a good place for shoping  but i haven't habit to buy things in this way. C U