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How to ask someone where they got that

How to ask someone where they got that ...

Ask the right questions to find out where people got their things.



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Hello everybody. My opinion is that video is too fast.I don't spent a lot of time on shoping, but at the weekend I go and by what i need. Internet is a good place for shoping  but i haven't habit to buy things in this way. C U


hi I think the execise is really good,
shopping is a little boring on internet

thanks a lots  

hi how are you ?
yes >>internet is good way buy in things
helps on buy cloths beautiful that are in other countries

where are you from? can we be friends

One day on week I do the regular shopping and twice a week a go to the market for buying vegetables and fruits. I love doing shopping through the Internet because I can save a lot of time and energy. I do this once or twice on a month because my financial situation did not allow me to do it often. I buy cosmetics, clothes, shoes and electronics online and just a couple of times I did not like the products. All you have to do is to pay attention on what you buy and the price, because some products can be found offline at a lower price.

the dialogue is so fast! i wanna might  listening  the pronunciation these words better, but so, that's difficult for me, however the video is very funny!!!

I think the internet is a good place for shooping, i use with always, no problems! it ispratice and fast!

I don't like internet shoping.I think some goods don't look how ther are indeed.